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Custom Print Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor with Tilt

This is an incredible sand umbrella and at a great price!

Model Number: HF2021042401
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Price: USD10.0-20.0

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Beach Umbrella with Tilt!
In my opinion, this Beach Umbrella with Tilt is undoubtedly the best quality and performance sandbag umbrella for two people and can be used on beaches with strong gusts (>25 mph).
The most notable
1. The telescopic rod seems to be really indestructible. The perfect design and construction make it easy for one person to assemble/disassemble.
2. The sand corkscrew at the top of the bottom has very wide fins. When you twist the rod clockwise, it really bites the sand like a drill bit. Once implanted, it is almost impossible to pull it out directly (to completely prevent the umbrella from being “Fly away” in the strong updraft). However, by rotating the umbrella shaft counterclockwise, it can be easily taken out.
3. The tilting device of the umbrella pole has a firm structure and simple operation
4. The glass fiber umbrella roof assembly is both elastic and very strong, which can provide flexibility and strength (it will bend in strong wind, but will never break or reverse) 5. The polyester fabric forming the umbrella roof is thick enough , And quite shiny, can provide both tear-resistance and rain protection (if needed).
5.  The fabric is very tightly fixed to the ribs by aluminum clips, once again ensuring the service life.
6. The 7-foot diameter canopy provides a wide range of shade for the two beach chairs.
The only “price” of all the above is, yes, this Beach Umbrella with Tilt is a few pounds heavier than its competitors. Believe me, its advantages are worth every pound!