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What part of an umbrella is the most suitable for Printing?

There is a common mistake, or should I say, a misconception regarding the printings made on promotional umbrellas. Many people usually think printings are primarily suitable or best made on the canopies of umbrellas. They also say that the application of printings solely on the canopy will offer the best advertisement or promotion you need for your business or brand. Meanwhile, when it comes to the factors that make a promotional umbrella effective for a brand or business, such a thought is false. Yes! Very false.

Printings for custom and promotional umbrellas can be made on other parts of the umbrellas apart from the exterior and interior parts. Your business can also add printings on the pipes, rib tapes, handles, frames, and carry-on bags or cases to maximize the effect of promoting your business. I know you are wondering and soliloquizing, “All of these parts?” Yes! All of these parts, even when the umbrella is not opened, the distinct printings of your business on the carry-on case or handles will effectively promote your business.

Factors That Influence the Effectiveness Of The Printings Made On Your Business Umbrellas

I believe you are now aware of the lack of limitation or restriction of umbrella printings to a specific part of it after the succinct explanation above. I also believe you are clearly aware of the primary purpose of the printings on your custom and promotional umbrellas. It is, however, one step to be knowledgeable on the advantages your business will get, and it is another great step to find out the most effective way to implement what your knowledge houses. The other step is the most crucial of all steps that determine if your newly printed umbrellas will fulfill the purposes of their manufacturing.

To implement the other step, you will have to consider a few factors before making any decision to avoid negative results. These factors include the following:

  • Purpose of your promotional umbrellas
  • The most suitable position for your logo
  • Branding message position
  • Choice of color
  • Size of canopy

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Purpose Of Your Promotional Umbrellas

You can not start up a task without having a purpose or objective you must meet. Never! You will have to have a purpose, that is, an aim which is to promote your business in this case effectively. The promotion of your business is, however, the general purpose of customizing umbrellas with designs specific to only your business. This factor also includes how your target audiences will use your promotional umbrellas. Do you want to manufacture umbrellas apt for advertisement, various events (indoor and outdoor events), or for several other purposes? You will find an answer to this question when considering this factor.

Furthermore, this factor, that is, the primary purpose of your umbrellas, serves as the root of other factors. It is a root or other important factor you would consider during the process of manufacturing a perfect umbrella for your business or brands. You can determine other factors, such as the size and color of your umbrellas, after discovering the main purpose or aim of their manufacture.

Printed umbrellas
Printed umbrellas

Most Suitable Position For Your Logo

Since the main purpose of the promotional umbrellas for your business is to advertise your business, this factor is requisite in all ways. The umbrellas can fulfill this primary purpose only when your business logo is positioned at an angle that is very visible to people in the crowd. It is, however, not easy to come up with a suitable position for your logo alone; you will need the attention of a professional umbrella manufacturer.

The consultation with a reliable umbrella manufacturer will show you the various positions suitable for your logo on an umbrella. Meanwhile, this does not include the generality of umbrella manufacturers because there are a few that offer low-quality products. Hence, it is advisable to work with umbrella manufacturers experienced in manufacturing high-quality products, such as HFUmbrella.

Branding Message Position

Once you have arrived at a suitable angle for the positioning of your business’ logo, do not forget about the branding message. The branding messages are always printed on the canopies, and they can be placed beneath the logo with a distinct appearance for clarity. It can so be attached away from the logo, that is, on other segments of the canopy. These messages are better medium in size and distinct in colors for clarity.

Printed umbrellas
Printed umbrellas

Choice Of Color

When it comes to picking a specific design suitable for your umbrella, considering the umbrella’s color is very important. Why is it important? Colors come with a lot of meanings that are specific to various types of events. You can either use a plain color for your umbrellas or multiple matching colors that contributes to the attractiveness of the umbrellas.

The type of color and pattern you use for the printing of your umbrellas plays a significant role in their attractiveness. We are in a generation where people focus more on designs than quality; hence, focus more on this factor to attain the positive results you seek regarding the advertisement of your brand.

Size Of The Canopy

The size of the umbrellas your business needs depends on the purpose or the type of umbrellas they require. If your business needs a type of umbrella for events that will accommodate more than three people, then the umbrella must be large in size. Although the number of people the umbrella shades determines the size of the canopy, large sizes are often used for displaying the brand messages. When it comes to the displaying of brand messages, a double canopy is mostly used to display the brands’ messages both inside and outside.

exclusive Starbucks umbrella
exclusive Starbucks umbrella

Umbrella Printings Suitable For Various Types Umbrellas Usage

You must have seen a lot of umbrellas with distinct printings. Meanwhile, irrespective of the number of umbrellas in the market, there are only a few that are popular for their designs. These popular designs of umbrellas are termed “the most sought-after umbrellas” for several reasons, amongst which the design plays a prominent role. The most sought-after printed umbrellas with domineering effects in the market today are popular for their printings. These printings include the following:

  • Internal Map Printing
  • Fine Art Printing
  • Metallic Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • UV Printing

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Custom Printing umbrella

Internal Map Printing

This is one of the most sought-after umbrella designs, which involves the printing of a map on the inside of the canopy. The printing of maps on umbrellas is, however, not limited to the internal part alone but can also be printed on the outer part of the canopy. The printing of maps on the inside or outside part of the umbrella does more than just beautify the umbrella. It also adds a message or depicts the field of your fields by letting whoever sees it have an idea of the services your business offers. You must be wondering, “How?” The map depicts roads and locations, does that ring a bell yet?

Since map printings depict roads and locations, it is mainly used by businesses in fields, such as real estate and property development. Furthermore, the map is digitally printed on the umbrella to ensure the map is displayed in a well-detailed form.

Fine Art Printing

When it comes to the printing of anything relating to fine art on an umbrella, paying attention to the most subtle detail is important. Most manufacturers find it hard to manufacture most umbrellas with fine art printings due to the subtle details they require. Many businesses demand a gallery piece standard of fine art printing that includes shading and color-matching details. You will need to work with an experienced manufacturer of high-quality umbrellas that use a 4-color print process such as HFUmbrella to get such a result. Furthermore, this type of design is primarily needed by art galleries and museums businesses.

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Metallic printed umbrellas

Metallic Printing

You must be wondering what metallic printing is and how its effect is on umbrellas; it is understandable because most people do not know this type of umbrella design. To be brief, it involves the use of inks that contain real gold and silver to design the umbrella’s canopy. This type of printing is expensive because it involves the use of real gold and silver. Meanwhile, some manufacturers use gold and silver colors rather than real gold. Furthermore, it can be applied on the ribs tapes or perimeter tapes and for the printing of your business’ logo, hence creating a uniform and matching design.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is an effective and long-lasting traditional method of designing an umbrella. It involves the printing of any image of your choice on the umbrella. How is this done? It consists of the use of a stenciled silkscreen to press the image of choice on the umbrella’s canopy (the fabric). The process of transferring an image and pressing it is not complete without the treatment with a light-sensitive emulsion.

silk screen print umbrella
color changing umbrella
color changing umbrella

UV Printing

UV printing is a commercial process that involves the use of ultraviolet curing technology. A specially formulated ink that dried immediately in exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is used for this process to acquire sharp and vibrant details (images and texts).

Are you searching for a smooth and even printing that can be used for various businesses irrespective of the sector of services they offer? UV Printing is the best option. Most umbrella printings involve the use of many solvents, but UV printing does the opposite primarily because of its low-energy technology. When it comes to this type of printing, the use of dark fabric is preferable due to the matching of the colors. UV printing is popular for the various advantages it comes with, especially its fade-resisting property.


Printed umbrellas are mostly used for the advertisement or promotion of brands and businesses. Although it comes with an advantage that will be beneficial to your business, finding the right umbrella printings for your business’ umbrella is important. It is, however, essential to know your purpose before considering any design to be printed on your umbrellas.

The importance of “purpose” has been discussed above, as well as the results of this purpose. There are various types of printings that can be applied to your umbrellas to speak more about the services your business offers in an attractive manner. All of these benefits of printed umbrellas can, however, only be attained by working with experienced manufacturers of high-quality custom umbrellas, like HFUmbrella.

HFUmbrella will provide you with the best quality printings, depending on your choice of design. The designs will also be fade-resistant; hence, the design will appear new every day, irrespective of how consistently you expose the umbrella to rain and sunlight.

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