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Personalized Eco-friendly Vented Folding Umbrella

Certification: Umbrella Manufacturer AUDITED BY SGS

Item: HF0210301

Minimum Order Quantity:1200pcs
Price: USD4.0-6.00
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability : 200,000pcs

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The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has caused global thinking about environmental protection. No matter who you are and which organization you belong to, you can contribute to the cause of environmental protection. Even on a rainy day, holding an eco-friendly umbrella is good for the environment. Here we will introduce our current star product – the eco-friendly umbrella.

The umbrella’s canopy is made of RPET fabric, which is recycled and re-made from old plastic bottles. If you want to know more about what RPET fabric is, please click here to see our blog.

The frame is made of eight fibres and aluminium, and the shaft is also made of aluminium. The aluminium material we use is recycled aluminium. The weight of the whole umbrella is only about 320g, very light. The folded length is only 31cm, which means you can easily pack it into your suitcase or bag without putting too much burden on your luggage.

When you encounter windy and rainy weather, this umbrella can also protect you perfectly. Even in a 9-10 gale, this umbrella takes still retains its shape and is unbroken.

With a natural bamboo handle, this umbrella is very much in line with the environment friendly.

However, the price is affordable. If you are a lover of environmental protection, you will not miss this eco-friendly umbrella.

As eco-friendly environmental protection, come and buy this real eco-friendly umbrella!