Double layer golf umbrella

Double layer golf umbrella with circular button

Double layer golf umbrella with circular button.
A golf umbrella is an ideal choice for sporting and outdoor events,gifts,conference. As you can see from the picture of our product, the size of the golf umbrella is large. So do you know what’s the difference between a golf and a regular umbrella?

The size of golf umbrella is larger than regular umbrella. It’s big enough to protect 2 or 3 people and their bags from in the rain. What’s more, the material of golf umbrella are in good quality. Made from pongee fabric, the umbrella dries quickly and offers excellent protection from the rain and UV rays. The double layer and durable ribs help it to keep its shape even in strong winds and heavy rain.

Where to custom your golf umbrella?
Huifeng umbrella supply various personalized umbrellas, which you can design in different colors, styles, and you also can print your logo on the canopy. Most important, your order is no minimum. Are you still hesitate? Most of clients from other countries, such as UK, USA, Denmark, Canada, German and so on, has chosen us. Don’t want to lag behind your opponent? Join us!

One thought on “Double layer golf umbrella with circular button

  1. Hey there….

    As you have mentioned that you can customise the umbrellas with the colour of any brand, would you be able to match them to my company’s logo and the images. I own a website design and SEO agency here in Birmingham, UK and want to share your umbrellas in an event. I trust you can customize them, so I am ordering some right now.

    I must say that you have an amazing collection of the umbrellas and people will definitely fall in love with them, not only from the UK, but from the entire world.

    I wish you a huge success.

    Thank you.

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