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Huge Change Coming In China 2017

Huge Change Coming In China 2017

Chinese Shuts Down Huge Factories After Smog “Red Alert”

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In addition to its now traditional credit-funded boom-bubble bust cycle which rotates from asset to asset, and is then promptly recycled courtesy of the nearly $35 trillion in various financial system “assets”, another staple of the “new” Chinese economy are smog alerts following every burst in economic strength driven by “old economy” manufacturing.
That’s what happened overnight, when following months of manufacturing expansion, China’s pollution problem has again caught up, and as a result Beijing’s city government ordered 1,200 factories near the Chinese capital, including a major oil refinery run by state oil giant Sinopec, to shut or cut output on Saturday after authorities issued the highest possible air pollution alert.

Premier Li Keqiang told the annual session of the National People’s Congress, or parliament, on Thursday his government would do everything it could to fight pollution.

Environmental situation and countermeasures of Chinese printing industry
Many printing companies still used in traditional printing process, there are still some production processes such as organic solvent evaporation, wastewater emissions caused by environmental problems.

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Go Digital & Go Green: The Environmental Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital Printing Umbrella

If you’re considering digital printing for your custom labels, you’re probably looking for a high quality, reliable, and cost-effective solution. But have you considered the environmental benefits?

Digitally printed labels have changed the printing industry a great deal over the years. Specifically, they’ve introduced a more eco-friendly method of printing. By choosing to go digital with your product labels, you’re also choosing to go green because of the environmental benefits that go hand-in-hand.

So, what exactly are those environmental benefits?

Digital printing reduces and prevents waste.

While digital printing still requires the use of paper materials, it typically uses much less paper than traditional printing. Flexographic printers have long setups and constant running waste, often higher than 15%. That means that for every order of labels produced, 15% more is just thrown in the trash. Since digital equipment doesn’t require setups, and uses electronic charges to place ink, scrap is often lower than 5%. Just switching printing techniques can eliminate 10% of paper waste, and that’s a conservative estimate. Some printers may also use recycled paper, which cuts down waste even further.
Proofs can be sent and approved electronically.

In the olden days, if you needed a press proof, it meant that a job had to be set up, plates had to be made, paper strung through the press, printed on, and then cut down to size. All of this for a few copies of your label. Now, through the magic of Adobe and similar programs, you can get a pretty good idea of what your final product will look like without any printing at all. PDF workflows are the norm, and totally paperless. That being said, there are still times press proofs are necessary. A spot color, special material, or special finish should be proofed to ensure they meet design expectations. Luckily, on a digital printing press it is easy to produce one copy of a job without excessive waste, again, making it less wasteful than a flexographic process.
Digital printing uses fewer toxic chemicals.

In traditional printing, both offset and flexographic, it takes a lot of toxic chemicals to produce a printed piece. You need dark room chemicals to produce plates, which themselves are polyester or rubber. In addition to all of these harmful byproducts, you also have to deal with the solvents necessary to remove ink from the rollers. Though digital printing still uses some chemicals, it does need some mild solvents to remove ink and the ink itself is oil based, it uses significantly less than older technologies.

All in all, digital printing positively impacts the environment by reducing much of the physical and chemical waste that was prevalent in traditional printing. So if cost-effectiveness, high quality, and reliability are important to you, add one more benefit to your list of reasons to choose digital printing – it’’s an eco-friendly solution.

Guangzhou Huifeng Umbrella Co.,Ltd. a traditional custom printed umbrella manufacturer, has been always trying to look for a new technique which can save energy, reduce environmental pollution and create brand-new products. Since 2006, Huifeng Umbrellas has promoted many digital printing umbrellas at home and abroad. After ten years’ effort in technical improvement, the umbrellas of Huifeng have met the international standards in the aspects of washing fastness, crock fastness, light fastness, etc. Approved by the international inspection agency SGS, Huifeng umbrellas are harmless in compliant with international environmental requirements. Better yet, Huifeng umbrellas are truly excellent in collage technique. In recent years, Huifeng has expanded its market share by selling the umbrellas to about 60 regions and countries in the world including America, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

Currently, small order quantity and personalization have become a new trend in the umbrella industry. By virtue of continuous technique innovation and strict service standards, Huifeng Umbrellas has played a leading role in digital printing umbrellas in China. It is believed that Huifeng Umbrellas will embrace greater development in digital printing umbrellas in the future.