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Custom Lightweight Travel Umbrella for The British Museum

A lightweight compact umbrella is a must when traveling. This custom-made umbrella from the Museum of Great Britain has been well received by many users. If you are a fashion designer and would like to customize a beautiful umbrella, please contact us.

Model No: HF2022082301


The demand for travel umbrellas is rapidly increasing. When you go out, choose a light folding umbrella and put it in your travel bag. Rain or shine will protect you in your time of need.

Huifeng Umbrellas has worked with the Museum of Great Britain to develop a lightweight travel umbrella. Weight is just 159g. The diameter under the canopy is 97cm.

The shaft is made of aluminum and will not rust. The printed pattern on the umbrella is a view of London. This umbrella is selling very well and many people buy it as a gift for their friends and family.

If you have a customized umbrella in mind, please contact our designers. Let’s work together to make the best umbrella products in the world.