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Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

double canopy golf umbrella

Double canopy golf umbrellas are uniquely designed to protect golfers from the sun and rain. They are far larger than many standard umbrellas because they protect not only the golfer but also his basket. Nevertheless, non-golfers also use these umbrellas daily.

What’s a double canopy golf umbrella?

As its name implies, a double canopy golf umbrella is a broad umbrella (specially made for golfers) with two layers instead of one. All other parts of a standard umbrella like the handle, shaft, springs, and runners also feature in these umbrellas.

Types of double canopy golf umbrellas

golf umbrella with double canopy

There are four major types of double canopy golf umbrellas:

1. The double canopy Golf umbrella with upper canopy connecting the lower canopy: The second canopy in these umbrellas is shorter and located close to the top end.

  1. The double canopy golf umbrella with outer canopy and inner canopy: These umbrellas have two layers, each of the same length. If you don’t spread them apart, you may not know that this umbrella has two canopies.
  2. Double canopy golf umbrellas with split upper canopy and lower canopy: The second layer is inverted and facing upward.
  3. Double canopy square golf umbrellas with outer canopy and inner canopy: In these umbrellas, the second canopy is attached to the top-notch, but extends past the tip of the first canopy.

Sizes of double canopy golf umbrellas

There are double canopy golf umbrellas of 25, 27, 30, 32, and 34 inches. The big sizes (that is, umbrellas of 32inch, 34inch) are available.

What’s the benefit of a double canopy golf umbrella?

With so much talk about double canopy golf umbrellas, you may be wondering why you need one. Here are a couple of benefits of getting this type of umbrella:

  1. They are large enough to provide shade for you and anything you’re carrying: Unlike standard umbrellas, you can fit almost anything under double canopy golf umbrellas. Their diameters span from 112 cm to 150 cm, which should protect you and anything you’re holding from the scorching sun or rain.
  2. They won’t topple over during stormy weather: The best part of having a double canopy golf umbrella is that they allow wind to flow through them without turning inside out. With them, you don’t have to hold the umbrella firmly or worry about the rain or wind taking them away with the storm.
  3. They are well-designed, providing firm grips to anyone who holds them: Double canopy golf umbrellas are usually made from high-quality materials. Their handles also have firm grips.

How to choose a double canopy golf umbrella?

Follow these steps when you want to get a double canopy golf umbrella:

  1. Understand when you’ll be using the umbrella: Double canopy golf umbrellas include all the functions of a standard umbrella and lots more. Since there are several types, knowing when you’ll be using one will help you choose the most suitable umbrella.

For extremely windy weather, the full-length type is the perfect one to go for. On the other hand, models with shorter second canopies are best for less windy weather. During the rainy season, you’ll appreciate the units with inverted second canopies. Lastly, umbrellas with longer second canopies are best for sunny weather and when carrying a lot with you.

  1. Look at the quality of the umbrella: Focus closely on the tip, the canopy, and the handle. The best types of umbrellas have durable and high-quality components in those areas.
  2. Opt for popular brands: Finally, don’t go for a product only because it looks appealing. Instead, consider getting an umbrella from a famous brand. Their umbrellas are well-designed, such companies have the best after-sale services, and there are warranties to cover defects in their products.

How to custom-make a branded double canopy golf umbrella?

In customizing your double canopy golf umbrella, there are a couple of things you can do.

A. Logo print on canopy/sleeve/tie wrap/handle decal/button/handle/Suitcase

The first option is to print a logo directly on the umbrella. The logo may match the umbrella’s color or not, and can come in different styles and characters. It’s a pretty useful step to put a logo on your umbrella because it’ll help you identify it quickly.

Logo print double canopy golf umbrella

Logo print on sleeve

Logo print on handle and button

Logo print on Suitcase

B. Laser Engrave (Button/handle decal)

Secondly, you can opt to engrave characters or signs on the handle decal and button of the umbrella. This customization step is permanent, so give a lot of thought to engraving your umbrella before going through the process.

Laser Engrave on Button or handle decal

C. Accessories (woven label/hangtag)

Finally, the last less-permanent way of customizing your double canopy golf umbrella is to use accessories. These include woven labels and hangtags that’ll make them much easier to identify. You can get them from numerous stores.

Accessories of umbrella

In conclusion

Umbrellas are useful in both rainy and hot weather. But most of them are not large enough to completely protect you, especially if you are holding or pushing something. The problem of struggling to keep them in place in windy conditions is also another issue that people usually experience with standard umbrellas.

With a golf umbrella, you’ll not experience any of these issues. They are great umbrellas to get, and as there are different types, you can get one for every weather.

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