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Fashion rainbow laser reflective shiny umbrella

Size: 46inch ,8 panels

Color: Rainbow

Fabric: TPU fabric

Shaft: Iron

Frame: Fiberglass

Handle: Matte textured plastic

Open: Easy open

Weight: 350g

Function: Protect from rain/sun

I Need A Quotation

Fashion new design rainbow laser reflective shiny umbrella.

Summer is a hot and rainy season. Although the rain can take away the sweltering heat and scorching sun, it is still annoying if it rains all the time, you may feel terrible.

Life is like this, you can’t control the weather, but you can adjust your mood. Don’t forget that you will see the rainbow all over the sky after the summer rain. If you think about it from another angle, you will feel much better. And with our reflective shiny umbrella, you will love every rainy day.

This year’s fashion brands have launched a colorful collection of clothing, shoes, and bags. Our designer is also follow this fashion to develop a new reflective shiny umbrella.

The colorful umbrella is made by a new fabric: TPU laser film.
According to the principle of natural light decomposition by Mitsubishi Mirror, Perfectly combine the Laser Rainbow film technology and TPU fabric, to let the umbrella surface naturally refract light.

In Indoor soft light, as the change of umbrella face angle, can refract light color.

In the strong outdoor light, with the change of the angle of the umbrella, will refract the intense color.

Are you tired of a monotonous transparent umbrella? Then let our reflective shiny umbrella refresh the color!

The sun shines brightly, and you are the most dazzling one in the crowd.