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All Vendors Need to Know These Details About Logo Umbrellas


Let your customers keep the raindrops at bay and the sun away. Branded umbrellas with logos boast a personalised design which is tailored to company’s brand aesthetics. Manufacturers like Hfumbrella know how to display your logo and message that gets you maximum visibility and reach. With impeccable graphics, the company’s target audience will easily recall the brand logo smoothly imprinted on the quality umbrella fabric.

Regardless of the industry, a logo printed on an umbrella will always keep a business alive in client’s head. Let’s reveal more about these umbrellas in detail below.

Logo Umbrellas – What Are They?

Logo umbrellas are also known as promotional umbrellas which serve two purposes. Along with acting as a shelter for rain and sunshine, it is an exceptional way to spread the word about a brand. Being an amazing promotional tool, it pops up in consumer’s mind and keep you in the limelight for longer. They are irresistible and can help you form a huge part for your brand’s marketing campaign.

According to a recent statistics, more than 80% of the consumers recall the brand promoter when umbrellas have logos embossed in them. They are most often used as corporate gifts among clients, employees, colleagues, family members and peers which is why marketers can reap the benefits from rainy or cold weather conditions. In addition to being a great holding promotional tool, it can be used in several other ways which takes us to the next section.

Significance of Logo Umbrellas – How Can They Make a Difference?

Many brands use umbrella as a marketing and promotional tool solely because it’s inexpensive, practical, can be easily branded and used for longer. It has several other aspects because of which it’s a better marketing product. Let’s check them out.

  • Larger Print Area

    Regardless of the type of umbrella, there is ample amount of space to add a brand’s name, logo, tagline or any promotional message. The options umbrellas come with have a wide-range and space to use the single panel for printing of the logo and creatively adding the graphics as per choice.

    A simple and one colour tone umbrella is appropriate for brands as that gives a decent touch which consumers will like to carry. Anything that would be too colourful or garish may turn them off. Other than the fabric, logo can be added on the handle or the bottom of the shaft for further branding.

  • Wider Reach

    From being perfectly sized to being practical in nature, logo umbrellas are ideal for carrying outdoors and especially corporate and sporting events. Such events usually have a wider and huge reach with a larger audience where your brand name, logo, tagline and message will come into notice by many prospective clients. Other than the event, hundreds of people who are commuting to work or just walking by will recognise your brand.

  • Better ROI

    Logo umbrellas are a huge and attractive promotional product. These umbrellas let brands enjoy better return on investments too. When they’re seen regularly in several regions where rain is usual, the chances of brand awareness and consumption get higher.

    These umbrellas display the branded message which thousands of people see each day, which may trigger them some day or the other to consume it. In addition to this, these umbrellas come in several options and sizes matching your budget. Start with smaller umbrellas with lesser budget and earn greater returns.

  • Robust and Durable

    These high-quality logo umbrellas are made for rainy, snowy and stormy weather conditions which have can be used and last for longer. They are robust and quite durable in nature. All decent umbrellas made of high-quality will let the canopy return to its original position without even breaking.

    Additionally, the reliable and strong built of the umbrella will leave a positive impression of a brand. Try investing a little extra in logo umbrellas used for promotional purposes as the stronger they would be, the longer they can stand for years.

A Short Buying Guide to Select Your Logo Umbrella

As mentioned above, vendors should always invest a little more on the marketing umbrellas for users to have a lasting impression of your brand too. Durability is mandatory which is why we have come up with a short guide covering a few tips to help you select your logo umbrella seamlessly.

  • Frame

    Being one of the most important parts, frame should be considered smartly because it keeps the umbrella functional. Frame can be made of several options such as iron, wood, fibreglass, and aluminium; you can choose anyone by weight their pros and cons.

  • Fabric

    The fabric is also a leading aspect which provides shield from sun and rain. Fabrics again have several options such as polyester, nylon and coated fabrics are also preferred. Try choosing the fabric that last longer and have the ability to take the pressure.

  • Ribs

    The ribs can be matched with the frame or can be mixed up to create the operational umbrellas. There are several common materials used for the ribs such as fibreglass, aluminium, and iron. Try taking advice from our experts in this regard.

  • Handle

    Handle gives grip for a longer time period. It should be made from the most comfortable material. You can choose from wood, plastic, aluminium, and rubber. After finalising the entire look and feel of the umbrella, decide about the material of the handle in the end.

How to Order Custom Logo Umbrellas at Hfumbrella?

To get you through the marketing storm, we’re here to customise the logo umbrellas for you. Here’s our simple procedure.

  • Select the most suited style according to your requirements from our website.
  • Choose the number of umbrellas you require and set your expected delivery time with the address.
  • Select the canopy colours for your logo umbrellas.
  • Brief us about the design or description of your preferred logo umbrella.
  • Our experts will develop the umbrella as per your guidelines. The turnaround time will be of 5 days in which we will prepare the sample.
  • After your approval, we will make the number of umbrellas you desire.
  • On completion, we will ship the order as per your choice.

So, it’s that simple. If you want a logo umbrella for your brand, we’re just a click away! Order today from Hfumbrella in reasonable rates.