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Best travel umbrella with an beautiful umbrella case for woman

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Today, let’s take about the best travel umbrella. As a young fashion woman, an umbrella is a must-have accessory in your bag.

Why should you carry an umbrella?

Rain protection -The Weather is unpredictable. Even it is still sunny at noon, and it may rain heavily in the afternoon, so you should prepare an umbrella anytime.

UV-proof-Shading is not only for not being sunburned by the sun, but the temperature of the sun is also very high, and it is very sweaty when you go out without an umbrella. Not only will there be a stench, but it will also make you very uncomfortable.

Windproof-In the winter, we also bring umbrellas, use umbrellas to block cold air, avoid cold air to blow our skin, and prevent sand from being blown into the eyes.

Decoration-Most of the woman who loves beauty, she is not limited to just matching her underwear and shoes, and even the umbrella should be harmonious with the color of the clothes. Seeing the umbrella on the street is not necessary to protect the skin or anything else, but also to match the overall effect.

Best travel umbrella woman surface

What‘s the best travel umbrella?

We will recommend you the following umbrella.

1: Small and easy to carry. Weight 265g, 18cm after folding. Our mini umbrellas will always keep you dry when rainstorms hit! Designed for portability,
the coated Pongee fabric repels water, keeping you dry and shielding against rain, sleet, and snow.

2: Strong and windproof. With frames featuring a black metal shaft and fiberglass ribs. Our mini umbrellas for purses offer superior strength and durability! They effectively withstand strong winds without breaking or bending, for quality you can trust.

3: Sun protection sunshade. Umbrella cloth uses a super strong sunscreen black coating, UPF value reaches 50+, and it is also sunscreen than skin care products. Standing under the umbrella, the temperature dropped by a dozen degrees from the outside and immediately felt cool.

4: Fashion and Beautiful. The umbrella surface adopts the most popular color-color gradient color this year, and its outstanding design style captures the hearts of many female users.

5: Bouns- umbrella case: Big things come in small packages, and our mini umbrellas are no exception! Perfect for storage in your car, purse or backpack. And since it’s waterproof, you don’t Have to worry about making a wet mess.

Above all, this umbrella is the best travel umbrella for a woman.

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