How to Create Unique Umbrella Designs?

Unique Umbrella Designs


With these amazing new unique umbrella designs, umbrellas will never be the same! Umbrellas, a simple practical device that we utilize during our rainy season. When we see those dark rain clouds, we simply pick up our umbrella and stick it under our arm, just in case we may need it. However this practical device, is not quiet practical at all.

Firstly, the umbrella drops water everywhere the moment you close it up and enter the house. By the next day, it hasn’t dried and proceeds to still make you wet, even though its primary purpose is to keep you dry. If only there was a unique umbrella design to change that.

Secondly, it says absolutely nothing about you as a person, nothing about your unique personality or style. If only there was a unique umbrella design to change that.

Thirdly, an umbrella only allows enough space for one person, you and your loved one huddle up to try and stay dry, inevitably getting half wet in the process. If only there was a unique umbrella design to change that.

umbrella development

Now there are unique umbrella designs that fix all these problems! With the amazing unique umbrella designs of Hui Feng Umbrellas! They have created the most unique umbrella designs that solve all of the problems seen with the conventional umbrella, as well as creating some unique umbrella designs that allow the user to convey their own personality when using the umbrella!

If you don’t feel a specific connection to any of their already existing unique umbrella designs, you can create and order your own! Be it an LED umbrella, a self standing umbrella, a two person umbrella, a compact umbrella, a double canopy umbrella. Any unique umbrella design that you may need is available for you to make completely your own!

3D Print Umbrella

Using digital printing technology ( No MOQ, Full Color Printing) to print images on the fabric. This allows for smaller, personalized quantities, at a lower cost. It also allows you to choose absolutely any image, create your own unique umbrella design. It could be of your business, product, company, baby or grandchild. it can be any image you desire!

You can create unique umbrella designs to advertise your business or product. Imagine how many people would learn about your business simply from one person walking around with a unique umbrella design that you created?

Do you offer a service that makes life easier? Do you have a love for gadgets? Do you want something innovative and different to represent you or your company? With the amazing unique umbrella design of the self standing, upside down, car reverse umbrellas with a C-shaped handle.

Dye Sublimation Umbrellas

This unique umbrella design stops any water from wetting you, your home or your car with its reverse umbrella folding. It’s unique design allows it to stand by itself, no umbrella holder or coat rack needed!

Add your image to this unique umbrella design to create a statement about you or your company. Everyone with a love for technology and innovation will notice this unique umbrella design and remember your image on it!

Do you own a lighting business? Do you sell lights? Do you offer a service that solves problems, that can be a light in the dark? Perhaps you sell cars, and you want to add a unique accessory to every car you sell? Why not create a unique umbrella design of your own to add to the already uniquely designed LED light umbrella? This umbrella has an LED light attached to the end of it so you can also use it as a torch!

You can use this unique umbrella design to find your way to your car in dark areas. It’s the perfect unique umbrella design to make your product stand out! You can figuratively and literally light up people’s lives when you add your image to this unique umbrella design!

Dye sublimation umbrella

Is your business about promoting love and the feeling of being connected to another person? Are you the mastermind behind an amazing dating site? Have you developed a mobile app that works by connecting people to each other? The unique umbrella design of the two person umbrella is the perfect one to use to promote this type of business. Best friends and lovers huddled under this unique umbrella design.

Made an even more unique umbrella design when you put your image on it! People will admire the ability to cuddle and keep dry in the rain. Not only will everyone notice this unique umbrella design, but they will remember it!

Add a spark of difference to your golf course with the amazingly unique umbrella design of the travel compact, golf windproof umbrella. This unique umbrella design allows you to fit this umbrella in your golf bag alongside your golf clubs. With its windproof properties, it’s perfect for the golf course. Add a flare to this already unique umbrella design by adding an image of your golf company or golf product.

dye sublimation umbrella

Even if it isn’t a product or company relating to golf you can still add your image to this unique umbrella design. Allow the golfers to have this amazing unique umbrella design to show off your company or product to other golfers, right on the golf course!

No matter what the occasion. Does your best friend have a birthday coming up? Why not give them a personalized unique umbrella design with their favorite cartoon character and their name on it. Do you need to promote your newly designed product, but are not sure how? Simple launch your uniquely designed product with a matching unique umbrella design. Do you want people to know more about your company?

Unique umbrella designs

Why not give out free unique umbrella designs with your company’s name and logo on it? Create an unique family portrait with a unique umbrella design of your whole family, digitally printed on enough umbrellas for everyone. Each year you can take a new picture with the previous umbrella and start a whole new trend.

Why not buy everyone a unique umbrella design specific to each person for Christmas this year? Give them something they will both love and be able to use almost every day! Whatever the occasion, everyone needs an umbrella to use. Why not use these fantastic unique umbrella designs to your advantage?


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