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United Kingdom Union Jack Compact Umbrella

When manufacturers look for umbrellas to protect customers from the rain and sun, they can trust Hfumbrella’s United Kingdom Union Jack Compact Umbrella.

This 42-inch canopy umbrella is designed with eight ribs in the frame that make it resistant and sturdy even in windy conditions. The non-slip rubber handle features a built-in wrist strap so your customers can keep their hands free as they go about their day.

This single-touch semi-automatic open/close system allows for quick access, convenience, and ease of use all in one handy product! Plus, when the umbrella is closed, it folds down to fit neatly into a provided storage sleeve for easy transport or storage. Ultimately, this umbrella is an ideal combination of marquee style and innovative technology – perfect for any brand traveler who wants both form and function!

Item No: HF2023051001


Bring the exciting and lively vibe of the British culture to your next outing with Hfumbrella United Kingdom Union Jack Compact Umbrella. Enjoy protection from the rain or sun in a fun and stylish way.

This umbrella is designed to be durable, convenient and comfortable for any weather condition. It has an eight rib frame that ensures it will stay sturdy even in high winds, as well as a stylish leather grip handle for a comfortable hold.

The single touch of a button allows for easy opening/closing so you can get covered quickly, while the 42-inch canopy provides ample protection for two people.

Additionally, this umbrella comes with a storage sleeve included allowing for fuss-free transport when not in use, and a wrist strap gives you hands-free convenience.

Importing this umbrella from hfumbrella means your customers get effortless protection while having a timeless piece they’ll happily show off.