Latest designer umbrellas for women in the UK

As a lady, you will always be concerned about your beauty. In most cases, ladies frequently mimic celebrities and fashion-related programs. They do this to develop an impression and display what the term “beautiful” really means.

In the act or process of looking beautiful, they usually pay attention to everything about them. This vigilance adds more or little touch of beauty to their total outlook. Most ladies do this by preventing any form of the color riot in their outfits. This however does not speak about their clothes, shoes, and pieces of jewelry only. They also consider the type of umbrella they use to match their outfits.

The matching of the outfits with the umbrella design is mostly done by ladies in the United Kingdom. Hence, instead of just having a regular look during rainy or sunny days, they appear attractive. For this reason most umbrella businesses in the United Kingdom desire to get multiple umbrellas with designs. Meanwhile, sourcing for the right supplier keeps hindering their chance of maximizing profits.

Most umbrella manufacturers tend to make different designs for umbrellas. In the process of doing this, they alter some of the properties of the umbrellas. What this means is that the umbrellas may be well designed to suit your beauty needs but would be bad in shading you from the sun. Hence, working with a reliable manufacturer of umbrellas like HFUmbrella is essential to avoid costly mistakes.

Latest designer umbrellas

Top Rated Is Designer Umbrellas For Women

There are various types of umbrellas in the market. Hence, choosing the right design fit to match ladies’ outfits may be tougher than it seems. That is, choosing a design that is suitable for wedding, graduation, prom, and regular outings is always tough. You can save yourself the stress of choosing the best designs by working with a professional supplier like HFUmbrella.

Generally, there are several umbrellas in the market, but only a few suit the designs fit for ladies. These umbrellas include the following:

  • Strombergbrand Umbrellas 15” Automatic Open Umbrella
  • Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella
  • Sharpty Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle
  • Totes Auto Wooden Stick Umbrella
  • BLUNT Metro Travel Umbrella
  • Lanbrella Reverse Folding Umbrella
  • Totes Titan Automatic Open Close Foldable Umbrella
  • EEZ-Y Umbrella with Double Canopy Construction
  • LifeTek 45-Inch Double Canopy Windproof Travel Umbrella

Latest designer umbrellas

Strombergbrand Umbrellas 15” Automatic Open Umbrella


Compact, Light, and Easy To Carry:

Strombergbrand Umbrellas can be used by both men and women. Meanwhile, they are mainly recommended for women due to their lightweight. When you consider how they open to form an arc and fold to small lengths, you can tell that they are easy to carry.

Rubberized handle with auto opening property:

Strombergbrand Umbrella generally comes with a rubberized matte black handle (usually coated). This handle is designed with molded finger grooves for ergonomic purposes. This molded finger groove is designed to prevent the umbrella from slipping away when it is wet.

Auto opening:

Strombergbrand Umbrellas comes with an auto-opening button. This is primarily for the easy and quick opening of the umbrella.

Water-resistant and UV-blocking properties:

This umbrella is made up of a polyester Pongee fabric. This property makes this umbrella waterproof, and also Ultraviolet resistant on sunny days.

Designs: Strombergbrand Umbrellas come in different designs (colors). There are at least twenty different colors to suit your needs on several occasions.

Latest designer umbrellas

Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella


Clear bubble umbrella style:

Just as the name implies, this umbrella is made up of a clear canopy. The clear property of this umbrella makes people think they can not shade them from direct sunlight. Meanwhile, the clear umbrella has been tested and trusted to shade its users from hot sun rays.

Ultimately, due to the clear nature of the umbrella’s canopy, it is very visible. Hence, you can see how the drops of rain touch and slide down the canopy.

Windproof and water-repelling properties:

Totes clear bubble umbrellas are made with synthetic materials for this purpose. Hence, you will remain dry during rainy days; and at the same time, your skin will be protected from direct sun rays.


This type of umbrella is designed or constructed with materials that make them last longer. These materials prevent them from rusting due to exposure to water content. An example of these durable materials is a steel shaft.


Totes clear bubble umbrellas are perfect for various rainy occasions, such as wedding ceremonies, proms, and graduation.

Latest designer umbrellas

Sharpty Inverted Umbrella with C-Shaped Handle


Design of the handle:

A Sharpty Inverted Umbrella is built with a c-shaped type of handle, for ergonomic purposes. With this handle, you can perform other important tasks without closing the umbrella. These tasks may include holding a child’s hand, grocery bags, and answering phone calls with ease.

Inverted design of the umbrella:

The mechanism associated with the use of this type of umbrella is very unique. The use of most types of umbrellas could make you wet when closed. On the contrary, Sharpty umbrellas close from inside-out to prevent you from getting drenched after heavy rainfall.


Sharpty inverted umbrellas close inside-out exposing their materials to water. To prevent rusting or corrosion, they are made of carbon fiber materials. In addition to this, they have double-layered canopies to protect you from sun rays and raindrops.

Windproof and water-repelling materials:

Sharpty inverted umbrellas are waterproofed and they can withstand the wind that is about sixty miles per hour. Ultimately, they are easy to transport due to their lightweight.

Latest designer umbrellas

Totes Auto Wooden Stick Umbrella


Auto opening property: Totes auto wooden umbrellas are constructed with an auto-opening button. You would open this type of umbrella quickly with ease by pushing the button in.

Design of the handle:

The handle of a totes auto umbrella has a J-shaped wooden structure. This type of handle is designed to fit into the hand without slipping away. The tip of this handle is made up of an impact metal for the purpose of durability.

Windproof and water-repelling properties:

Just like every other umbrella, this type of umbrella is waterproof and Windproof.


Totes auto wooden umbrellas are constructed with special designs for a variety of occasions. You can use this type of umbrella for dressy and formal events in style.

Latest designer umbrellas

BLUNT Metro Travel Umbrella


Fluid push or pull runner system: A BLUNT metro travel umbrella is constructed with a fluid push and pull runner for easy opening.

Ergonomic purpose:

BLUNT metro travel umbrella is not complicated to use but user-friendly. It is also constructed with an aluminum collapsible sticks option that is suitable for your luggage or bag. Hence, they can be transported anywhere with ease (this is also enhanced by their lightweight). Therefore, this type of umbrella is suitable for traveling enthusiasts.

Wind resistance and UV-blocking properties:

BLUNT metro travel umbrella is customized with a Radial Tensioning System. This system is waterproofed and can withstand a wind of about 55 mph without turning inside out. The canopy is also made up of a pongee fabric that makes this umbrella dry faster than most umbrellas.

In addition to this, the canopy is wide enough to shade you from direct sun rays. This is however due to the UV protective coatings of the canopy.

Latest designer umbrellas

Design and fashion:

BLUNT metro travel umbrella is constructed with classing and stylish designs, which make it stand out. Furthermore, the mini silhouette it consists of makes it even more suitable to be called a stylish umbrella.

Safe to use:

As you go about exploring new places with this umbrella you do not need to be scared to use it in congested areas. Most people refuse to use their umbrellas in areas congested with people because they are scared the tips would injure a passer-by.

A BLUNT metro travel umbrella does not come with sharp but blunt points. Hence, it can be used in congested areas without the fear of injuring a passer-by.

Lanbrella Reverse Folding Umbrella


Distinctive Inverted design:

This type of umbrella has the reverse structure or design of the regular upright umbrella. Hence, when you close it, the outside part exposed to the rainfall will become the inside part of the umbrella. This however prevents water from dripping and getting yourself wet.

Windproof and water-repelling materials:

The canopy is made up of a 210T waterproof material which protects its users from getting drenched on rainy days. This umbrella also has fiberglass ribs that keep the umbrella from wind-causing damage.

Compactness and portability:

Lanbrella reverse folding umbrella is light in weight (0.88 pounds). This is the major factor that contributes to their portability. That is, they can be transported anywhere with ease. At the same time, this type of umbrella can be stored in briefcases, travel bags, pieces of luggage, etc with ease.

Auto opening property:

Lanbrella reverse folding umbrellas are constructed with an auto-opening and closing button. Once you press the button, the umbrella will open. At the same time, you would need to press the button again to close the umbrella.

Therefore, irrespective of how occupied your hand may be, you would not be drenched. This is primarily because the umbrella would open quickly as soon as you press the button.

Latest designer umbrellas

Totes Titan Automatic Open Close Foldable Umbrella


Windproof and water-repelling properties:

This umbrella is made up of wind-resisting materials to prevent any damage caused by winds. They are constructed to withstand wind of about seventy-two miles per hour. The surface of the canopy is lined with water-repelling materials to protect you during rainy days.

Auto opening and closing button:

Just as the name implies, this type of umbrella is constructed with an opening button. Once you press this button your umbrella will be opened, at the same time, it will close when pressed again.

The handle of the umbrella:

Totes titan automatic umbrella comes with a metallic handle that is corrosion-free. In addition to this, the metallic handle is constructed to fit the hands without slipping away.


Totes titan automatic umbrella comes in a variety of designs (colors) for use on different occasions.

EEZ-Y Umbrella with Double Canopy Construction


Cutting edge designs and quality:

EEZ-Y umbrellas are constructed with a double canopy that contains a pathway for the entrance of air. These air pathways are designed in a way that it does not appear leaky on rainy days.

In addition to this, EEZ-Y umbrellas are light in weight and can be folded with ease. They are also portable.

Water-resistant and UV-blocking properties:

In addition to the double vented canopy, they are also lined or coated with a 210T water-repelling fabric. This fabric makes the umbrella fit to protect you from getting drenched on rainy days.

The canopy is also customized with a UV repelling material. This material would protect your skin from direct sun rays during sunny days.

Umbrella case:

EEZ-Y umbrellas usually come with casings. These casings serve to protect the umbrella from damage-causing impacts. They also make it easy to transport the umbrella anywhere.

LifeTek 45-Inch Double Canopy Windproof Travel Umbrella


Windproof and UV protection properties:

The canopy type of LifeTek umbrella is customized with a wind-tech frame. The wind-tech frame provides the umbrella with the strength and flexibility required to make LifeTek wind resistant.

Water resistance and UV protection:

The canopy of the LifeTek umbrella is customized with water-repelling materials. At the same time, they also contain material that provides shades for its users during a sunny day. The Teflon water-repelling treatment and the quick-dry technology are responsible for the waterproofed property.

On the other hand, the UV protective fabric on the surface of the LifeTek umbrella has a UPF rating that is above 50 blocks.

Auto opening and closing button:

A LifeTek double vented umbrella is constructed with an automatic button. This button is responsible for the opening and closing of the umbrella with ease. All you will be required to do is to press the button in.

The mechanism involved in the use of the automatic button is fast. Hence, you will be protected from the rain before it starts by pressing the button.

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