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How to Clean the Sticky Umbrella Handle

How to Clean the Sticky Umbrella Handle

Clean A Sticky Umbrella Handle

As an umbrella specialist, a common question I get from customers is that the rubberized painted handles of umbrellas become sticky after 1-2 years of use. I’m guessing that you may have tried some soaps with poor results, and this is bothering you. In fact, the problem isn’t just sticky; this material has begun to rot. Simply washing it will not make it “non-stick” again.

If you like the umbrella and don’t want to throw it away, here are a few ways to Clean a Sticky Umbrella Handle I would suggest:

Option A- You can purchase some tape similar to that used for tennis rackets and wrap it around the umbrella handle.

Sticky Umbrella Handle

Option B- Purchase a package of baking soda at the grocery store (it doesn’t cost much), add water to make a solution, and soak the umbrella handle for a few moments, about ten minutes, and the rubber coating will dissolve.

Option C- Go to the mall or hardware store to buy industrial alcohol, and use a cloth to wipe the umbrella handle repeatedly.

I hope the above methods can help you solve the problem of sticky umbrella handles. If you have any other good solutions, please also leave a comment to let more people know.