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Custom Printed Golf umbrellas: Choose the best of best

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Custom printed golf umbrellas can not only help you stand out from your buddies on the golf course but also help you in branding your business. It is one of the most underrated branding methods which you can use for your business. With the advent of technology, these days all kinds of custom printed golf umbrellas are available. You can buy directly from world-class manufacturers like us. We at, Hfumbrella can create the golf umbrellas precisely as per your design and needs.

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  1. The applications of custom printed golf umbrellas
  2. The types of customized golf umbrellas
  3. The size, Material, Printing of golf umbrellas
  4. How to design stunning customized golf umbrellas?
  5. How to choose printed golf umbrellas correctly?
  6. Why is it essential to buy from custom printed golf umbrellas manufacturers directly?

Let us first help you understand why custom printed golf umbrellas are such a good idea.


1:Applications of custom printed umbrellas:
The uses of such umbrellas are plenty. We will highlight three such applications below.

A custom printed golf umbrella is an excellent source of branding for your business. On the golf course, umbrellas are easily noticeable. More so, when you imprint proper logos and name of your company on it, it is easy to notice. Against the mundane backdrop of the golf course, chances are most of the players will see the umbrella and the logo on it. Hence; it is one of the best avenues for branding.

Gift item:
You can even use these umbrellas as a gift item. You can give them to your clients or your employees. Chances are, the next time around they are on a golf course or even when they are heading outside during the monsoons, they will use the umbrella. Since it is such a versatile gift item, they will use it extensively which will once again benefit your company.

You can always use the custom printed umbrellas as an incentive for the employees. It will keep them motivated and at the same time will help you spread the word around about your business. It is another application of the golf umbrella. Thus, you can use these umbrellas in more ways than one. Now that you are aware of the applications let us look at the different types of custom printed umbrellas which you can purchase.


2:The types of customized golf umbrellas:
We, at Hfumbrella, believe in providing the customer with the number of options when it comes to the customized golf umbrellas. That is why; we will highlight below the different types of golf umbrellas which you can buy.

• Vent Golf Umbrellas:
The vent golf umbrellas aim to let the air pass through in windy conditions. You can open up the vents easily which will ensure that the pressure on the shaft and canopy of the umbrella is on the lower side. In such a case, it becomes easy for you to hold the umbrella. You will not have to use a lot of force to do so. That is why, if you’re playing golf in windy conditions or want a heavy-duty umbrella, the vent golf umbrellas are the perfect option.

• Double canopy Umbrellas:
In terms of durability, the double canopy golf umbrellas are a good option as well. The double canopy might add a bit to the weight, but it also makes the umbrella highly durable. Due to this very reason, these umbrellas can last for a long time. When buying custom printed golf umbrellas, this is a pretty good option since it will last for a long time and will benefit your business.

• Automatic Opening Umbrellas:
Automatic opening umbrellas have a button which you need to push to open the canopy. It means that you do not have to manually apply pressure to the shaft or the ribs of the umbrella to open it. With a push button, you can open it easily in windy or any conditions. You should prefer this option as it makes the umbrella easy to use. You can combine it with the other types of custom printed golf umbrellas to get the best of the best.

Custom Umbrellas:
We, at Hfumbrella, believe in providing our customers with maximum options. That is why; we also provide you with the opportunity to design your umbrella. You can let us know the dimensions which you need, and we will manufacture the custom printed golf umbrella accordingly. When buying umbrellas in bulk, it is better to customize it as per your requirement.

• Height Adjustable Umbrellas:
Another useful option which you can go with when you’re looking for a custom printed golf umbrellas is the height adjustable one. In the height adjustable golf umbrellas, the shaft is telescopic. That is why; you can easily adjust the height of the shaft according to the requirement. When you wish to gift the golf umbrellas to clients and employees, it is advisable to choose one with the telescopic pole so that you can make it easier for the person to use it.

Thus, once you have made your decision to order the custom printed golf umbrellas; these are the options which you have to consider. Only when you look at these steps, you can easily choose the best golf umbrella.

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3:The size, Material, Printing of golf umbrellas
There are a few factors which you have to pay special attention to when buying the golf umbrellas. Once you are sure about these factors, it is easy to get the right umbrella.

The size of the umbrella refers to the size of the arc. It might not be precisely the diameter of the umbrella but rather the arc. The bigger the arc, the more coverage it will provide on the golf course. Generally speaking, the golf umbrellas are available in size range of 20 inches to 70 inches. You can choose the arc size as per your needs. The size of 30 inches to 40 inches is a good option.

• Material:
The material of the golf umbrellas does not just refer to the material of the shaft and the handle but also the canopy material as well. The canopy generally consists of pongee, polyester and nylon material. Out of these; pongee is an excellent option to go with since it has high wind resistance and is lightweight. We can easily print the design which you want on any of these materials.

Similarly, when you’re speaking about the shaft material, it can be fiberglass, steel, and wood. You can go with steel and wood as per your requirement. Both of these materials are highly durable. Thus, you have to look at the materials which we have highlighted above to choose the right golf umbrella.

Lastly, you have to look at the prints on the golf umbrella. It will be dependent on the size of the arc. While many fake manufacturers might limit the colors which you can get printed but we provide you with virtually unlimited options when you want to get the printing done. We support brand-logos, artwork, and even full-color imprints on umbrellas. That is why, when you’re looking to order stylish and customized printed golf umbrellas, you can drop us a line. You have to always look at the design which you want to implement before going ahead with the order.

Once you look into these three things, it is effortless to order the custom printed golf umbrellas.

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4:How to design stunning customized golf umbrellas?
If you do not have prior experience to design such golf umbrellas, we will help you out with the same. We will share with you some tips which will undoubtedly help you create such umbrellas.

1. Elements:
The first and foremost thing which you have to consider is the elements which you need to include in your umbrella. Once you look at that, you can easily decide the placement.

2. Style:
Once you have decided on the elements, it is essential to look at the styling. It should not look cluttered. At the same time, you have to align the style with the logo of your company so that you can use it for branding purposes.

3. Choice of colors:
You have to choose the color options in such a way that they are eye-catching from a distance. Only when that is the case, it will be easy for you to use it for branding purposes. You have to be careful about the color of the elements and background color. They should be in contrast so that the details are visible from a distance.

4. Size of the elements:
You need to understand that not everyone will view the umbrella from a close distance. Due to this very reason, the details should be of the right size. Only when they are viewable from a distance, you can be sure that you can use the umbrella for branding purposes.

These are the four tips which you have to follow when designing stunning custom printed golf umbrellas. These will help you maximize the value of these umbrellas and make them even more useful and versatile.

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5: How to choose printed golf umbrellas correctly?
There are a few things which you can do to ensure that you choose the right printed golf umbrellas. We will today help you out with the same.

1. Getting the size right:
If the umbrellas are too small, they will not be that useful. On the other hand, if they are large, they can be bulky. That is why; you have to make sure that you choose the umbrellas of the right size. Only when they are portable, people will use them for a long time.

2. Durability:
You have to ensure that when you gift a custom printed golf umbrella, it is useful for the receiver. It can only be of use when it remains in proper shape for a long time. It should not compromise on the fabric of the canopy or the material of the shaft. Only when the construction is heavy-duty, people will use the umbrella.

3. Versatility:
You should choose the custom printed golf umbrellas which are versatile. When you can use them in windy conditions and rainy season, then only you can satisfy the purpose of buying such an umbrella. These three parameters will help you select the right custom printed golf umbrellas. When you’re looking for the best of the best, these are the three parameters which you should use as criteria.

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6:Why is it essential to buy from a custom printed golf umbrellas manufacturers directly?
Lastly, when you want to buy the best golf umbrellas, you should always work directly with the manufacturer.

We at Hfumbrella can offer you a lot of advantages which the resellers cannot. The benefits of working directly with the manufacturer include:
1. Low prices:
When you work directly with the manufacturer, of course, you get the lowest possible price. It ensures that you get the umbrellas made in bulk without shelling out a significant amount of money.

2. Proper design proof:
Most of the manufacturers will share with you the design proof and also the picture of the sample. It means that if you want to verify how your design will look on an umbrella, the manufacturers can undoubtedly help you with that. It will allow you to get the umbrellas designed precisely as per your requirement.

3. Less time-consuming:
When you work directly with the manufacturers, you can save a lot of time. There will be no middlemen, and therefore, you can communicate easily and quickly.

4. Wide variety of options:
The manufacturers also provide you with complete customization options and a variety of choices. It means that you can get the type of umbrella which you want.

5. Trustworthy:
As long as you can choose a manufacturer which has been around for quite some time like Hfumbrella, you can be sure that the entire process will be smooth. The manufacturer who has been in this business for quite some time will be trustworthy, and therefore once you place the order, you don’t need to worry about anything else.

6. Fast shipping:
Most of the manufacturers will ship the order on the same day when it is ready. You don’t need to worry about the roundabout shipping. That is why; they will always meet the deadlines which you have. It is another reason why you should work directly with the manufacturers.
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So, if you’re looking to choose the best custom printed golf umbrellas, you can use our buying guide above to help you out. Our elaborate buying guide will help you through each step of ordering these umbrellas.
We, at Hfumbrella, can make the process of buying such umbrellas even easier for you. Just drop us a line for further assistance. What’s app: 86 135 277 50521