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Wedding Umbrellas


Piecing together a memorable wedding is not an easy task. Weather greatly influences how your wedding turns out. You will be among the lucky few to enjoy an ideal-bright and moderately sunny wedding day. At times, the weather may be too extreme; either too hot or rainy. Well, if you want to have a wedding in the near future, you should include wedding umbrellas, address these concerns as well as add some beauty.

Lace Parasol Umbrellas

Bridal parasols are designed to shield you from extreme weather and let you enjoy your day: the least you should do. Wedding umbrellas, simply put are umbrellas designed purposely to be used in a wedding. Bridal parasols should add to the elegance of your wedding if well chosen or customized. They should ideally be in sync with the theme of the wedding. If your wedding is Asian themed, for example, you can decide to use rice-paper umbrellas. You can also decide to go for silk-brocade wedding parasol that is associated with the attractiveness of Japanese kimono.

Most wedding umbrellas are white in color. Some are very basic in design, while others have much more stylish designs. In fact, some designs of bridal umbrellas are almost as stylish and fabulous as designs of actual modern wedding dresses. They may feature designs that contain lace, chiffon, floral patterns, etc. If you are shopping for a bridal umbrella, then you will definitely not have a problem finding a particular umbrella design that suits the style of both you and the wedding environment.

lace parasol umbrellas

Fancy umbrellas and wedding parasols add a distinct appeal to your photo shots. You may use this exquisite accessory for a dramatic and sepia engagement or wedding photo. If you are opting to have an al fresco themed reception, you can distribute wedding parasols to your guests. You can always loop one at the back of your guests’ seats for a thank-you memento or souvenir.

Some wedding umbrellas also have drawings and other types of artwork on them. This is something that you may want to consider. It may be even more effective to choose one of these if you want the umbrella to have a basic design, yet still, have a bit of spice to it. These designs may feature doves, bells, hearts, flowers, and so on. There are some non-white colored bridal umbrellas as well, but they are not nearly as common. However, a red colored umbrella would definitely be a good choice if you are wearing a traditional Chinese or Japanese wedding dress as it will match it fairly well.

On a rainy season, a clear umbrella will do the job perfectly. Memories of the big day can linger in your minds for your lifetime, but they can best be captured by the camera for storage. The photos and videos captured will serve you well later. Clear umbrellas allow the photos to be taken just like when there is no umbrella. On a sunny day, a white umbrella will do well. You can be sure to enjoy a cool shade under the umbrella as the heat is reflected away by the white coloring.


Generally, wedding parasols add the elegance of your wedding by accentuating the theme. When you’re out to shop for your umbrella, it should clearly fit into your wedding theme. The weather at the particular time will influence the kind of umbrella you will acquire too. As you already know, wedding parasols are designed either for the rainy or sunny weather. None of them will do well in the weather they are not meant for if they are to be interchanged.

Wedding umbrellas serve as a tremendous bridal accessory and are very well matched with any type of wedding dress. Most people invest in bridal umbrellas, so they can have the best protection from the changing weather during their wedding day. They also use this lovely accessory that enhances their wedding photos and outfit, or when looking for a cheap and functional souvenir for their guests.

There are styles that work for all brides and you will be sure to find a particular design that appeals to you if you take the time to shop around. Alternatively, you can request for a custom-made line of umbrellas for your wedding event straight from the factory. In fact, it’s highly recommended to go for either partially or fully customized wedding umbrellas so they can match with your wedding theme as much as possible.