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It is hardly ever an enjoyable moment to be caught in the rain unprepared. Just like with rain, the sun also does a number on us with its harsh rays. Sunburns are almost certain when you are not properly protected. The weather is an unpredictable phenomenon, and as such, it is important that you are always prepared with the right kind of protection against it. The key to enjoying an umbrella no matter the reason it was bought, is buying the best. Keep reading to find the best umbrella brands on the market, their products, and their features that will serve you.

1. Fulton Umbrellas

Fulton Umbrellas is a household name in the United Kingdom. They are considered the largest and best umbrella manufacturing company in that region. Fulton offers an extremely large catalog of umbrellas that cater to different uses and situations. There are options such as luxury umbrellas, women and men umbrellas, children umbrellas, and even designer umbrellas. Not only that, but they also have a bespoke offer and partner with so many big-name brands. The brand also markets to wholesalers as well as retailers.

2. Davek Umbrellas

Davek Umbrellas are generally rated top-notch and premium quality. Although they may be considered slightly more expensive than other umbrellas, we know that nothing good comes cheap. The best features this brand offers is their strong, quality frame and aesthetics. They are heavy duty umbrellas that are sure to get the job done. They come in different styles and models.

3. Senz

Senz manufactures umbrellas that ‘literally float on the wind’. This company creates strong, windproof umbrellas that are perfect for stormy, windy days. Their designs are crafted essentially to suit stormy weather, however, there are still ranges of other designs for different purposes including fashion and style. The brand also caters to other umbrella uses as they come in different sizes – XXL, Micro, for Kids, and many others. Their most excellent feature is easily their unique design. Their umbrellas are built in such a way that it outsmarts the laws of aerodynamics so you never have to struggle with your umbrella in the wind.

4. San Fransisco Umbrellas

SF Umbrella company has a goal to manufacture the most beautiful European and Asian umbrellas which are also high-quality. They’re unique because they have carved a niche for themselves as an umbrella company that makes themed umbrellas. They have the Dog breed and Animal themed collection as well as the Sun and Rain personal umbrellas. These beautifully designed umbrellas are eye-catching and this brings them to be one of the most popular decorated umbrellas in the world. Their Sun and Rain Umbrellas feature the approved SunbrellaTM fabric that prevents skin cancer from harmful sun rays.

5. Blunt Umbrellas

The unique design of this brand’s umbrella is one of their best selling points, but that’s not all – the design is practical and super-convenient. Their umbrellas feature wide canopies that adequately shield you from the rain. Their umbrellas are well-built and strong. They open and close seamlessly, perfect for when you’re in a hurry. They also have a lock mechanism in place that secures the umbrella and keeps it from slipping open when the velcro strap is not closed. All their umbrellas are designed in such a way that there are no pointy tips on the frames that can injure people. Their edges are blunt and harmless.

6. Totes Umbrellas

With over 50 years of expertise, this brand has become a dependable name in the Umbrella manufacturing industry. They proudly boast of being the world’s first manufacturers of foldable umbrellas. Their umbrellas are designed to function well in any weather, sunny, rainy, and even snowy. Also, they have built different umbrella models for different uses and in different shapes. These include compact, stick, bubble, golf, and for kids. Each of these umbrellas is durable and gives you a jolly experience in any weather. No regrets.

7. WalkSafe Umbrellas

This umbrella company designed their umbrellas to glide in the wind and not fight it. Heading out with any of their umbrellas on a windy day is a wise decision. WalkSafe Umbrellas manufacture their umbrellas using patented designs. Many of their designs feature a double canopy that is highly wind-resistant and durable.

8. ShedRain Umbrellas

This is a dedicated umbrella brand that creates innovative umbrella designs unlike most designs on the market. With designs like the e-motion that automatically opens and closes and the UnbelievaBrella Reverse that shuts and opens in a reverse motion, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Every part of their designs is crafted in a way that you remain protected always. They also make custom umbrellas and accommodate retailers.

9. Sportbrella

This umbrella brand builds its umbrellas for sports lovers who love to attend sporting events. Their umbrellas are designed like half-umbrella, half-tents, and are specifically designed to shield users from harmful sun rays. One of their most prominent features is the additional sun-ray protection technology that is fitted into their umbrellas to ensure complete protection when in the sun at prolonged sporting events.

10. Futai Umbrellas

This umbrella brand claims to be ‘the largest and most self-sufficient umbrella manufacture in the world’. This Chinese brand produces all the parts of their umbrellas from start to finish. This assures you of quality products and umbrellas that will stand the test of time.

11.Adidas Umbrellas

This is not a small name in the fashion and accessories world, and definitely not a small name in the world of umbrella manufacturing companies. Adidas creates an array of umbrellas for different uses including sports – their bestselling golf umbrella. They also have different sizes such as compact umbrellas. If you’re looking for trendy and practical, they’re your go-to.

12. Nike Umbrellas

In addition to everyday wear, Nike also has an arm that produces stylish umbrellas that protect your clothes. They have a list of quality umbrellas that have been designed for regular use, sporting events, harsh weather conditions, and lots more. Many of their umbrella products are bestsellers so it’s certain they’re doing it right.

13. Mak Umbrellas

This India-based umbrella brand makes diverse types of umbrellas for numerous uses. They offer a wide range of products including kiosks, tents, canopies among other shelter products. Their umbrellas are premium quality with so many options to choose from. They cater mainly to the Asian market and Sri Lanka. This company also accepts orders for promotional products.

14. Muji Umbrellas

This Japanese brand makes easy-to-carry umbrellas that offer adequate protection. Their umbrellas come in varying sizes; in terms of price, they’re also quite cheap even though they do not look like they are. The frame of the umbrellas are built with glass-fiber reinforced plastic, polyester fabric for the canopies, and sport convenient handles – the perfect hold for windy days. Their best feature is possibly their smooth opening and closing mechanism.

15. Citizen Umbrellas

This is an Indian-based brand that caters to your need for a rain umbrella. This is their specific target, creating rain umbrellas that can keep your dry no matter how heavy the rain is. Their main catalog is suited for both men and women but they also manufacture umbrellas for kids. Their umbrellas are cheap yet sturdy and compact. Ideal for stormy days and windy weather.

16. Kate Spade Umbrellas

This Umbrella brand covers your need to remain stylish even as you also stay shielded from harsh weather conditions. Kate Spade is a household name for simple yet classy clothes and accessories, it is this same energy they bring in manufacturing their umbrellas. While the umbrellas may not be the strongest in terms of being windproof or waterproof, they would definitely pair well with stylish clothes in a light shower of rain.

17. Travel Smart Umbrellas

This brand produces umbrellas for ‘the organized traveler’. Its durable, compact-sized umbrellas help with the process of packing your luggage because it fits right where you need it to. TravelSmart Umbrellas meet your needs on the go.

18. The Umbrella Man

This umbrella brand is South-African based. It is dedicated to manufacturing beach umbrellas and rain umbrellas for a delightful time in the sun and rain. They also customize orders for brand promotions and supply in bulk to wholesalers and retailers alike.

19. Rainkist Umbrellas

This brand is a sister arm of the Chinese-based umbrella manufacturing company, Futai. Rainkist is based in the US and they also offer similar quality products like Futai, China. They offer to make custom orders for clients who wish to do so.

20. Weatherman Umbrellas

After years of service as a weatherman, the founder of this Umbrella company decided that he needed to create the perfect umbrella for every weather. Weatherman Umbrellas offers a large range of umbrellas for different purposes and different weather conditions. From the Folds of Honour collection to the regular collection, you would find an umbrella that ‘will not let you down. Or break. Or turn inside out’.


The best umbrella brands are not necessarily the ones that sell out fastest, but the ones that meet your needs to a T. With these listed Umbrellas brands, you will find an umbrella brand that will serve you no matter what you need them for – rain, sun or style.

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