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Solid Maple Wood Sticker Umbrella

Product Details
Model Number: HFH2020051501

Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Price: USD5.0+

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In some high-end umbrella brands( James Smith & Sons, Fox umbrellas) shops, you may see umbrellas made of Canadian maple wood.

This wooden umbrella is carved from a solid block of Maple wood.

A quality umbrella, in addition to fine workmanship, reliable quality, the material is also very critical. Solid maple wood umbrella, the shaft, and the handle are made of top quality maple wood. And the shaft and the handle are naturally joined together without any splices. Unlike the normal wood umbrella, our maple wood umbrella is more upscale and more durable.

With a standard 23-inch canopy, the canopy of the umbrella is made of classic polyester fabric with a double layer for exceptional rain protection. Pongee fabric, nylon fabric, etc. more options.

The umbrella frame is made of high-quality fiberglass, which can keep the umbrella shape even in heavy rain and wind. Keeps you classy in the rain.

Perfect for business, gift-giving, commodity, you will never feel regret once you choose our umbrella.

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