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Wooden Handle Eco-friendly RPET Umbrella

A shelter including 100% PET jugs, propped open by a casing made of 70% reused steel, closes in a smooth wooden handle weaved with a waxed hemp tie. Accessible in horde tones like Hydrangea, Leaf Green, and Pool Blue, the Eco umbrella conspicuously show the reusing image, simply in the event that you expected to streak your commitment to Ma Earth to individual puddle splashers.



It’s an Eco-friendly RPET Umbrella.

The canopy size is 46inch, good for one or two persons.

Fabric is recycling RPET fabric from the bottles.

Metal shaft with fibreglass ribs keeps the umbrella very strong.

The wooden handle is a good hand feeling and easy to hold the umbrella well.

You can put your logo at the bottom of the handle to promote your business.

We are offering a wide variety of plain colours. Also, a custom printed canopy is a more high-end option.

Welcome to custom cooperate Eco-friendly RPET Umbrella.