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Huifeng Umbrella Passed UV801 Test

Huifeng Umbrella Passed UV801 Test

Congratulate Huifeng Umbrella Passed UV801 Test

Huifeng Umbrella Co.,Ltd. passed the UV801 test and became the first China umbrella manufacturer who got the UV801 certificate.

UV801 Label

UV Standard 801

In order to provide consumers with a reliable UPF, the particular requirements to which a sun protective textile is subjected during use must be taken into consideration.

In the case of clothing, the stretching of a fabric during wear, moisture from perspiration or water and wear during use affect the sun protection factor. Furthermore the sun protection factor is also affected during and after care of the textile. The textile material is therefore laundered as part of the test and wet during measurement and stretched in a specified manner (see picture 1).

For shading textiles, the stretching of the fabric, the weather (sun and rain) and humidity affect the sun protection factor.

As a result of these conditions, the protection time is drastically reduced (or in the worst case almost completely lost), and this must also be reflected in the UPF rating indicated to avoid putting the wearer at risk (comparison see pictures 2 and 3).

Correspondingly, the members of the International Test Association for Applied UV Protection, recommend measuring the UV protection factor according to the UV Standard 801 for all types of clothing and shading textiles. This is always based on the worst-case scenario for wear and use.

UV Standard 801 is a normative document issued by the International Testing Association for Applied UV Protection. The member institutes of the International Testing Association for Applied UV Protection have set themselves the objective of determining the UV protection provided by a functional product in such a way that the strains and stresses imposed on the material in practice are taken into account. With this objective UV Standard 801 goes far beyond the requirements of the Australia/New Zealand standard (AS/NZS 4399:1996) and of the European standard EN 13758-1 and remedies their principal weaknesses.

This standard is applicable to all flat functional products, such as textiles, clothing, shoes, awnings, sunshades, leather, films, etc., which can in any way protect human beings against UV radiation.

The transmission of UV radiation (UVA and UVB) is measured and the UV Protection Factor determined on the textiles being tested. For example, in the course of testing, clothing textiles are washed and abraded, and shading textiles are appropriately exposed to weathering, as well as being moistened and stretched in a defined manner for measurement.

The UV Protection Factor (UPF) indicates how much longer the user of sun-protective textiles or the wearer of UV-protective clothing can remain in the sun without suffering skin damage. The UV Protection Factor UPF is identical to the sun or light-protection factor of sun creams (SPF or LPF).

The leading European suppliers have their products tested in conformity with UV Standard 801 under the above-mentioned conditions of use in order to attach the UV Standard 801 label to the made-up functional product. Certifications ranging from UPF 5 to 80 are used here.

UV801 Certificate Umbrella