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Beach umbrellas


Beach umbrellas

A beach umbrella is a large umbrella meant to be used on the beach to provide shade from the sun. These umbrellas come in various sizes, but typically they are 6-9 feet in diameter and collapsible so that they can fit in a beach bag or car trunk. If you want to spend quality time in the sun, beach umbrellas can protect you from the harsh UV rays of the sun and reduce the risk of sunburn.

Beach umbrellas

Beach umbrellas come in different patterns, shapes, and sizes. Some are beautifully colored, with unique patterns or fun shapes, and some are minimalistic, with plain appearance. Some beach umbrellas are designed for kids often with graphics of popular movies or TV characters. You can also get a custom-made umbrella with graphics of your choice.

In terms of material, beach umbrellas are made of various materials such as canvas, synthetic thatch, and vinyl or thick polyester. The modern beach umbrellas offer a sun protection rating or SFF to efficiently protect users from the sun’s harsh rays. The umbrellas come with a heavy base that can be attached to a rust-resistant metal or fiberglass rod or

Despite the name, a beach umbrella has more uses than just being used on the beach. These umbrellas provide perfect shade for outdoor picnics or a tailgating party. If you’re going for outdoor events such as an outdoor concert, this umbrella would be a splendid piece of equipment to bring along so that you can relax on the grass knowing that you’re protected from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Benefits of Beach Umbrellas

The beach umbrellas are far much different from your common traditional umbrellas as they come with additional features that make people want to have them on the beach. One of the most sought-after advantages is the protection against UV Rays. Most beach umbrellas come with an additional UV coating on their fabric. The coating blocks the ultraviolet rays of the sun from penetrating thus protecting your skin.


With a beach umbrella, you don’t have to chase the shade anymore; the umbrella can save you from that. All you need is to tilt it and get the shade wherever you need it. Other than UV rays protection, these umbrellas can protect you from a heavy downpour as well. We know how rains can spoil our fun and relaxation on the beach. So to avoid this, request a beach umbrella rated as waterproof and have all the fun you desire.


Some beach umbrellas have been designed to act as a shelter. They come with canopies that you can pull down to cover all sides, thus giving you a functional shelter for resting. Others come with canopies that have wind vents and zippered windows to allow airflow in the shelter once you close it.

So, what do you look for when choosing a beach Umbrella?

  • Size and Weight: Beach umbrellas can either be large or lightweight. Ensure that the one you choose can collapse down to a size that fits easily into your car. The size of the umbrella will determine how many people can sit under it. A 7ft umbrella can comfortably accommodate two people, but if you have a family, you may want to buy a larger umbrella or a number of them.


  • Sun Protection Factor: Just like other sunscreen products, beach umbrellas are rated by the Sun Protection Factor or SPF. A beach umbrella may be rated from 30-50 SPF. The higher the Sun Protection Factor, the more sun protection you’ll receive and the longer you’ll be able to enjoy the sun at the beach.


  • Tilting capability: Not all beach umbrellas are capable of tilting. But it’s a nice feature you may want to have on your beach umbrella. Instead of moving the whole umbrella from its anchor. With this feature, you can simply tilt its upper part if you want to make the shade come closer to where you are rather than moving the whole umbrella.


  • The design and features: If you want to have more fun with your umbrella, it’s good to choose the one with the best design and features. You may want to choose a beach umbrella that comes with side windows, wind vents and side panels. With these features, you can easily convert your umbrella into a great shelter anytime you want. Also, consider the shape as it determines the amount of visibility you get when you’re sitting under the umbrella.

Whether you’re going out for a picnic in a field or a day at the beach, a beach umbrella can be an essential piece of equipment to have. They provide perfect shelter and shade not to mention protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. They also don’t cost much and are small and lightweight enough to fit into a large purse or beach bag. And if you want it completely customized, we still have you covered.

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