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2 fold umbrella vs 3 fold umbrella

2Folding vs 3 folding

There are many ways of categorizing umbrellas, with one of them being the number of folding keels supporting the cloth. This keel is also known as the umbrella’s skeleton, and we have one (straight), two, three, and five folding umbrellas based on this classification. In this article, we’ll examine the differences between 2 fold umbrellas and 3 fold umbrellas.

2 fold umbrellas

2 fold umbrellas

A two folding umbrella is one in which the umbrella’s skeleton can be folded into two sections. With their durable structures, two folding umbrellas are portable tools for rainy and sunny days.

3 fold umbrellas

3 fold umbrellas

A somewhat more common type of folding umbrellas is the three folding one. As its name implies, it is an umbrella with three folding keels, which means it can be folded three times. These umbrellas usually have buttons to close and open them automatically and are classic rain gear to carry around.

Differences between 2fold umbrella and 3 fold umbrella

1. Structure

Based on the structure, 2 fold umbrellas are compact, firm, and made from top quality materials. Furthermore, the rib sizes of two folding umbrellas vary, with the norm being that the first rib is slightly longer than the second rib.

3 fold umbrellas are just as compact and firmly structured as their two folding counterparts. They are of moderate weights and lengths, with the first rib usually being the shortest. Three folding umbrellas are widely used and made of good quality as well.


2. Style

Another difference between two folding and three folding umbrellas is how they are styled. The former is of European style, which is usually high-grade. Even after folding them, they are generally quite large.

On the other hand, three folding umbrellas are of both European and mainstream styles. They are characterized by being light, pencil-like, and thin, after they are folded.

3. Function

Based on their function, two folding umbrellas sport the windproof functionality of long-handle umbrellas, which makes them much easier to carry around than straight umbrellas. Many manufacturers make this type of umbrella to be rainproof and also sun-protecting. The slight setback of two folding umbrellas is that you’ll need to take off the bones piece by piece when closing the umbrella.

Three folding umbrellas are small and easy to carry around. But when it comes to their function in resisting winds and heavy rains, they are inferior to two folding and long, straight umbrellas.

4. Cost

Generally speaking, two folding umbrellas are middle to high-grade umbrellas with excellent workmanship and materials, including embroidery, printing, lace. Because of these top-notch designs and crafts, two folding umbrellas are usually high-priced.

The more common alternative is three folding umbrellas. They are middle to low-end umbrellas and are of many types. Three folding umbrellas are usually less expensive than their two folding counterparts.

5. Use

On the differences in their use, two folding umbrellas are more suitable for heavy and windy rainy weather. Three folding umbrellas are not so good in resisting this type of weather, even though they are easy to carry about.


How to choose an excellent folding umbrella

Now, let’s look at some of the things that’ll influence the folding umbrella you get.

  1. The cloth: The first thing that’ll attract you to any umbrella you pick up is its cloth. They are indispensable and the main parts of the umbrella, because they provide the shade or protection we need. There are many types of umbrella clothes, so before you get one, make sure you’ve had a good look at the alternatives. Your goal should be to get a folding umbrella with a durable cloth that’ll withstand heavy winds and rain.
  2. The handle: The next factor that should influence the folding umbrella you get is the umbrella’s handle. Remember that this is the part you’ll be holding, for the most part, so make sure it is very comfortable to grasp. Usually, folding umbrellas have plastic handles that act as insulators during thunderstorms. Folding umbrellas’ handles have two major designs: the straight and curved handle designs. The curved one allows for more grip and is comfortable to hold for an extended period. However, they are usually not found in high-priced umbrellas. So, be sure to test both designs of folding umbrella handles before you get one.
  3. The shaft: The shaft is located just above the handle. It is the part of the umbrella that holds the entire framework in place. So, if you see a firm folding umbrella, chances are that the shaft is rigid. When getting a folding umbrella, ensure that you give the shaft a good shake. If the umbrella parts don’t come loose, then the umbrella framework is as firm as it should be. This means that the folding umbrella will withstand wind and rain better, with its firm structure.
  4. The size: Finally, the size of a folding umbrella should play a decisive role in which you eventually go for. Folding umbrellas have several sizes, so you’ll have lots of options to pick from. But the size of the one you choose should fit your lifestyle and what you intend to use it for. If you’ll be commuting, then there’s no need to get a large folding umbrella. It’ll probably be better to get something light and easy to carry about. Don’t forget to consider the folding umbrella’s size when closed too.

In conclusion

There are quite a lot of folding umbrellas, but the two folding and three folding ones are some of the most common. At first glance, it doesn’t seem that there is much to distinguish between the two types of umbrellas. But a closer look at its skeleton will reveal the fundamental difference between two folding and three folding umbrellas.

In this guide, we’ve differentiated the two common types of folding umbrellas thoroughly. We’ve also had a look at some factors that should influence your decision on which one to get. With these, you should have all you need to spot the two types of folding umbrellas and know which is best suited for your lifestyle.