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Although, London has gotten rid of the term “Foggy Capital” but it often rains and still held as the sincere truth till today. Even if the annual rainfall is not as high as in some tropical cities, the weather in the oceanic and climatic conditions in Britain is still quite different from the monsoon.

The nature of Rain alongside the wind pattern is almost synonymous with the bad weather conditions in this part of the country. Unlike the countries that relatively have four different clear seasons such as the Britain that has almost a year of drizzle or torrential storms, the wind which is into the night of rain, and the common domestic summer thunderstorms are also part.


London is in the south-east of England, and its highlands are situated in the North and have a much harsher climate. However, the south-east coast, which seems to be well suited to holidays, is actually cold and un-swimmable for most of the year. The wind pattern mixed with the rain is always bitter and unfavorable during the bad weather.

Besides, during the rainy season, variability is also a cause of Britain’s miserable climate. When you come to the UK, it is important to be conversant with the weather condition as there are no tangible reasons why people talk about the weather. White clouds that were all over the horizons would soon be overcast, temperatures will drop and rain will fall.

When the weather is so rainy and there is a huge possibility that umbrellas would have a place in the traditional image of the English gentleman. The London newspaper Evening Standard said of the five gentlemen selected for 2012 by country life magazine: ‘The perfect British Gentleman It used to be “sporting a beard, proudly wearing a white tie, eating risotto for breakfast and always showing off with a cigarette in-between”.

This image, coupled with the top hat and leather carrying bags with a long handle umbrella, should constitute the classic image of the old-school Gentleman.

The umbrella was actually invented by the Chinese in ancient times, but it was the British who made the connection between the umbrella and the way of life. It was not until the 17th century that European women began to use umbrellas, mainly to protect themselves from the Sun; by the 18th century, umbrellas were being used to keep out the rain.

uk flag umbrella

1750, a British gentleman, Jonah Hanway by name, started to use an umbrella, and which caused him a lot of ridicule at the time. The reason for the ridicule is because at that time only women used umbrellas, but at least Hanway didn’t get caught in the rain. Hanway held on to an umbrella for 30 years, and by the late 18th century, it was becoming socially acceptable for men to use it.

The world’s first umbrella shop was opened in 1830 by Mr. James Smith at 53, Bond Street, London. The umbrellas he sells are works of art: shelves made of wood or whale bones, umbrellas of Alpaca skin or felt; he even pays artisans to decorate them.

For example, carved patterns on Precious Blackwood umbrella handles. Of course, these umbrellas were expensive, and in fact, were a luxury item at the time, and they were as a result of elaborate carving through the use of rare materials.

And the umbrella, usually made of wood and Linoleum, is heavy and difficult to handle. 1852’s steel-framed umbrella evolved into the umbrella we see today, and its inventor, Samuel Fox, a British and the founder of the British Steel Company.

Victorian women’s love of parasols was related to their values. A pale complexion is not only a symbol of beauty but also a sign of social class and as an elegant lady who does not need to work outdoors.

Parasols became an important accessory as gloves, shoes, hats, fans, and stockings, and were incorporated into the pattern at which women look every day. Every outfit had a parasol to go with it. This made parasols and fans popular, along with lace handkerchiefs, until the Edward era of the 20th century.

But the way of life changed dramatically in the 20th century, due to changes in time and technology. Because of the change of democracy and social class, and because of the development of science and technology, the details of human life have changed.

As more people choose the fastest plane, the loading and unloading are done mainly by the conveyor belt in a way that the Heavy leather suitcases are gradually replaced by light and sturdy suitcases, even if the latter seems more imposing.

In the same way, when the heavy head in the luggage becomes a heavy computer with information rather than a few pieces of clothing and a few books, there will be less market for a heavy suitcase without wheels and most especially when there are fewer baggage handlers at transportation hubs.

However, in the olden days, ladies and gentlemen were always being taken out by servants. Nowadays, more families are no longer employing people or sorting out the tasks that need to be done manually by professional servants such as Nannies, gardeners, and drivers.

It is hard to imagine that a trip with a mountain of suitcases and a hat in a box could have been so successful. So does the suitcase, and so does the umbrella.

Reproduction and functionality are characteristic of the Industrial Society, and even though, the aesthetic schools have emerged during this period. The overall aesthetic of human beings is moving in the direction of popularization.

The 20th century saw two world wars, great economic growth and the Great Depression accompanied by a cultural revolution. However, if not the greatest in human history, with the emancipation of the mind brought about by the eventual collapse of a millennia-old feudal system which is enough to be at the top of the list.

Parasols returned to fashion consciousness in 1990, largely because of a new understanding of skin cancer. The return has led to the popularity of parasols in many countries, but the designs are the familiar folding umbrellas that block ultraviolet light.

But London is London, and Europe is Europe. Even though the young people in the streets are as casual as those in other parts of the world, there are still old-fashioned people or people who are not too old but stick to the old-fashioned look, wearing full suits. What’s more, Casual Modernity and archaic insistence can live in harmony, and both can accept and appreciate the other.

Presently in London, there are no shops that specialize in the selling of umbrellas.  In a highly commercialized society where accessories are more profitable than fashion, the umbrella is not certainly the best-selling accessory.

Good gentleman’s modeling would really want to match with the long handle umbrella that suits his outfit but not easy. Burberry’s men collection is sold with umbrella accessories with the price tag of # 400 and such a pop is quite high. But in my own experience, a good style, good quality, and long umbrella, absolutely enhances the level of sharp modeling.

Would you believe me if I said that there is another famous Trench coat in England that can be regarded as an important tool to shelter from the wind and rain? Nowadays, even if it rains in the sky, neither do people use umbrellas to shelter from the rain or raincoats to shelter from the rain.

What do you do when it rains? The answer is simple. If it’s not too big, get wet. If it’s too big, find shelter. Just like the Evening Standard Pundit put it, today’s English gentleman, switching from a nicotine obsession to a boyfriend, eats healthy cereal with blueberries, has a clean-shaven beard and never wears a tie.

Without any element of doubt, everyone has an umbrella in the UK, which is why many of the world’s best umbrella brands were born in the UK. For Britain, a good umbrella can not only shelter from the wind and rain, but also with a good symbol of identity and status.

Today, we are bringing together some new umbrella groups, with descriptions and which would guide you on the nature of the umbrella you would like to buy in the UK.

types of umbrella


Compact / Folding Umbrella: This is the most common umbrella in the supermarket or shopping mall. It is extremely light, convenient, and cheap, but the drawback is not too strong, such that a strong wind umbrella may fall apart easily.

Automatic umbrella: This kind of umbrella has a hand Grip has a button, and it can be pressed automatically. It has the ability to flick open or close the umbrella. Just a hand will be enough; so be careful, and look out for people around.

Pencil / walking umbrella: This is a Pencil / walking umbrella. This has a long pole with a hook in the hand. It closes like a pencil and that is the reason why it’s referred to a Pencil umbrella. A long-handled umbrella is usually stronger. The disadvantage is that you can’t put it in the bag and lose it easily.

BUBBLE UMBRELLA: This kind of umbrella is a little bit classic, such as the 19th-century British woman’s umbrella which is a little like a dome-shaped arch umbrella. Umbrella is relatively small, and the following will give you a single product.


A fashionable folding umbrella is quite beautiful, but the British dislike the demon wind that blows and really wish it could be a vanishing point. So many Brits will pay a premium for a high-end handmade umbrella. The advanced umbrella can be divided into Tube, Stick, and Solid according to the manufacturing process.


The tube is a steel umbrella, in which its body has a thin metal rod and it is very easy to make. The advantage of this umbrella is that, it is small, light can be turned into a more advanced production, and the price will be relatively cheaper. The Fox umbrella is Tube’s good brand.


Stick umbrella’s pole and hand grip has two kinds of materials for making a good umbrella pole. The pole can be inserted into the handle, while some places will also handle the detachable for carrying it.


The process is on top of the line, with the Pole, handle, and head made from a single piece of wood, making the umbrella stronger, more durable, and making it the most expensive.

The famous British umbrella brands

The following members will be introduced to you as the famous British umbrella brand with some classic items. I hope you can find their favorite umbrella.

James Smith & SONS

James Smith & SONS

Founded in 1830 in Piccadilly, London by James Smith & SONS and is regarded as the oldest umbrella brand in Europe. Their umbrellas are handmade and the holder and stem are carefully selected. Whether it’s good wood or light steel, it’s up to the customer to comment. It’s the height of the umbrella industry. Made out of umbrellas, UH, waterproof and wind wear resistance. In the Windy Day is still firm, and It’s such an absolute fan that suits any kind of weather.


The James Smith & SONS HAND-MADE UMBRELLA has a buttonhole and long handle which ensures the frame doesn’t blow apart even in the rain or wind. The tips and handles are made of Italian leather. The golden embellishment makes the entire umbrella instantly stylish and elegant. This umbrella has black, red, brown, dark green and blue colors.

SWAINE Adeney, Brigg

SWAINE Adeney, Brigg

Swaine Adeney Brigg (SAB) is also a UK royal certification umbrella and has been part of UK royal umbrella supplier. But Unlike James Smith & SONS, which produces only umbrellas while SAB is also high end leather goods merchant and also makes leather whiplash purses, of which Brigg makes high end handmade umbrellas, and his family’s umbrellas, attract a large number of royals. The Charles, Prince of Wales, for example, carries a Brigg umbrella with him everywhere he goes. In kingsman, uncle Kirlin was holding a Brigg umbrella. BRIGG’s umbrella handle is made of whole oak, Ebony, Cherry, walnut and other materials, which are cut from natural wood, with nylon silk and can be selected according to one’s own needs. If you decide to change it to gold, silver, and rare leather, it will be more expensive than the ones that are regarded as the most expensive.


The handle of this hand made umbrella is made of Sab Classic Malacca Rattan umbrella handle and the hands hold has Sab Classic Gold Silver Ring, because the surface of the umbrella is tight and when it opens you can hear ‘like the sound of stepping on the first snow’. You can also choose a nylon or silk umbrella top. The whole umbrella looks simple and low-key, but the details are showing the quality of high-end luxury, the key is such a good umbrella, and very durable. There are nearly 20 colors to choose from beside black.



Fulton, which was founded in 1956, is also Britain’s designated royal umbrella provider and has long been a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, with Kate and the princesses regularly carrying Fulton’s umbrellas to important events. Fulton has also teamed up with renowned Fashion Houses, like Cath Kidston, Lulu Guinness, ORLA Kiely, Morris & Co and others. With more than 50 years of experience in umbrella making, the Fulton umbrella is a stylish, sophisticated and durable combination of style and price.

Tiny-2 Rose Jack

The ribs of the umbrella are made of lightweight aluminum and fiberglass, making them not only easy to lift, but also less rigid and more flexible so they don’t break in the wind. This one comes in a lot of different colors.


This is the bird cage umbrella, the Queen’s favorite umbrella, Oh, Prince William and Kate attends prominent event with constant use of this umbrella. The same umbrella bone is made of flexible and high hardness of glass fiber, black and white umbrella edge alternate. And this kind of transparent design itself is very fashionable, AH, but the umbrella as a whole is relatively fragile, and it is better to be lighter. In addition to this solid color, Fulton has a lot of clear prints.

Fox Umbrella

Fox Umbrella

Fox’s umbrella is well known in China; Fox was founded in 1868 by Thomas Fox, in which Fox is best known for its steel umbrella. The umbrella bone uses the steel bone which is light and compact, and the whole is much smaller than the wood material’s volume and the weight. The Nylon Material Quality of the umbrella surface is light and thin, firm and fast to dry, and his a tendency to choose the material color of the umbrella by oneself. Some handles are carved out of animal metalheads. Many celebrities, government officials and members of the royal family have also become fans. If the SAB family’s umbrella is too expensive, you can also buy an equally durable high-end Fox umbrella with Oh.


This is the Fox Classic Steel Tube Umbrella, which has excellent surface tension, and a very thin umbrella bone. The whole umbrella in the hand is very light, the handle is like an animal carved umbrella and the whole umbrella attracts attractive people. Choose Horses, dogs, ducks and other wood and silver snakes, etc.

Whanghee Handle, Manual

This umbrella is also a hand-made steel tube umbrella, but the bamboo knot design of the handle suits an English gentleman’s temperament, and is hard and steady inside. The same type of female umbrella is also equipped with the ear drop on the basis that the Bamboo Knot Girls fight not only the atmosphere but also a bit more British Gas!

london undercover

London Undercover

London Undercover is a relative youngster in the umbrella business compared with previous umbrella brands. The brand was founded in 2008 by designer Jamie Milestone, who made the umbrellas in the traditional British hand crafted style, but with a wider variety of designs. Most of his umbrellas are Solid and are also known as an umbrella handle made, with a block of wood. This type of umbrella is stronger but is also made of solid. The price is much lower than the previous ones.


The whole piece of wood is used as the handle of the umbrella. The firmness of the umbrella is greatly improved. With Lu’s trademark orange button inside, the camouflage lining is unusual for a downpour!


City Lux Umbrella

The details of this solid-colored umbrella are very flattering. The handle is also made of whole wood, and the Brown Leather straps of the umbrella have hand-stitched wiring visible, with copper snap buttons. The umbrella side is made of woven cotton, while the top and handle are decorated with silver color, engraved with the logo of Lu, and looks comfortable in particular. In addition to yellow, there are black, red, blue, orange, and many other colors, walking on the street absolutely let a Bright Ah!


Hey, hey, hey. Blunt

Blunt is a New Zealand umbrella brand, and their umbrellas are very technical. Their rounded edges not only solve the problem of water dripping from the sides of the umbrellas but also eliminate the need to worry about stabbing others while using them. But the committee felt Blunt’s umbrella was best known for its patented anti-roll Technology, the anti-roll-radial tension system, which distributes the canopy’s tension evenly and tested its umbrellas in real-world storms to minimize the chance of the umbrella turning over. This umbrella is very handy, and its design is still much special!



ASPINAL OF LONDON IS A British luxury brand and is not known for its own umbrellas, but many of the umbrellas on this list are of her family’s classic floral print, with hand-stitched leather on the ends. Hand-stitched seams can be seen, and this one also has a more durable double canopy and comes in red, white, red and blue.

Today we are going to introduce some good quality umbrella brands, which are also well recognized in the UK. They have their own unique craftsmanship and fashion sense but it’s not the only place in the UK where you can buy an umbrella. Supermarkets, Harrods, John Lewis, and Ted Baker, Lulu Guinness all have their own umbrellas at lower prices.

Specializing in manufacturing umbrellas, Huifeng umbrella, an umbrella manufacturer based in Guangdong, China, was founded in 1987 and makes umbrellas for a number of British brands and has remained unknown till date because of its low profile. In recent years, Huifeng umbrella has attracted young talents, such as Justin, the head of the overseas division, was the supply chain director of a fast fashion group in Asia before. The company continues to invest in research and development to support emerging designer brands, collaborating with some of Britain’s post-80s and 90s fashion designers to create a range of umbrellas that appeal to young Britons. Because they know: Innovation is the future of the umbrella industry, the hope that more and more fashionable umbrellas appear in the British market.

Full canopy print umbrellas

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