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The Nitty-Gritty of Company Umbrellas Manufacturers Have Been Looking For

Company Promotional Umbrella

Company umbrellas have thrived in China benefiting several sellers and vendors with improved brand awareness and identity. A number of corporate umbrellas are traded while there are several small business owners who still do not know much about its importance.
We’re here to help you discover about its significance, ready-made umbrella designs, their materials, steps involving customisation, putting a logo and tag along with a private label on the packaging. Let’s reveal all about the company umbrellas in detail.

Why You Need Company Umbrellas?

Coming in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs, company umbrellas are a promotional tool efficiently endorsing your brand identity. These umbrellas are unlike the ordinary ones, they are highly engineered with striking aesthetic details. They provide the quality and elegance none other than that of a luxury item. That said, they offer a large branding surface to vendors in the form of a printed umbrella.

Company umbrellas will be frequently used every time it would rain, reaching to vendors’ prospect audience. It creates a positive reputation for the specific brand in the consumer’s mind, requiring lesser efforts. This simple and creative forward-thinking approach improves encourage brand recall too. Company umbrellas are a cost-effective solution, gaining business value to the merchants.

Ready-Made Umbrella Design Manuscript/Ideas Only

Umbrellas with imprinted logos keep the brand’s products and services ringing in the consumer’s minds. There are several standard ready-made umbrella designs while a number of them are custom-made. The personalized ones usually have a specific design with directions of company logo; social media channel placements, tagline display and much more. The ready-made umbrella designs require minimal personalization.

These ready-made corporate umbrellas are cost-effective and quick. Some of the ready-made umbrellas include classic wooden umbrella, auto open close double canopy golf umbrella, wooden stick hotel umbrella, super large 68 inch promotional umbrella, Auto open double-layered inverted umbrella, transparent bubble brolly, folding umbrella, garden brolly, screen printed ones, stylish road-side vendor brolly and LED light rain umbrella.

Choose Materials For Your Company Umbrellas

The process of company umbrellas involves many parts, each of which is created using different materials. From the brolly’s canopy, fabric, shaft, handle to its cover, all the materials are carefully chosen. To make a standard corporate umbrella, canopy is made using nylon material, fabric is of waterproof nature, the shaft can be of metal or wood while the handle is made of rubber or plastic. Here’s a breakdown of material options for canopy, shaft, and handle of the company umbrella.Checklist to Choose the Right Promotional Umbrella

• Materials used for making canopy include microfiber, polyester, nylon, polyurethane, and polypropylene.
• Materials used for making shaft involve fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, wood or steel.
• Materials used for making handle require bamboo, plastic, aluminum, rubber or wood.

Keeping all those materials in view, all corporate umbrellas are made differently depending on the type. However, three mandatory factors are in makers’ minds which include durability, waterproofing, and comfortable holding.

8 Steps of custom umbrellas process

Making a custom umbrella is a multi-step process that involves the following phases:

Step 1 – Getting Product Requirements
In the beginning, we take a note of your requirements in terms of size, fabric, design, and customization so we can deliver the perfect product.

Step 2 – Large Cut & Fabric Edge Locking
The fabric is cut into large pieces and each piece is divided into multiple parts. The edges of the fabric are then locked to ensure a high level of aesthetics and quality.

Step 3 – Small Cut
Once the edges are secure, the fabric is now cut into triangular pieces which are put together later on to form a canopy.

Step 4 – Fabric Printing
This is the point where we can print your custom design such as logo onto the small cut. This process can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the order.

Step 5 – Assembling Canopy
After the triangular pieces have gone through the printing process, the canopy is assembled by sewing together the small cuts. Generally, each umbrella has 8 pieces.

Step 6 – Topping and Umbrella Strap
It fixes identical needle coil on the spliced umbrella surface which allows the surface to be smoothly placed on the umbrella frame while ensuring the firmness of triangle pieces.

Step 7 – Frame Installation
At last, the canopy is installed with the handle and the top to complete the product.

Step 8 – Quality Inspection
Finally, company umbrellas are tested to ensure it meets the specified requirements of customization as well as quality.

Logo and Tag for company umbrellas

Your company umbrellas would be incomplete without the branding. Your logo and the tagline can add to the promotional and branding value of your company umbrella. You can customize the umbrella design with the text and photo of your choosing. To see an instant result, you can always rely on our online umbrella customization tool or request a sample.

Private label umbrella packaging

We just don’t stop at umbrellas though, we know you’re looking for a full service. That’s why we can also get you high-quality private label umbrella packaging to give your company umbrella the premium feel you’re looking for. Just like you’ve total liberty in determining the umbrella design, you can also choose the packaging of your liking – from shape to design to the printing.

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