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Your Complete Guide to Buying Street Umbrellas

Your Complete Guide to Buying Street Umbrella

One beautiful trend that graced the streets of Portugal in 2011 was the Umbrella Sky Project. This project featured hundreds of floating umbrellas installed in Agueda, Portugal. It not only brightened up the street with the vibrant colors of the many umbrellas, but it also became an internet sensation that attracted tourists to the city. Since then, a few other countries have adopted this same style of art and decor during festivals, events, and other occasions. 

One beautiful thing about the many scenic Floating Umbrellas is that HF Umbrellas is proud to have been an active part of most Umbrella projects around the world. If you have ever been lucky to witness floating street umbrellas, then you might have spotted one of ours. If you’re looking to do an installation like these beautiful projects, we can handle it for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for an event, festival, or personal use, this is a complete guide on how you can buy and install your beautiful street umbrellas.

1. Step 1 – Identify the Purpose for the Street Umbrellas

Although it may seem pretty obvious that ‘street umbrellas’ would be necessary for street use, it is not always so. All umbrellas are not made for the same use. For example, a street umbrella can be used as protection from the sun while another is best suited against rain. You must first identify the purpose of the street umbrellas before knowing which type you should buy. Sometimes you may even discover that you only need a specific quantity or a different type of umbrellas after you have carefully thought this out.
There are many reasons why you may decide to buy or install street umbrellas. Some people do this for specific events or celebrations. For this reason, you might need to do a bulk order to cover up a large area. For an event like a wedding, you might wish to get similar colors to match the theme of the day, and if it is for personal use, figure out why you need the umbrella. Is it as protection from harsh weather conditions, or to add a bit of style to your clothes or both? All of these are important factors to consider as you plan to buy your street umbrella. If you are unsure of which street umbrella is best suited for the purpose you need it for, you can ask for expert help from our Umbrella Expert.

2.Step 2 – Select Your Preferred Canopy Style

When you make plans to buy and install street umbrellas, another important factor to consider is the canopy of the umbrella. The canopy of the umbrella is the fabric that shields you when you open up the umbrella. The canopy used for different umbrellas is not always the same. If you’re buying street umbrellas for personal use you may need to pay particular attention to this. This is because you need the canopy for protection unlike when they simply float in the air as decorations. 

There are different canopy designs for different reasons. Even street umbrellas come in different styles of canopy. There are heart-shaped canopies, two-person canopies, transparent canopies, inverted canopies, and many other styles. If you don’t find a style you like, we can also make one that would suit your specifications and preferred design. If you wish to install street umbrellas, you may go for a canopy style that is not too wide so that space can accommodate more umbrellas of different colors. This improves the beauty of the artwork and gives it a professionally-done feel. If you’re not sure of the size of the umbrella to choose, keep reading to find the umbrella size guide.
Select Your Preferred Canopy Style

3.Step 3 – Choose the Right Size

Like we have already established, the size of the street umbrella you need would be determined by the space you have to cover and the purpose the umbrella would be serving. If you’re a commuter you would need a compact umbrella that would not take up much space, if you need it for outdoor coverage you may need larger sizes that would effectively shield your guests. If the outdoor space is not so large, then you may get the regular-sized umbrellas. 

The total length of an umbrella is determined by the length of the shaft up to the handle of the umbrella. Rain umbrellas are usually from 32 inches up to 72 inches. A rain umbrella that is below 23-inches will only serve one person. This is the usual size for a stick umbrella. For its compact counterpart, however, they can be up to 41 inches – 56 inches. Adult umbrellas range from 21 inches – 23 inches. Children umbrellas are 16 inches – 21 inches while golf umbrellas are 27 inches – 37.5 inches. When you have identified the purpose of buying a street umbrella you can then decide which of these umbrella sizes you need.

If you’re looking to install floating umbrellas, here is a more detailed guide to the available canopy sizes so that you can choose wisely and accurately. You may also contact us to guide you as you make your choice.

4.Step 4 – Select Your Design 

Many street umbrellas come in different designs. Not just print design but also the shape the umbrella takes. These designs may be selected based on different factors and most important of them all, once more, is the purpose for which you need the umbrella. If it is for personal use, you can choose a design that would suit your personal style. What suits a man may be unattractive to a lady. 

There are street umbrellas for men as well as the one for ladies. Still, these umbrellas have different details and specifications and it really is up to you to choose your preferred style. Again, you may choose to go for a plain colored umbrella or decide to print a picture on your umbrella. This is optional and completely up to you.

If you, however, plan to install street umbrellas for an occasion or festival, this is a different matter entirely. Here you may start to think about elements such as colors and style. Uniformity is key when selecting street umbrellas for installation. A lot of people go for umbrellas that have a similar design but may choose different vibrant colors to get that colorful look. 

If you’re installing street umbrellas for promotional purposes such as creating awareness for a new product or celebrating the company’s anniversary, then you may choose to brand the umbrellas with the company colors. You may also include the company’s logo or any other information you would like. If you have any problems choosing or printing your design, we are available to help. We manufacture any street umbrella design you prefer and also print designs on them if you wish.

Select Your Design

5.Step 5 – Consider the Cost

Money is an important factor to consider as you plan to buy and install your street umbrellas. This is because creating the perfect umbrellas has to do with a lot of detail. From the cost of fabric to printing costs, there’s almost always something to pay for. If you’re going to be making street umbrella installations, then the wise thing to do is to manufacture your umbrellas in bulk. 

This saves you a lot and not just in terms of money, time, and energy too. You get everything done all at once and so there is no room for double payments for materials as well as delivery fees. Essentially, the materials used to manufacture the umbrella (fabric, fiberglass, aluminum, etc), the cost for printing, the delivery, and logistics fees all contribute to the overall cost of getting your umbrellas done.

If you’re looking to buy or install street umbrellas, you don’t have to look further to buy bulk umbrellas, you can place orders for bulk umbrellas with us. 

6.Step 6 – Send Your Design for Production and Printing

This is the final step before the installation. After you have certified that all is in order and ready to be manufactured, you can then send in your design for the final printing. There is a preferred process for sending in your orders so that everything goes seamlessly from the start of production to finish. 

You may speak with any of our representatives to guide you through the process of sending in your design. When we receive this design, we first get samples ready for you so that you can confirm that what you desire is what we have made. This process is not at all hectic. All you have to do is follow the due process and you can have your street umbrellas delivered to you in no time. 
Send Your Design


Your dreams of getting beautiful and colorful floating umbrellas can be brought to life. No matter where you want them installed we can get it done; whether it is in your open-space backyard or for your company event or just for personal use. For many years we have handled the business of manufacturing street umbrellas for many places and companies. Contact us by sending us an email at to place an order for your street umbrellas. We can handle all your umbrella needs, leave it to us!
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