Logo Umbrellas Buying Guide

Logo umbrellas buying guide

What are logo Umbrellas?

Logo umbrellas or custom umbrellas are mobile shelters that are designed for two specific purposes. To
shield people from rain and the intensity of the sun, and to promote brands or logos. Personalized umbrellas
are irresistible and should form a huge part of your brand’s marketing campaign.

People always use umbrellas and this makes it easy for them to remember the brand or company that gave it
to them. In fact, according to recent statistics, approximately 89% of customers tend to recall the brand
promoter that gave them a promotional gift, with logo umbrellas being a prime example of such gifts.

Also, with promotional or logo umbrellas, marketers can take full advantage of strange weather
phenomenons when trying to appeal to customers. Who doesn’t want a big and durable logo umbrella in
rainy or sunny weather? Nobody!

Aside from marketing products and promoting your brand, logo umbrellas are gift items that your
employees, colleagues, family members, and friends will truly love.

Turn heads and grab attention with beautifully designed logo umbrellas at your outdoor events or golf
tournaments while you stay dry and protected from the weather.

What Are Logo Umbrellas Used For

What Are Logo Umbrellas Used For?

Aside from the obvious use of an umbrella which is to shield us from harsh weather conditions, logo
umbrellas can be used for so much more. Below are a few of them.

1. Huge Return On Investment

Umbrellas have practical uses. They are essential commodities in tropical areas that experience a lot of
rainfall during the course of the year.

This means that logo umbrellas will be used and seen regularly by the
people that use them and passersby who are attracted to the logo design and beautiful colors printed on them.

Also, umbrellas are budget friendly. With a small budget, you can roll out mini umbrellas that will have the
same marketing effect that other means of advertising will generate.

You can also opt for large and expensive branded golf umbrellas if you wish make quicker yet lasting impressions.

2. Wide exposure

Big and over-sized logo umbrellas are perfect gift items for both sporting and corporate events. The big
surface area of these umbrellas means that more people are likely to see printed logos and designs. Everyday
umbrellas gifts, on the other hand, are the tool that reminds customers about who gave them the gift and the
brand that they got it from.

3. Large Surface Area For Printing

Whether it’s a golf umbrella or a mini umbrella, there is always ample space to print logos and brand names
on. Little marketing messages can equally be sneaked in without disrupting the overall design idea.

However, regardless of what the printing or design idea may be, companies and brands need to be careful not complicate thing by adding too many colors and text on the umbrella’s surface.

Doing this will likely put customers off and the goal for which the umbrella was designed will be defeated.
While the umbrella has a large surface area, simple designs should be adopted always.

4. Use Logo Umbrellas For Event Decor and Props

Although promotional umbrellas are good advertising tools, they can equally be used for other things such as
props and decoration items. Beautifully designed branded umbrellas can bring life to any photo shoot set
whether it is staged outdoor or indoor.

For example, you can add a beautifully branded umbrella to a red carpet setup to give it an extra flare. Umbrellas can spark the creative ideas you have for an event decoration gig to live while promoting your company or brand in the process.

Once the event is over, you can hand these beautiful logo umbrellas to attendees as souvenirs. They’ll be eternally grateful to you and your brand!

What are logo Umbrellas

What Are The Types Of Logo Umbrellas?

If you wish to create branded umbrellas for your company, there are quite a number of types you can
consider. However, you have to put your budget into consideration and the demographics of your clients.
Below are a few examples you can choose from:

– Golf Umbrellas

Bad weather can ruin a perfect golf tournament if the safety measures are not employed beforehand. This is
why golf umbrellas are so important. They are big and strong enough to shield you from rain and sunny
weather conditions during a golf game. It is no wonder why golf logo umbrellas are so popular and are used
to promote brands at any golf event. While people are enjoying the golf game, it is impossible to ignore the
beautifully designed promotional umbrellas that are being carried around by attendees.

– Folding Umbrellas

These umbrellas are perfect gift items that will appeal to most business class people. This is because they are
foldable, and can fit into small bags. They can follow you everywhere and provide protection from weather
conditions when you need them to. Folding umbrellas are good tools for advertisement because they’ll be
seen by thousands of people during their lifetime.

-Wooden Umbrellas

These are umbrellas bear wooden handles. They are also fortified with strong frames which makes them a
perfect gift item at any event. Everyone loves a durable gift item that is also long-lasting. Wooden umbrellas
are easy to use and have the appropriate surface for printing logos and marketing messages. You can try
handing out personalized versions of these at your next event, and you’d be surprised at the reception you’d

– Clear/Transparent Umbrellas

Transparent umbrellas can sometimes be difficult to print on but they are highly trendy and your clients will
love them. While their sizes may be different, they all make the same fashion statement and will look
incredibly good on anyone who uses them. To get people to notice your brand on this type of umbrellas, you
need to be clever with colors and design since they are not like regular colored umbrellas that we get to see
every day.

– Hat Umbrellas

Most people consider hat umbrellas to be novelty items. People love this type of logo umbrella not because
it offers a lot of protection from the sun or rain but because it is fanciful and funny to look at. Hat umbrella is small umbrellas attached to a band that sits firmly on the head when worn. They are mostly used in event
situations and not in everyday life. Regardless, they are still a great way to promote your business or brand
and you will certainly receive praise from people who love to have novelty items.

–  Beach Umbrellas

You can be a part of your customer’s beach and holiday experience by giving them branded beach umbrellas
carrying your company name or logo. Beach umbrellas are not like your everyday umbrellas. They are quite
big and have long handles that are designed to accommodate more people. Unfortunately, beach umbrellas
do not last very long and are quite expensive. So, put that into consideration if you decide to hand out
personalized beach umbrellas at your next event.

What is Budget Logo Umbrella?

Branded budget Logo Umbrellas are a range of affordable printed or customized umbrellas. They are perfect
for businesses that wish to advertise their brands and products on a low budget. While these umbrellas
cannot be compared to their high-end counterparts, they still manage to get the job done one way or the

On the flip side, cheap promotional umbrellas may not last very long due to the low quality of the material used in
making them. This, in most cases, may have a negative impact on the perception of your business.
But in general, low budget umbrellas are great for increasing your business’s ROI in the long term.

For instance, a low budget promotional umbrella would cost you $2to $3 or a little more. Distributing these
cheap umbrellas bearing logo could go on to attract customers who may patronize you bring business
opportunities that will earn you triple the invested amounts.

While low budget umbrellas may misrepresent the true financial state of your business, they remain useful
publicity tools.

What is a High-end Logo Umbrella?

These are high-quality logo umbrellas that are given as gifts at corporate events. You’d also find these
expensive umbrellas at golf events where style and fashion statements are of prime importance. High-end
custom umbrellas do not come cheap and are adopted when there is a big budget to play around with.
Since they cost so much to make or mass produce, high-end promotional materials are made using top
quality materials.

They are durable and can last very long. Customers given gift items such as this will
remain grateful and loyal to your brand for a very long time. High-quality logo umbrellas allow for more
design templates which creates room for limitless creativity.

High-cost logo umbrellas are also a means of showing gratitude to loyal customers. An expensive logo
umbrella will make a bigger impression than a low budget umbrella would. A typical high-end logo
umbrella could cost as much as $6-15 depending on the sophistication of design that you wish to have.
However, it is important to make sure that the expenses incurred by purchasing a high-end custom umbrella
will yield a significant ROI.

logo umbrellas design

How To Design Custom Logo Umbrella?

When it comes to designing personalized umbrellas there are few ideas that you can take into consideration.

– Logo on the Umbrella cover

Placing a big print of your logo on the cover of umbrellas is one of the few ways to customize them.
Unfortunately, the disadvantages of this technique outweigh the advantages. The surface area is not big
enough and it won’t be seen by many people since they will be removed when the umbrella is pulled out.

– Logo on the Umbrella Handle

This is a strategic area to place your brand logo or marketing message. While it won’t be seen by many
people, there is a guarantee the user will see it before and during use.

– Logo on the Umbrella Canopy

Printing logos and advertisement quotes on the canopy of umbrellas is the most common way of designing
custom logo umbrellas. This makes use of the umbrella’s large surface and the printed logo or marketing
message is visible to everyone.

– Labels Of Custom Umbrellas

Logos can be printed on the labels of the Umbrellas also. But they are not as effective in a marketing sense
as when they are printed on the canopy for example.

– Logo on the Button

The process of ordering custom logo umbrellas

a: Choose the umbrella style most suited to your requirements from our website or send your favorite umbrella photos for our reference.

b: Decide on the number of umbrellas required and advise your expected delivery date with the address.

c: Decide the canopy colors required for your umbrellas

d: Send us your artwork, design brief or general description of the umbrella required.

e: We will then create an umbrella visual for you to ensure we have interpreted your design correctly. A sample will be made within 5days if we have a stock frame.

f: On approval of the sample umbrella, we will make your umbrellas.

g: On completion of the umbrellas, we will organize all the shipping of your order according to your requirements.


Are you want to start creating your logo umbrella with lower cost? Contact Hfumbrella :[email protected] for a FREE DESIGN!


Factors in Ordering Custom Umbrellas

Custom Umbrellas Tips

Custom umbrellas

Custom umbrellas

Want a unique umbrella? With custom printed umbrellas, the rainy season never looked so bright! Custom umbrellas are the picture-perfect gifts for meetings, conferences, and tournaments.

Here are some things that you should consider in ordering custom umbrellas:

Size – In custom umbrellas, there are two sizes that you should consider: the measurement of canopy and shaft. The length of the shaft is usually determined by the size of the canopy. The canopy can be measured in terms of arc or diameter. The size of the canopy should be determined by what type of umbrella you want to make—kids, fashion, golf, patio, or just an ordinary umbrella for daily use. Each umbrella type has a standard size range.

Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Materials – You need to choose the fabric for the canopy and the material for the shaft and handle of your custom umbrellas. For the canopy, you can select from a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, leather, silk, nylon, or microfiber. For the shaft and handle, you can choose wood, metal, plastic, or fiberglass. Choose the materials wisely based on your needs. If you want a more durable umbrella, use metal instead of wood. Just make sure that the metal is stainless so it would not have rusts when the custom umbrella gets wet.

Design – When you choose the materials for your custom umbrellas, you can already select a fabric that has designs. However, if you want a unique design, you can just choose a plain colors fabric then print your design on it. This is fit for companies who want to put logos on their custom umbrellas for promotional activities.

Aside from the basic requirements mentioned above, there are other factors that you should consider.

These factors usually require you to choose between two options:

Stick or Compact– You need to stick umbrellas if you want a big canopy size. These umbrellas are really useful during heavy rains. They can also be used as canes and as a tool for self-defense. Meanwhile, if you want an umbrella that would fit your bag, buy the folded one. This is easier to bring anytime, anywhere.

Manual or Automatic – Manual umbrellas require you to push and pull in order to open and close the umbrella. Meanwhile, automatic umbrellas open and close at the touch of a button. Stick umbrellas are usually manual, but there are also automatic ones. The choice between manual and automatic is completely based on your preference.

Single or Double Canopy – Most of us use single canopy umbrellas, but if you want an umbrella that would not be blown away or turned upside down with heavy rain and winds, the double canopy would be perfect for you.

Regular or Inverted – Lately, there has been a trend of creating and using inverted umbrellas because they keep you dry even when going out of a car or leaving the building. Though it is still not mainstream, you can order customized inverted umbrellas from factories.

Lastly, consider how the manufacturer can make the umbrella windproof and UV protected. There are a variety of ways to make your umbrella windproof and different levels of UV protection to choose from. Ask the umbrella manufacturer for the available options.

custom umbrellas

It’s very easy to create your customized umbrellas. You just have to upload your logo or choose from our gallery of hundreds of images! We take the estimation out of crafty custom umbrellas by referring a comprehensive proof for your approval before we initiate printing.

Currently, we are having our own team of designers who not just work but put their ideas into reality to create a masterpiece who can work with you. Most of our umbrellas are a custom which is free from scratch; we could provide a number of multi-colored umbrellas to counterpart frames as well to provide you a beautiful umbrella.

How we manufacture custom umbrellas is exceptional to your brand.

Custom Printing On Umbrellas

We introduce and pool a series of different print methods: silkscreen, digital printing, multiple colors process print, dye sublimation, embroidery transfer print and good vintage fashioned tailoring and stitching.

Custom Umbrellas With logo

We could stand this process a bit further with other options of customization such as design the handle, tie wraps printing and with lots of other designing in detail. Whatever we are manufacturing is also as per the requirement of our clients with no compromises with the quality. We are noticed for our brand for the custom-built manufacturing process which creates both durable and sensational custom umbrellas.

Custom Umbrellas No Minimum

These custom umbrellas are printed and embossed with the best color available in the market and protected with all-season resistance material which ensures a long-lasting and a fresh look. We use the latest printing techniques. We are experts and specialize in custom umbrella designing subject to the customer’s requirements (design and specifications).

If you got stuck during any process and you require any kind of help Need. No problem! We are happy to help. We provide timeless customer service providing services seven days a week to take your grievance, requests and assist you with the most suitable solutions.

Custom Umbrellas Ordering process:

– All our established orders come with a FREE printed pre-production custom umbrella model to promise you are wholly pleased with our product and the quality of the print before we initiate manufacturing -of your umbrellas.

– It takes almost takes 3-5 days to print sample piece of your umbrella.

– Once your order is confirmed, it will take 10-25 days for the manufacturing of your order as per complexity or requirements.

– Currently, we are offering various means of shipping, including overnight shipping and ground shipping.

We provide timely delivery of your custom umbrellas within two weeks with a tracking facility. You can track your shipment details anytime.


Contact ou umbrella expert for a custom umbrella: [email protected]

Custom Beach Umbrellas: The Must Have Beach Accessories

Huifeng, as a leading beach umbrella manufacturer and supplier in China, sells all kinds of Beach umbrellas for retailing or promotional purposes. Huifeng beach umbrellas excel in qualities such as wind resistance and UV protection. We let our customers customize their beach umbrella of choice, and support them every step of the way.

Turn the beach into a marketing hotspot

If your customers have been looking forward to the summer sun, the only thing they need to crown their beach excursion is a quality beach umbrella. Nothing ruins a vacation more than sunburns. Huifeng beach umbrellas are made with the end user in mind. They offer protection against the harsh UV rays. For businesses, this is an opportunity to improve sells because the high number of people embracing beach holidays these days.

Custom beach umbrellas serve a unique promotional role when imprinted with your company logo. Our past clients have been particularly pleased with the results from our multicolor patio beach umbrellas. Our branding team will ensure that your brand message gets home among all customers that appreciate the sands and the seas. Whether you are marketing your hospitality, airline or a tours and travel business, Huifeng promotional beach umbrellas will generate long-lasting traction. At Huifeng, we make them durable, plus customers will appreciate the reliable shade, UV resistance, and wind resistance.

Turn your beach day bliss a notch higher

Our custom Beach umbrellas are distinguishable in all corners of the world. If you are looking for an umbrella piece that oozes your style and personality Huifeng has you covered. Beach vacations are even better with fashionable beach umbrellas. Huifeng beach umbrellas are elegant, without compromising on function. Customers get to show off their taste in fashion with a wide range of umbrella materials and color mixes, will businesses score more sales.

Huifeng custom beach umbrellas put you in the driver’s seat; you can dictate the materials, style, color, and even budget of your vacation umbrella. We then work with you every step to make your beach umbrella design dreams come true. Reach out to us now to get started.

Custom beach umbrellas for special occasions

Beach weddings are a new cool, and so are birthday celebrations and many other social events. When you are looking to amplify the appeal of your special day on the beach, look no further than Huifeng. We will help you customize beach wedding parasols of all materials, colors, and sizes. We can also make other beach celebration umbrellas according to your designs and requests. After you place your order, we will get into mass production at the drop of a hat.

A wide variety of designs

Huifeng is a powerhouse when it comes to umbrella designs. Our customizing option will help you get umbrellas that stand out from other riff raff models in the market. What’s more, our in-house team of designers can help you create head-turning beach umbrellas. Whether for business or personal use, your beach umbrellas will be the talk of everyone. Our umbrellas experts are fashion savvy and knowledgeable in all kinds of umbrella materials. Tell us your custom beach umbrellas ideas, and we will make them materialize.

High quality custom Beach umbrellas

The main caveat with beautiful outdoor umbrellas is a short lifespan. Most users often find out that their beach umbrellas have low-quality materials, including plastic frames and nylon canopies. With time, these materials cave into the effects of harsh sun and strong winds at the beach. Huifeng Umbrella Company understands this concern, and therefore invests the right resources and materials in the making of long-lasting beach umbrellas.

Our quality control team also works with designers from the start to the finish so that the final output is a beach umbrella that checks right on durability and aesthetics. Start browsing our beach umbrella catalog for various models that fulfill your needs. If you like, we can still refashion them to suit your style.

Huifeng stylish beach umbrellas

The UV protection and wind resistance are not tickets to compromise on style. And given the increasing rates of skin cancer in the world, Huifeng is taking significant strides to make umbrellas an ideal accessory for the sun-drenched beaches of the world. One way we are doing that is by infusing fashion into functionality.

1. Custom printed sand-anchor beach umbrellas

These beach umbrellas are an explosion of art, as well as being reliable sun protectors. They come in a variety of beautiful prints. Huifeng sand-anchor beach umbrella designs breathe new life into the standard umbrellas, turning them into masterpieces. This umbrella is what you need to make a bold statement on the beach. Their build comprises of sturdy frame and canopy materials. The custom printed sand-anchor umbrellas are portable, and fixing them up for use is easy. Users can control the direction of the shade as the sun changes position for a stress-free beach excursion.

2. Fiberglass beach umbrellas

Fiberglass beach umbrellas are durable and wind resistant. They come in chevron patterns, retro dots or serape patterns. Your beach festivities will get a little cooler with these umbrellas. The big canopies make them ideal for intimate lounging with your loved ones. These umbrellas feature a three-position tilt while the chrome finish lasts longer than the plastic used in other umbrellas.

3. Picnic-time outdoor umbrellas

This umbrella style will keep you sun safe for long as you go about celebrating your special occasion on the beach. This umbrella design turns any outdoor space into a luxurious setting with a resort-like vibe. The umbrella can be anchored in the sands with a table and seats, enabling businesses to continue serving beach customer regardless of the sun’s heat. At Huifeng, we have several picnic umbrella designs for your choosing, including vintage prints, chic, chevron, and floral patterns.

4. Multicolor beach patio umbrellas with wind vent

Huifeng beach patio umbrellas provide the best shelter riding on our premier UV protection technology. The umbrellas blend standard umbrella designs with modernist durable materials for long lasting outdoor use. The commercial umbrellas create a unique beachfront space that will give your customers the hideaway they need from the scorching heat. Our beach patio umbrellas are available in a wide variety of designs including multicolor canopies and single colors. We can help to customize the top with your brand message and logo so you can generate more leads in your business.

Huifeng beach patio umbrellas are windproof, with a sturdy structure that is easy to install and uninstall. Using this product can help you get closer to achieving your marketing goals. That is because of their durability and a spacious canopy that makes it possible to imprint big and bold logos on them.

The beach umbrella buying guide

The best beach umbrellas should blend avant-garde styles with high functionality. It can never be underscored enough why UV protection is obligatory for beachgoers. While sun damage might sound like a minor thing, it will eventually compromise the health of your skin. For this reason, there is a high demand for high quality beach umbrellas all across the world.

Custom promotional beach umbrellas: This is a category of beach umbrellas that enables a business to reach their marketing goals. At Huifeng, we can custom print your logos and other business information on beach promotional umbrellas. The umbrellas, in this case, can be personal or commercial outdoors.

Commercial, promotional beach umbrellas are not portable. They are useful in creating a serene environment at beach shop fronts. These permanent installations need to be made of metal frames and weather resistant canopy fabrics.

Personal promotional beach umbrellas are highly portable. Businesses can gift them to customers as an appreciation for loyalty. The right promotional beach umbrella, in this case, can help to nurture the relationship between brands and their traveling customers. These personal beach umbrellas need to stand out in elegance and durability, with a highly visible logo and brand message.

Fashion beach umbrellas: We have a wide variety of umbrellas to cater to the fashion conscious customer segment. If you are looking for a beach accessory that helps you express your style and personality, Huifeng is the place to start. You can choose beach umbrellas with colorful embroidery, chic canopies, and stylish frames.

Outdoor beach umbrellas for hotels and lodges: For businesses in the hospitality industry, commercial beach umbrellas will enable you to accentuate the beauty of your environment. You can turn your private beach into a cozy and intimate space with cleverly installed beach umbrellas. The right umbrellas to go with your sun decks need to be sturdy (preferably fiberglass frames) and windproof.

Beach picnic umbrellas: Whether it is a celebration or a calm family outing at the shores, beach picnic umbrellas serve an indispensable role of creating a relaxed environment. The right design should entail big domes for intimate sharing. You can choose to have the canopies printed with inspirational or love messages.

Are you looking for high quality Beach umbrellas for your business or personal use? Huifeng Umbrella Company allows you to custom create the beach umbrella of your choice. Email us at [email protected] or call 86-20-37667971 to get started.

Fashion Designer Umbrellas: Bringing Out the Prettier Side of Life

Huifeng is a premier fashion designer umbrella maker in China. We have been supplying an endless style of Fashion umbrellas to customers and businesses from all corners of the world. The Huifeng fashion umbrella brand stands out from the rest of the market with quality, style, and beauty.

Huifeng: Where stylish people look for their fashion needs

Our fashion designer umbrellas expertly complement an outfit and accentuate the wearer’s ensemble. These accessories also define the user’s personality. At Huifeng, our fashion umbrellas are made to be highly stylish and functional. They will shield you from the rain and sun and make you stand out as a trendsetter as well.

For improving your looks

Fashion is all about accessories. Fashion designer umbrellas can make a big difference when you step out. The Huifeng pieces will bring out your elegance and class even when you are in the simplest of clothes. The process of picking out a fashion designer umbrella, therefore, requires you to follow all trends keenly.

For defining your style

Huifeng fashion designer umbrellas are useful when you want to emphasize your style and your personal tastes and preferences. These umbrellas will also enable you to create a million different looks with the same apparel. Arming yourself with extra clothing may eat into your closet space, but a single umbrella can add to your style the details you need for each look. The umbrellas, therefore, help you express yourself with confidence.

For defining your occasions

When it comes to clothing, certain apparels are only appropriate for specific times. It is the same with fashion designer umbrellas. That explains the endless list of fashion designer umbrellas in our catalog. Plus, you can also request a custom made umbrella to help get ready for your occasion.

A day of shopping with the girls

When going out with family or friends, we have in our catalog fashion designer umbrellas that can help you make bold and colorful statements. You can top off that chic look with a parasol, a chic umbrella with custom animal prints, bright floral pattern design umbrellas or the raindrop dripping beads three folding umbrellas.

These chic umbrellas are lightweight and designed with a feminine allure. The umbrellas are a thoughtful accessory in sunny weather. Because of their weightlessness, they do not induce fatigue even under long hours of use. The beauty here is the fact that some designs are small enough to fit in your porch.

Similarly, you can opt to level up your look with lace Fashion umbrellas. This design oozes charm and romance and can be available in a variety of colors, from pink to black or white. Typically, the canopy features intricate embroidered patterns. You might have to duck into the nearest building when it starts to pour, but in a clear sky, lace umbrellas are a jaw-dropper no matter how you are clad.

Work ensemble

To bring the best out of your work ensemble, you can get fashionable automatic umbrellas with durable canopy materials. We have a variety of conservative, comfortable, and stylish pieces for your needs. The most common type of fashion umbrellas for a work day is the classic foldable umbrellas. They feature metal shafts and microfiber fabric canopies that have waterproof capabilities.

Other fashion umbrellas worth considering for a work day include umbrellas with minimalistic floral designs and decorative metal frames and shafts. The sizes can be small as to fit into your handbag, or sizeable and portable. The Huifeng Long Handle Black Petal Swirl Rain Umbrellas, Fantastic Print Auto Print Umbrellas, and the Chinese Peony Painter Master Umbrellas can all function well as formal event umbrellas.

For a party or a night out

When it’s time to show up to a party, you will need to look perfect and trendy. The right umbrella for a party night is stylish and portable. You can elect to go with mini umbrellas that give you the versatility of color. You can either go with single or mixed colors for the vibrancy you want. Our catalog of party night fashion umbrellas includes Custom Design Middle Finger Umbrellas and Princess Lace Triple Folding Umbrellas, among others.

For travel

When looking for a fashionable travel umbrella, big domed golf umbrellas, or large classic umbrellas are out of the question. You will need something that you can store discreetly. In this instance, the right umbrellas would be telescopic fashion umbrellas with curved or straight handles. You can choose the double layer inverted umbrellas or the Long Handle Straight 24k fashion umbrellas. All these designs feature UV protection.

Custom fashion umbrellas

Custom Fashion umbrellas allow you to choose the materials, colors, and design of the umbrella pieces. You can customize fashion umbrellas for any occasion, from weddings to parties. At Huifeng Umbrella, we will help you custom create your umbrella of choice from the colors to materials.

Quality fashion umbrellas for your business

The biggest challenge for many merchants is finding the right fashion umbrellas that align with customer’s needs. Huifeng Umbrellas can help you get ahead in this niche with reliable umbrella designs. Thanks to our highly experienced team of designers and stylists, you can be sure to get the best fashion umbrellas.

The Fashion Umbrella Buying Guide:

Wondering how to purchase the right fashion umbrellas? No need to panic, herein we furnish you with all the information you need to get started.

Umbrellas as a fashion tool

The market of fashion umbrella is big. There are different age groups and demographics to be targeted with the right product. For a supplier, not so many products can move as fast as fashion umbrellas. On the other hand, fashion designer umbrellas give customers a chance to breathe new life into their outfits, whether at formal or social happenings.

Merchandise: Fashion umbrellas are an essential tool for all types of businesses in the fashion industry, offering a steady revenue stream. Huifeng fashion designer umbrellas can be used as stand-alone products, or as marketing gifts to bestow your cherished clients with after they’ve purchased a certain amount of items.

Events/concerts: Whether it is weddings, festivals, or sporting events, fashion umbrellas are beneficial to accentuate your outfit. Umbrellas with wooden and curved handles often stand out as most appealing. These fashion umbrellas in our catalog do not all conform to the octagonal form; some are trendier, coming in the square, heart-shaped or rectangular shapes

Personal Gifts: When it is time to send a gift to your loved ones, a fashion designer umbrella can help you make a statement. Whether it is love or appreciation, we can help you get the message home. You can consider the stark white or black umbrellas with lace trimmed edges. There are also stylish umbrellas with floral designs, custom print double canopies, and custom print canopies fully automatic umbrellas. These models excel as birthday gifts, valentines gifts, and the like.

Daily fashion accessories: Fashion designer umbrellas can be part and parcel of your everyday outfits. These umbrellas are an essential part of your wardrobe and can help to raise your esteem among the blue-blooded members of society. When choosing an umbrella to serve this main purpose, consider its color and, design and the way it is folded. Try totting it in different positions to see whether it will upscale your appearance as you would like.

Fashion Umbrella Styles

When it comes to fashion umbrellas, there are always many styles to select for trendy men and women. This section delves deeper into every form that can be adapted to suit your taste in fashion and most importantly, your budget.

The range of material used for each style of umbrella is endless. This flexibility is highly valuable, enabling suppliers to cater to a wide range of customer needs.

Fashion stick umbrellas

These stylish pieces come with a curved handle and deluxe canopy materials. These umbrellas precisely cut in size to be one fitting. You can choose from floral fabrics to bold single colors. The folded down the umbrella can function as walking sticks. The handle might be wooden, aluminum, or fiberglass.

Fashion beach umbrellas

The days of using ugly, bulky umbrellas on the beach are long gone. Beachgoers are now using stylish umbrellas that are usually a sight to behold when looked at from above. Canopy styles can range from leopard prints to bold colors. At Huifeng, we make our fashion beach umbrellas with the latest sun protection technology. These umbrellas will protect you from sun damage and the risk of skin cancer.

Mini umbrella handle

This range of stylish umbrellas consists of super lightweight umbrellas, and the pieces are versatile for everyday use. Even though they are not as strong as stick umbrellas, mini umbrellas offer just the same amount of functionality, but they let the beauty of your clothes stand out as well.

Fashion clear umbrellas

This range consists of the most affordable parasols and other transparent umbrellas. As a fashion accessory, a bright umbrella is loved by many for the fact that they don’t override but instead blend in with your outfit for the day.

In conclusion

The use of umbrellas as fashion accessories is a trend that dates back many eons ago. It was first a reserve for nobility before it became open to the masses with unique styles and designs. At Huifeng, we have an endless list of Fashion umbrellas to satiate your hunger for quality, beautiful and fashionable pieces. Start browsing or contact us today for customized solutions.

Promotional Umbrellas: Everything that you need to Know

Huifeng is a trustable promotional umbrella manufacturer in China supplying endless styles of promotional umbrellas that are designed to meet individual needs. We offer custom solutions to businesses and clients from all corners of the world.

Huifeng: The Promotional Umbrella Market Leader

When it’s time for your business to reward its clients with umbrella giveaways, we will help you navigate that challenging path. Our umbrellas are made with the highest level of functionality in mind. They offer protection from the sun and rain, but that’s not the end of it. Our branding teams will work with you to create promotional umbrellas that are highly personalized and rightly branded to help achieve the marketing goals in your business. We usually imprint your business logo (and other brand messages) on the canopy or the case.

For your customers

Our custom promotional umbrellas will help you bestow your customer with a thoughtful and highly functional gift. You will earn big marketing points as that happens. It can never be underscored enough why businesses need to nurture the right relationships with their customers. We have reason to believe that promotional umbrellas can help you land more business and repeated business, based on the success stories of our clients.

For your commercial outdoors

Beyond the personalized promotional umbrellas, commercial, promotional umbrellas are also an innovative fixture. When installed outside your storefront, for instance, they will offer a calm shade to your customers. The branding that’s on them will help you shout out about your business, your message, and the product /service you offer. Our past clients have had a remarkable success using Huifeng promotional umbrellas at business events, concerts, and sports functions such as golf and tennis.

Typically, we recommend windproof umbrellas and commercial golf umbrellas for outdoor promotions. Personal promotional umbrellas can be customized to the tiniest detail as well. Although promotional umbrellas as a whole are not as cheap as other promotional items, their impact is long lasting.

For a high marketing value

Consider a business that gives customers promotional pens versus one that gives its customers promotional umbrella gifts. The umbrellas from Huifeng will last for many years to come, and your customers will be delighted with the convenience the gifts offer when it pours, or when the sun’s heat gets unbearable.

The longer they are used, the more these umbrellas will sway the user’s love towards your business. Many people will also get to see your brand message because umbrellas are conspicuous. These umbrellas are, therefore, one of the most rewarding investments your business can make.

Huifeng umbrella is a proven business-friendly brand. What that means for you is that you can get affordable promotional umbrellas with us. The custom option puts you in control where you get to decide the materials and other details. We will help you pull all the strings for your budget to work. Most importantly, you will enjoy lower prices when you order in bulk.

Designs that turn heads

Huifeng understands that when it comes to promotional umbrellas, these products are your brand ambassadors. Commercial outdoor umbrellas need to be of the highest quality to be noticeable by your target audience. On the other hand, personal promotional umbrellas need to have designs that excel in function and aesthetics. These are the principles of promotional umbrella design that we at Huifeng adhere to on all orders.

As a reliable marketing partner for businesses across the world, we have in place a highly experienced design and branding team. These experts are masters at the psychology of product personalization, dexterous at logo creation and sure-handed when it comes to playing around with umbrella colours, materials, and styles. Send us your ideas, and we will make them materialize.

Refreshing umbrella styles

Old fashioned umbrellas are a dime a dozen. Your business will be just like any other if it follows in the footsteps of the old umbrella styles. At Huifeng, we spend extra hours on all orders to come up with unique promotional umbrella designs. Our main goal is to make your business stand out with fashionable promotional umbrellas.

Our promotional umbrellas can turn your business into a brand that compels love. Your customers will find the fibreglass promotional umbrellas to be long-lasting. On the other hand, windproof promotional umbrellas will prove useful in the events of high wind. The structural make of the umbrella, and therefore its life will remain unfazed by the high speeds of wind.


Different Styles

Among the styles you can choose to shake things up a bit in your marketing department include automatic double canopy promotional umbrellas. This feature makes them highly windproof. We have classic promotional umbrellas as well, but with a modern flare, custom printed hotel umbrellas and golf umbrellas. Adopting one or many of these products into your marketing strategy will yield high returns. Tell us what you want for your customers or outdoor marketing needs. We will give you the right suggestions and help you choose a useful advertising umbrella from the Huifeng catalogue.

Quality that speaks for your business

The reason for your business’s existence is that you have a niche that you fulfil better than anyone else. The main challenge for many companies is getting customers to believe that your business is dependable for the products and services they need to meet their needs. Huifeng can help to vouch for your dependability with quality advertising umbrella giveaways.

We have a quality control team both online and offline, just to make sure you are getting the best promotional umbrellas. The final products in our catalogue have been measured and tested against various standards, but we can still modify and rejigger them in alignment with your specific needs.

The Promotional Umbrella Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

So, what should you look for in a promotional umbrella? If you are just getting started, no need to worry, Huifeng will help you catch up first. You will find all the information you need to get the best promotional umbrella right here.

The efficacy of promotional umbrellas

Umbrellas appeal to people of all ages and demographics. Everyone needs umbrellas in their lives, and this, therefore, makes a big market for businesses to explore. An umbrella is a budget-friendly marketing tool; if you factor in all the marketing leads that it will help you generate.

You can always find a wide range of styles for promotional umbrellas. For instance, if your target customers prefer small and discreet umbrellas, mini promotional umbrellas would be the best. These umbrellas can fit into a handbag without trouble.

On the other hand, if your audience is fashion conscious, you should get a promotional umbrella that can act as a fashion accessory as well. Your ideal advertising umbrella, in this case, will need to have elegant canopies and other parts.

Better still, your business can use commercial outdoor umbrellas to promote the brand to a broad audience. The umbrellas work well in shops or at events. These umbrellas need to be windproof and durable with bigger canopies for conspicuous branding.

Whether you are selling the promotional umbrellas or giving them as gifts, these products have a significant role to play in your marketing endeavours. The umbrellas can be thought of as walking billboards, helping your business message to reach far and wide.

When to use promotional umbrellas

Corporate gifts: A senseless corporate gift will immediately be thrown away by the receiver. Umbrellas, on the other hand, continue to be highly appreciated by users for the critical functions they serve. Promotional umbrellas should, therefore, be first among your corporate gifts. You can gift them to customers when they buy goods of a certain amount, or when they show up to your events. The umbrellas will entice them to buy more products, or engage more with your company.

For hotels, lodges, or airlines: It would make much sense to have promotional umbrellas at hand for your guests and clients. The umbrellas will enhance the stay of your guests or will help them remember a flight experience, for instance, long after they get to their destination. Wherever they go, they will be marketing your businesses when they use the umbrellas.

Merchandising: Whether you are an entertainer, a church, or any other institution that needs to raise revenue, selling promotional umbrellas at events will help you do that. Everybody that wants to be associated with your brand will be happy to spend money on your umbrella products.

Wedding day products: When the rain comes uninvited to your wedding day, you don’t have to let it dampen your joy. Promotional wedding umbrellas are not for marketing as such, but they are personalized and branded with love messages for your partner, and thank you notes for your guests.

Promotional umbrella designs

There are many styles of promotional umbrellas. You can also play around with existing designs to meet your specific marketing or budget requirements.

Promotional golf umbrellas: These are large domed umbrellas that can fit 2 or more people underneath. The design is sturdy, and the umbrellas are made to withstand all kinds of weather. Golf umbrellas make it possible to print large business logos of your brand on top.

Promotional commercial/patio umbrellas: You will often sport them at storefronts, restaurants, gardens, or bars. Their primary purpose is to shelter customers from the sun and rain. The commercial promotional umbrellas are permanent installations that offer businesses ample space to advertise their products and services.

Promotional personal umbrellas: These come in different styles, including windproof and double canopied. Also, fashion umbrellas, automatic open and mini umbrellas can fall under this category. The umbrellas enable brands to print logos on products that are very personal to their customer’s lives. The umbrellas, therefore, help to foster a close relationship and inspire increased brand love.

Need to get a stronghold of the market with promotional umbrellas? Huifeng is umbrella manufacture you can trust to meet your needs, choose now: Promotional umbrellas


The ABCs of Umbrella Fabrics

The time is long gone when umbrellas were a simplistic invention made to shield us from the rain briefly. Umbrella technology is advancing at breakneck speed, faster than most consumers can catch up. The market is now full of new fabrics that use UV protection technology, water resistance, wind resistance, and much more. That means extra conveniences for a knowledgeable buyer. Read on as we explore what constitutes an umbrella today.

What kind of fabric is used for umbrellas?

Standard umbrella fabrics today include nylon, polyester, and pongee, among others. These fabrics have excellent waterproofing and UV protection capabilities.

Nylon is the most popular fabric among other umbrella fabrics. Nylon is not permeable to water and can block UV rays when tightly woven. The material is lightweight and flexible. Most umbrellas today feature nylon fabrics. The nylon material is strong and resilient and impermeable to air and water. It dries quickly after exposure to water.

Nylon umbrella materials are soft and feel like silk. There is usually zero friction and abrasion when the umbrellas rub against other surfaces. The downside of this fabric is that it shrinks when impacted by air humidity. That can interfere with the opening and closing of the umbrellas. Nylon offers high resistance to fungi, insects, molds, rot, and other chemicals. This quality makes it more durable.

Polyester refers to fabric or textile made from a synthetic polymer, commonly known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The fabric materials are incredibly durable and resistant to chemicals. Polyester is commonly used in fashion umbrellas and is resistant to stretching and shrinking. The materials also offer resistance to abrasions and wrinkling.

The synthetic fibers in Polyester are durable but also lightweight. Umbrellas manufacturers often have an easy time creating custom colors from polyester fabric because it is highly responsive to dye. The umbrellas can retain shape even when drenched or in scorching sun conditions. Polyester is an easy-maintenance fabric; the umbrellas can be washed and dried with ease.

Just like nylon, polyester can be used for outdoor commercial umbrellas because the material dries fast after exposure to moisture. However, unlike nylon, polyester umbrellas do not shrink or expand under increased air humidity, so opening and closing of the umbrella are fast and easy. When it comes to commercial outdoor umbrellas, spun polyester is usually the fabric of choice. The material is robust and feels like cotton but has the smoothness and durability of polyester.

One major downside of polyester is its static build up. It can be a static shock nightmare if a pure polyester material comes into abrasive contact with another surface. To reduce this problem, umbrella manufacturers often mix polyester fibers with another solid material such as cotton.


Pongee is a soft Chinese fabric made of thin unbleached threads. It is a mixture of fibers that form a dark matter that is of a high density. It is tightly woven and feels like cotton. Pongee umbrellas tend to be more expensive than nylon and polyester umbrellas. The material is waterproof, and raindrops can easily slide off without soaking. Black coated pongee umbrellas offer superb UV protection and durability. Pongee Fabric: Uses and Advantages

Plastic: PVC/POE, EVA
Plastic umbrella materials are either made of Eva, PVC, or POE fabrics. They are used to make clear umbrellas that fall into the fashion category. The plastic material makes it easy to customize colors and designs.

The PVC material is super durable and has an excellent ability to resist distortions. Umbrella manufacturers love the versatility, cost-effectiveness, waterproof nature, and the longevity of this material. PVC umbrellas are less costly because of the production of the fabric takes less energy.

The downside is that PVC fabric can shrink when it becomes too hot or during storage. Manufacturers use talcum powder inside to minimize this problem. POE is also a better alternative.

On the other hand, EVA material is opaque and much softer than PVC. EVA is a polymer made from vinyl acetate and ethylene. This fabric material has elastomeric properties such as softness and flexibility. It has a glossy appearance and is resistant to stress and UV radiation. Its major downside is that it has low-temperature endurance.

Satin fabric is another material typical in fashion umbrellas. Satin fabric stands out as soft with thick and shimmering properties. Chinese umbrella makers use satin made from silk yarns. However, most are also moving to stain made from synthetic and viscose fibers. Properties of satin umbrellas include a shiny canopy and a versatile material that has a luxurious flare. The fabric has a high elasticity and frays quickly. Maintenance of satin umbrellas is difficult.

How are umbrellas made to be waterproof?

Most umbrellas come out as waterproof not because of the fabric used but because of the tight weaving that leaves no room for porosity. Any material that is tightly woven, including cotton, is water resistant. It follows from the high surface tension that builds an extra layer impermeable to water. You will find that upon touching the tightly woven fabric from the inside, it releases the stresses and water starts to soak through. Therefore high-quality umbrellas do not depend on the surface tension alone for water resistance.

To further enhance the waterproof nature of umbrellas, manufacturers may use silicone sprays, which add a thin layer that repels moisture on the canopy surface. Instead of the raindrops sipping into the fabrics, they will roll faster off the thin silicone coat on the umbrella fabric.

Nylon and polyester are durable waterproof fabrics mostly used in this case. With or without the silicone spray coating, these fabrics have a unique ability to keep off rainwater. Other manufacturers may use patented fabric technology, as well.

What is common in all water-proof fabrics is the fact that umbrellas can withstand moisture and wrinkling in conditions of high humidity. Walking in a rainy and windy situation can minimize the surface tension on most ‘waterproof parasols,’ and with time, raindrops start passing through the fabric. Real water-resistant materials are impermeable to moisture.

Quality waterproof umbrella fabrics generally have an outer layer known as the face fabric. These could be nylon or polyester. There is also an additional laminated membrane made up of ePTFE, also known as Teflon (expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene). The face fabric works to protect the whole canopy and make it appear stylish. The material is treated so it cannot soak up moisture.

The laminated membrane does the water resisting job. The Teflon additive features tiny holes that cannot let in even small drops of liquid water. To protect the fabric from destruction by oil and other chemicals, manufacturers also use an extra layer of Polyurethane on the Teflon.

Teflon makes fabrics waterproof and resistant to oils and fouling as well. Teflon additives also make ordinary materials stand out in beauty. Teflon fibers have anti-staining properties and can keep the umbrellas clean and dry for a long time.

What’s UV fabric?

Everything You Need to Know About UV Umbrellas

UV fabrics refer to sun protective materials used in umbrellas, swimwear, and other applications. A considerable level of sun protection can result from innovative weaving structures, and a high number of thread counts in a fabric. In other cases, manufacturers attain UV protection by treating the whole material with UV-blocking ingredients.

Similarly, fabrics that contain high blends of natural fibers such as linen, cotton, and hemp or synthetics such as nylon and polyester, have superb UV blocking properties. The denser a fabric is, the more UV protection it offers. The idea is to block all holes through which the sun’s rays can penetrate through the material. The UV protection levels drop when all fabrics are exposed to moisture. That is why the best UV protective umbrellas are also water resistant.

In the course of fabric manufacturing, material makers can also achieve UV resistance by adding several UV absorbers into a fabric. These may include titanium oxide nanoparticles that increase the sun protection properties of nylon. Nano-diamond particles are another alternative. Fiber makers can also synthesis their polymers with UV resistant chemical structures from the word go.

Most fibers naturally have some level of UV protection, especially those that have elastic threads and a tight weaving of the fibers. That helps to reduce the spaces through which sun’s rays can pass through. Synthetic fibers like polyester, acrylic, and nylon are more UV protection than cotton and semi-synthetic fabrics.

Most umbrella fabrics do not often need UV treatment owing to their fiber structure, weave density, and dying. Darker and Indigo shades are excellent UV blockers. The only downside is that these colors absorb too much heat that may weaken the basic structure of the fabrics.

Most dyes can block or absorb UV rays and reduce exposure. Darker shades are better absorbers of UV rays as compared to lighter shades. Lighter colors, on the other hand, may block UV by reflecting it away. The fabric structure also matters a great deal.

The bottom line

Umbrellas serve many purposes today, including offering shade, protection from rain and UV rays, marketing, and promotion and as fashion accessories, among others. The intended use of an umbrella determines its design and materials used. Water resistant and UV protection properties improve usability and the value-added price points of an umbrella.

Saving Customers on a Rainy Day: Custom Printed Umbrellas for Marketing Gifts and Events

Umbrellas, an invention of centuries ago have now turned into one of the most significant corporate gifts today. You can use them at events such as sports and trade fairs to spread your brand message as well. With a little custom branding, you will get to put a smile on your customers’ faces even when the weather turns gloomy and wet. 4 Imprint has a comprehensive collection of custom printed umbrellas for corporate gifting and event marketing.

Why market  umbrellas?

A reliable marketing avenue
When everything else in business becomes unpredictable, promotional umbrellas is one marketing strategy that always assures a high dollar return on investment come rain or shine. Companies have long realized just how covered they can be at all fronts with branded umbrellas. They can function as corporate gifts dished out at events or at the point of purchase.
Studies show that promotional products, top among them umbrellas have a long-lasting impact when it comes to brand impressions. A company that gives out such gifts stands out with an 83 % more market advantage. That figure represents the section of the populace that loves and expects to receive company gifts.

Long lasting impressions
A quality custom printed umbrella can last for more than a year. The longer it lasts, the more your brand message gets out there. The recipients of this gifts act as your brand ambassadors like mobile billboards. There is never a lucrative marketing opportunity than this.
When getting custom umbrellas for marketing, experts recommend taking time to find the best manufacturer or supplier. The reason is that promotional gifts have to be of superior quality if they are to be successful in swaying consumer opinions and decisions in your favor.

High quality gifts inspire more brand love
Just like the role of the umbrella in the rain, customers need a reliable brand. They want assurance that your products will always be user-friendly, for instance, affordable, durable, and long-lasting. If your umbrellas gifts are low quality and poorly designed, that’s the same message they sends out about your company. You will have to kiss new leads goodbye.

Why custom printed umbrellas?

With custom printed umbrellas, you are able to place your company logo and brand message on the umbrellas. That often involves sending your branding artwork to the umbrella manufacturer/supplier. The latter then enhances your design and prints it on the canopies as per your requirements
You can then use these branded umbrellas for marketing. Branded promotional gifts like umbrellas often deliver superb results when it comes to generating new leads. Everywhere the recipient of the umbrella goes, people will be able to learn all about your business in a nutshell. This type of advertisement is low cost with long term advantages.
How do you choose Umbrellas for custom printing?
The decision should depend on factors revolving around design, size, and materials. If your business has ever conducted a market survey before, you will understand fully well what tickles your customers. Here are some ideas:

Auto open umbrellas
Auto open umbrella is a design that many users are comfortable with – they include a feature that lets you automatically open and closes the umbrellas. They are a breath of fresh air from the days when we used to fumble in the rain when opening our umbrellas. Auto opening, in this case, is instantaneous.
Your auto-open umbrellas for marketing gifts can be personal use umbrellas or events umbrellas. Personal use umbrellas enable users to carry them around any time for protection against adverse weather conditions. On the other hand, events umbrellas target outdoor use in your business. For instance, they can be used to add some shade at your storefront for your customers to unwind.

Windproof umbrellas
It is a common occurrence for the canopy of an umbrella to be pulled off in an extremely windy situation. At this time the life of your umbrella comes to a sudden stop, leaving you to get drenched at a time when you need it the most. That is how your customers feel. How about you gift them with an umbrella that solves this problem once and for all?
Windproof umbrellas are specifically made to withstand high winds. You can expect an excellent design feature with these umbrellas. They are sturdier to withstand strong gusts of wind. The laying of the ribs, the frame, and the fabric choice allows these umbrellas to absorb high-pressure of wind without the top flying away.
You will have successful marketing with windproof umbrellas that can withstand 50 miles per hour of wind. Your promotional gifts will prove highly usable, and customers will want to do business with you in the future. Your business will also have a top of mind awareness that is unmatched.

Over the past few years, there have been major improvements in technology in all areas of our lives. Windproof umbrellas capture this technological wave in their design too. The first thing is the double canopy design for wind breaking. The internal canopy comes with air vents to prevent pressure from overwhelming the exterior and interior surfaces through an act of balancing. It also helps to reduce the risk of failure on the ribs and the frame.
Apart from the wind resistant canopy, the material design in windproof umbrellas is also upgraded. The materials are more robust and durable. The joint and frames are made of rendered steel, and the ribs feature fiberglass materials.

Reverse umbrellas
Want to wow your customers with gifts that make them think highly of your brand? How about you jump on the reverse umbrella wave? This design came from years of painstaking research, but now it enables users to have a stress free experience even when it pours.
A reverse umbrella folds upwards and not downwards like the traditional umbrella. By opening upwards, the umbrellas can keep the users entirely dry. Your customers will be glad they received this.
The reverse umbrella is a space-age like innovation that changes the shape of the umbrella as we know it. The only thing these umbrellas need before dispensation is your company logo and brand message. Users will be glad that when they fold the umbrellas, no water droplets fall on them.

With the umbrella folding upwards, water will be trapped at the center so you can quickly shake it off away from you. This design helps to keep cars and floors dry. During storage, it doesn’t create pools of water around it.

Mini folding umbrella
If convenience and portability matter the most to your customers, the corporate gift of choice, in that case, would be the mini folding umbrellas. They are incredibly compact, allowing users to take them everywhere always. Such an umbrella is stylish and can fit into a small handbag!
Sometimes no one is ever sure if it’s going to rain. Users can carry small umbrellas just in case it drizzles. These elegant pieces are super lightweight but also built for longevity with steel frames and fiberglass ribs. The mini umbrella is a highly functional gift that your customers will be happy they received from you.

Outdoor commercial umbrellas
They are used for outdoor marketing endeavors at events or shop fronts, providing shade and comfort at business premises. This range of umbrellas also offers a unique marketing opportunity, just like promotional personal use umbrellas.
You can imprint your logos on outdoor commercial umbrellas such as golf umbrellas, storefront umbrellas, café umbrellas, pool deck umbrellas, and patio umbrellas, among others. Your brand message will be out for everyone to see.
To get the best market umbrellas, you will have to prioritize certain features. These include windproof fabric and UV protection, among others. The idea is to increase the comfort level at your store front, and expand your business space for entertaining guests. You will also be able score more leads at events such as sporting or trade fares
High comfort levels: The outdoor umbrellas can be small or large sized. Innovative outdoor umbrellas are easy to install and uninstall. They are flexible and lightweight. They add incredible comfort to your business space.
Durable and sturdy: When getting custom printed outdoor umbrellas, consider the material used. Look for durable polyester fabric, for instance, and steel frames.
Windproof umbrellas: The best outdoor umbrellas feature strong wind resistant material. Double canopy is a desirable feature. The topmost vent will help to withstand the strong gust of wind. The umbrellas will also need to have sturdy steel frames and urethane compression joints.

Canopy material
There are different canopy fabrics you can choose. For durable marketing gifts and events umbrellas, you can select from sustainable fabrics such as polyester, acrylic, and olefin, among others. Durability, water resistance, and UV protection are also feature that your customers will love.

Everyone appreciates corporate gifts, and branded umbrellas are one of the techniques you can use to inspire love for your brand. With customization options, you can get the design, colors, and sizes that match your customers’ preferences. The staggering amount of quality umbrella options and the endless customization capabilities are what make 4 Imprint the right marketing partner for your business.

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Promotional Products

Interest, awareness, desire, action— these four words have seen businesses spending billions in advertising dollars to sway consumer decisions in their favor. The scale of balance is shifting even more in a post-modern world flooded with alternatives. Free giveaways, therefore, emerge as a reliable way to clench customer interest and influence their buying decisions.

Research shows that 83 per cent of all consumers like to receive promotional products. The science of freebies is never wrong, for after receiving the promotional items, 85% of the recipients will want to do business with the company that gifted them. Gifts, therefore, are a surefire way to generate increased brand awareness and boost brand love.

Be that as it may, promotional products need a proper dispensation formula to generate positive traction in your business. If this marketing approach is improperly used, it could hurt your business instead of building it. It’s no secret; giving away items for free is a headache for many companies, but how do you go about it to reap the maximum ROI?

1. Think of the end user when designing/ ordering promotional products

Before you make up your mind to invest in any given promotional product, stop and ask yourself who the targeted user is. Even better; ask if the product is relevant to your business. For instance, an IT company was giving, or memory sticks will have better traction in the market than an IT company dishing out notebooks and pens.

2. Give a gift that keeps giving

Most companies fall into the trap of issuing generic promotional items. It’s usually a waste of resources when you buy many folders and stickers to gift people that will not find use for them. Let your gift be something that adds value to the user‘s life every day.

Experts recommend marketing with every day use items. Mugs, umbrellas and pens, for instance, are items that people use every day around the home and at work or school. Such products are highly effective at swaying user love to the brand that gifted them.

The usability, beauty and durability of your promotional product should be so good that users will be upset if they ever lose it. You want to outdo your competition with these products so go all the way in. It will pay off in the long run.

3. Fine tune the quality of the products

The fact that it’s a freebie doesn’t give you room to compromise on quality. Your brand reputation will still be on the line. Promotional products are a representation of your brand, carrying out a very indispensable PR role. High quality and valuable products will go a long way to improving your market penetration and acceptance.

Research shows that 81 per cent of all people keep promotional products for more than a year. The moral of the stats is that an inferior quality product will inspire long-lasting negative perception among the public, while a high quality promotional product will inspire more brand love for that long.

Cheap doesn’t make the cut. Consumers have specific standards and execution even with promotional products. See, you are turning them into your personal mobile billboards, so let the product be superior enough to turn heads wherever these recipients go. Exciting and inspiring should be among your objectives when it comes to quality.

4. A stylish design will earn you points

How is the branding on your promotional product? You cannot fit a full logo together with brand messages on a single pen for instance. However, with products like umbrellas, it is possible to place a subtle logo, slug line and address. Whatever you decide to use as a giveaway, ensure that it allows you to put your distinguishing brand mark on it.

Additionally, branding should be aesthetically pleasing and visible. Nonetheless, the logo placement and messages should in no way compromise the usability of the item. This is a case where subtlety and clarity should be synonymous and not paradoxical.

Successful brands go about it by employing a creative team to work on the design. They help with vector logos and clean clear fonts. That should be after hours of research into customer tastes and preferences.

5. Let the message get home

An eye-catching design is essential to introduce your brand to new markets. You can choose either a logo or a brand message with the business address.

The message will have to be short, clear and relatable. You can elect to work with a branding team that understands customer psychology, and how to craft impactful and memorable lines. The message has to be intriguing.

The best promotional message clearly states what your business is offering; what customers can expect and how they can contact you. It is personable and relatable.

6. Target the right recipients

A rigorous review of the market is essential before dispensing promotional products. Your first recipients should be your current customers. The gifts will hopefully help to retain them for repeat business. The second cohort is prospective customers; any non-customers that may switch to your product or service in the future.

Defining your recipients will help you to minimize losses and maximize the ROI potential of your promotional gifts. Remember that not everyone is interested in your brand. Non-targeted giveaways to uninterested recipients will not help with your bottom line in any way.

So how do you refine the list of the recipients to reach the right persons with the gifts? Technology has the answer. You can use website analytics software to find out who has been buying from you, and who is interested in buying from you in the future. You can also give the promotional items at the point of sale when a customer makes a similar or an unrelated purchase.

When it comes to events, it can be challenging to filter out the best recipients for your promotional products. The only way out is to target specific events in their entirety. A small tradeshow, for instance, is better than a big tradeshow. In the former, there will be fewer giveaways overall, and consumers will, therefore, remember your brand when they receive something from you. The idea is to maximize return per dollar of advertising expenditure.

It is the nature of business; you get one shot to make a lasting impression, or you spend a long time and enormous resources trying to make things right. Promotional products are personal, and with the right approach as explored earlier, they will get you closer to the customer’s pocket.


Kids umbrella, share your love with your kids.

We all love to buy the best things for our children, ranging from sophisticated toys to extreme-weather
shields like umbrellas.

As insignificant as umbrellas may seem when it comes to shopping for our kids, the right ones are not easy
to find. This is made more difficult if you have a child that is hard to please. Asides being durable, they have
to be colorful, skillfully designed and lightweight.

If you have gone shopping for an umbrella before, you’ll know that these specifications are not easy to come
by. However, if you know where to look and what to look for, selecting an umbrella for your child will
mostly be a walk in the park.

In this review, we have picked the top kids umbrella 2019 out there in the market currently to aid your search.

1. Bugzz Dome Umbrella For Children

Bugzz dome kids umbrella

This exciting children’s PVC dome umbrella, in all-new cute designs. It is perfect for kids that have a bias for brilliant color combinations and animal designs. Other designs that you may find include sharks, cows, elephants, zebra, etc.

Asides its aesthetics and unique designs, the umbrella has been tested to comply with stipulated European safety standards. In other words, you do not have to worry about the safety of your child while he/she is taking a walk down the street unsupervised.

To add to all of this, the umbrella comes with an exclusive runner that makes opening and closing very easy. The Bugzz PVC Umbrella is built for safety and will likely become a must-have anytime your child wishes to step out of the house to play or take a stroll at the neighborhood’s park.

The umbrella comes with a colored handle that is quite is easy to swing up and down. The opening fiberglass
is not automatic but comes with 8 ribs. At 300grams, your child should have no problem carrying the
umbrella around.

There really isn’t a lot to dislike about the Bugzz Dome Umbrella, but note that it is not suitable children
below the age of three. Asides this, your child should have a great time using this beautifully designed
umbrella both in the sun and rain.


2. Children’s Color Changing Umbrella

color changing kids umbrella

This is a brilliant umbrella that will sweep your child off his/her feet. It comes with a canopy design that changes color when it starts to pour. The canopy also features a see-through design with fun-looking construction vehicles.

The umbrella comes with a children’s safety-catch design and a radiant red crooked handle that can allow a kid’s hand can to fit right through. Most importantly, the umbrella has no pull-offs and has safety plastic tips. The canopy color change when it starts to rain is a beauty to behold and your child will certainly love it.

The umbrella is also not suitable for kids below 3.



3. Joules Junior Kids Umbrella

Joules Junior Kids Umbrella

This best selling umbrella comes with a blue canopy bearing hammerhead shark designs. Unlike the previous two, this umbrella comes with an easy glide opening system. The glide knob is designed to accommodate the small and delicate fingers of children. This is a fun-packed brolly and your child will certainly love to have one.

The simplicity and blue color of the canopy are difficult to ignore. Also, the small size and weight of the umbrella means that your little one will have no problem carrying it around.

The umbrella’s small size may mean that your child will quickly outgrow it, and then you’ll have to start thinking of buying a replacement.


4. Kidorable Dinosaur Umbrella

dino umbrella

Does your child love dinosaurs? If yes, then you should not have second thoughts about buying this umbrella. It is a unique and equally practical umbrella that is suitable for use under the sun, rain or just for fun.

The design is simple and it features a small handle that will fit into small hands. Also, the canopy is 100% nylon which features some lovely tiny plastic tips. While the design is brilliant, some children may prefer an umbrella with a little more color and design. Well, this shouldn’t pose a big problem anyway if your child is into dinosaurs.


5. Pink Ballerina Umbrella

Pink Ballerina Umbrella

This is the perfect gift to get your little daughter who is aspiring to be a ballet dancer. It comes with a sweet looking ballerina design that your daughter will love.

It also comes with an easy to push open and close button.

The whole concept of the umbrella is impressive. From the lovely ballerina design to the perfectly shaped frame, this is a top umbrella for little girls.




6. Spiderman’s Children’s Umbrella

Spiderman's Children's Umbrella
Let’s go a little into the world of Marvel heroes. This umbrella features a design with one of the Avengers heroes, Spiderman. Most kids love spiderman, so there is a huge chance that your child will also.

The Umbrella is suitable for children above the age of 3 and comes with an automatic opening and closing system which kids should find very easy to use. The system is fiberglass material so the frame is strong but light enough for children to carry around.

The only problem with this umbrella is if your child isn’t into Marvel Heroes (very rare). Otherwise, you are good to go.


7. Meteors and Dinosaurs Umbrella

Meteors and Dinosaurs Umbrella

This is another children’s umbrella that comes with a unique dinosaur design. This time, however, the design features meteors to give children a feel of the apocalyptic event that destroyed dinosaurs 66 million years ago.

Don’t get carried away though, this umbrella is not designed to shield against meteors but it will most certainly, protect your child from the effects of the sun and rain.

The umbrella features a captivating apocalyptic design that will get the attention of every child. It’s blue crook handle and plastic tips serve as an icing on the cake. The Dinosaur and apocalyptic meteor shower design may scare some kids. Hopefully, your child is a brave one.


8. Stephen Joseph Pop-up Umbrella

Stephen Joseph Pop-up Umbrella blue

This umbrella is the right fit if what you are looking for is a pop-up umbrella without a button that can hurt your little one’s fingers. The umbrella is designed to be pushed and pulled easily in order to open or close the umbrella. All you need to do is to teach your child how to use it.

The pop-up umbrella is lightweight and can be washed easily.

The umbrella may not be able to withstand very strong wind



9. Kids Windproof Umbrella

kids windproof umbrella


This is one of the best kids umbrella simply because of its strength and its ability to shield children from heat and rain. The canopy is made from a strong fabric and can withstand harsh weather.

It features a well-constructed frame and the ribs are made from aluminum

The strength of the material used in the manufacture of the umbrella adds to its overall weight and makes it heavy



10. Kitty Lace Umbrella For Children

Kitty Lace Umbrella For Children


This umbrella is well crafted and it is made from Battenberg lace (cotton).

It is beautiful and meant for special occasions.

It is stylish and most little girls will love it.

Umbrellas are meant to protect people from the weather but this one, in particular, doesn’t do a lot of that. It is not waterproof and gets dirty easily.



When it comes to Kids Umbrella. as you can see, the choices are almost infinite. However, you need to
know your child’s preference before you go shopping for an umbrella for him/her.

If you are confident that you now know what you are looking for, pls ask for an umbrella expert ([email protected])first. Hfumbrella is the professional umbrella factory in China and producing OEM/ODM products for many famous kids brands.

umbrella expert



If you are searching for something that will truly show off your brand and subsequently exude quality, then knowing how to create a unique advertising umbrella is one of the most effective approaches. Your promotional umbrella can be as exceptional as your distinct brand. Promotional umbrellas can be used just like conventional business cards to promote your brand message or organization.

However, considering the recent popularity in use of advertising umbrellas as a brand/firm promotion tool, there is need to ensure that your umbrella is unique so that it stands out from your competitors (also using the same approach) and also offers you the much needed competitive advantage in your niche. So how exactly can you create a unique advertising umbrella?

Luckily, this excerpt outlines several great ways that you can use to realize this goal. Read on

umbrella creative

There are two popular techniques through which you can create a unique advertising umbrella mainly by:
• Designing a unique custom canopy through different printing options
• Printing the custom logo in different creative ways

The uniqueness of your promotional umbrella is dependent on how well you integrate these two approaches to suit and complement your brand effectively. You can decide to use both techniques or pick either depending on your preference as well as the campaign strategy.

To better understand what these two techniques entail, below is a simple breakdown of each option, and how
they can help in creating a unique promotional umbrella.

umbrella canopy design


One of the most effective ways of creating a unique promotional umbrella is by transforming or redesigning the umbrella canopy through the numerous custom logo labeling creative finishing techniques and printing methods. Creatively printing the umbrella canopies is an outstanding approach to increasing your visibility. Uniquely designed canopies can not only attract support but can also drive sales, not to mention sticking out from the crowd!

Contrary to popular assumptions, designing custom canopies is a surprisingly straightforward process, especially if done by a professional firm.

Typically, there are several outstanding canopy designs from which you can choose from to create a distinct custom canopy; and in extension a unique promotional umbrella. They include:

• Double Canopy:
The double canopy option is basically a second canopy which affords full branding options inside your advertising umbrella. It can either be a fully-printed inside canopy or a contrasting color reinforcing your branding/logo. The final product is a bespoke advertising umbrella with a luxurious finish. What’s more, an advertising umbrella featuring a double canopy affords both you and the crowd a tremendous interior view subsequently allowing you to project your custom logo or branding from all angles uniquely.

• Multi Panel Canopy
Similarly, there is also the multi-panel canopy option which is also a great way to make your advertisement umbrella unique while also making a statement. Usually, conventional advertising umbrella features eight panels; but multi-panel canopy options have 12. Such gives your umbrella a special and unique finish-a superior touch! Each of your umbrella’s panel includes a rib attached to the shaft further guaranteeing a studier and stronger umbrella too!

• Pantone Matched Canopy
Usually, logo labels can be printed in numerous different colors. With a custom made umbrella, you can choose to have the color of your Canopy Pantone-matched to ensure absolute branding continuity. There is a wide array of stock canopy colors from which you can opt for this option. This option involves dyeing the umbrella’s canopy fabric to your choice of Pantone preference to perfectly match both your custom logo label as well as your campaign.

• Installing Woven Custom Logo Label On Your Umbrella’s Exterior
You can give your advertising umbrella a unique finish touch of an exclusive woven custom logo label which sits on the Canopy’s exterior. Several great embroidery techniques can give your umbrella a high-definition finish subsequently conveying the name of your company, your brand message, or logo on a custom fabric label. Your custom logo label can be placed in several different positions on your advertising umbrellas like being sewn on their tie wraps, into the umbrellas’ canopy seam (horizontally or vertically depending on your preference), not to mention the fabric sleeve.

umbrella logo


The other proven and effective way of creating a unique advertising umbrella is through printing the custom logo/brand name in varying creative ways. The logo is undeniably the most crucial component for any promotional campaign since it is what represents the brand/company. Therefore, uniquely displaying it can significantly boost visibility and help a brand stand out. There are numerous different ways that a custom label can be printed on an advertising umbrella to create uniqueness. Here are a few of the most effective ones:

Printing the custom logo on the decal of an advertising umbrella:
Instill a touch of class to your advertising umbrella is through having a full-color printed decal. Decal is a solid acrylic disk that comprises your branding or custom logo and is located at the end of a conventional straight-handled advertising umbrella. Your logo is printed in full color and high resolution and then held within this disk. It is undoubtedly a smart way of further projecting your company and setting your umbrella apart from typical promotional umbrellas.

• Printing or Engraving your custom logo the umbrella’s Metal Collar
Engraved collars offer a posh-look finish for your advertising umbrella and at a low cost. Your custom logo is engraved with high-end metals and subsequently fitted on top of the handle of your advertising umbrella to give it a unique classic appeal. You can also choose to add color to your engraving as well as choose from a wide array of metals.

• Printing your custom logo on the Advertising Umbrella’s Sleeves
Most, if not, all umbrellas (including advertising umbrellas) come with fabric sleeves to slip over the top of the umbrella to safeguard them. Also, these sleeves are a useful component especially when the umbrella is wet by keeping the water away while the umbrella is collapsed.

You can take advantage of these sleeves to make your umbrella unique by full printing them to allow you to share your branding/custom logo label, even before you open your advertising umbrella. You can choose between your custom logo, key message, or organization name to be printed on the sleeves.

• Printing the custom logo on the umbrella’s Handle & Shaft
What is perhaps among the most visible components that make an umbrella unique is the handle. A handle can instantly transform your advertising umbrella’s appeal as well as how the umbrella is ultimately used. When it comes to your choice of advertising umbrella handles, it is vital that you pick the handle that you feel stands out the most (between hooked or straight); as well as decide on a wide array of finishes and handles available.

Once you have a stunning handle, you can then work on getting your custom logo printed on it-helping you uniquely promote your brand. This can serve as an excellent way to not only create a unique promotional umbrella, but also communicate your brand name, slogan, or key message.

• Printing the custom logo on the advertising umbrella’s Tie Wrap
One neat way of creating a unique advertising umbrella is to print the umbrella’s tie wrap. Despite seeming subtle, tie wraps are seen each time the umbrella is in use. Not only does this make your advertising umbrella unique, but it is also a smart tactic to getting your custom logo noticed on the advertising umbrella.
This usually works best if the tie wrap features a contrasting yet complimentary color allowing it to stand out and pop!
You can print your logo on your umbrellas’ tie wraps or go for an embroidered version for an even classier look!

• Printing your custom logo on the Umbrella’s Cords
Another technique that can help you create a unique advertising umbrella is advertising umbrella cords. You can usually choose from an assortment of different materials and colors to compliment the cord strap of your advertising umbrella; and in extension creating a unique advertising umbrella.

You can usually print your custom label/logo or name of your company on the cord to give it an enhanced, distinctive finish. Furthermore, you may also decide to have your umbrella cords in color coordinating colors to help augment your branding message; or your logo.

Other Amazing types of printing techniques:
Several natural conditions and external factors can affect what kind of advertising umbrellas you use as well as what type of promotional methods you use; although this is dependent on the area of intended use. For instance, rain is one of the primary factors that affect the choice of promotional umbrellas used. To effectively promote your brand through your advertising umbrellas in areas such as Northern Europe, where rain is a norm, it is essential to have uniquely-adapted umbrellas. How can you do this?

Besides looking for sturdier umbrella designs, you can print your logo, company name, or branding message with some unique printing options. Some of the best available ones include:

1. Wetlook Print:

logo appears when rain

One way to create a unique advertising umbrella is the use of Wetlook print. Usually, while promotional umbrellas with this print appear plain on the first sight, this particular printing technique facilitates that the design on the promotional umbrella only becomes evident/visible after it rains. This form of print originates from the Far East region and effectively suits relatively FARE models featuring polyester cover.

2. Color Magic:

color change advertising umbrella

Yet another remarkable type of printing to create a unique advertising umbrella is Color Magic. During the wet weather, the print subsequently changes color with the white print color becoming transparent while a color image emerges. This is a great way to advertise your brand/organization since you can print your logo/organization name/brand message so that it is noticeable even under rainy conditions. One thing worth noting though is that the advertising umbrella’s base color needs to be Black!

3. All-over print:

unique advertising umbrella

This printing technique basically outlines that the motif (custom logo/ name or any other branding message) is printed from one edge end to the other. It is yet another great way to create a unique advertising umbrella. Print the motif on a white (polyester) pongee material through sublimation printing and consequently stretched over an existing umbrella frame.

Final Word:
Undeniably, different techniques in creating unique advertising umbrellas, and this excerpt outlines some of the most popular and effective ones available. With the ability to effectively promote your motif, these techniques are a remarkable way to create unique advertising umbrellas as well as boost your promotional campaign. By using these techniques, come shine or rain, your brand will stick out over the competition on a colorful, silky, manual-opening unique advertising umbrella.

umbrella expert