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Is the more umbrella ribs, the better?

Is the more umbrella bones, the better?

In China, there are two main places for umbrella production: Zhejiang and Shenzhen. Shenzhen is mainly based on foreign trade orders, which are mainly from Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea. The requirements are also quite strict, and the level of quality control is relatively high. Zhejiang is mainly dominated by domestic e-commerce orders; the quality is uneven.

However, in recent years, both places have fallen into a strange circle. Zhejiang is increasingly focusing on the number of umbrella ribs, while Shenzhen is increasingly focusing on the size of the umbrella volume. Sometimes, the actual effect is not obvious in this pursuit of seemingly trendy changes.

umbrella bones

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Back to the question itself, the more umbrella ribs do not mean the better the wind resistance, which is an obvious structural logic. Umbrellas to resist wind, the key lies in the middle of the center rod thickness and thickness, just like building a house, the top beams and more, but the weight-bearing column is only one.

Tell me, when the wind blows, is it the pillar that plays the role of wind resistance, or is it the beam that plays a role? The increase in the number of umbrella ribs must be accompanied by the thickening of the center bar; otherwise, it is easy to form a top-heavy structure.

Speaking of which, it is indeed a bit sad that everyone seems to have been led away from the original direction. Consumers have also followed the wrong path. And it may be even more difficult to adjust back.

umbrella bones

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Is it really necessary to manufacture forty-eight-bone umbrellas and ninety-six-bone umbrellas? When you buy an umbrella, you should not only look at the number of ribs but also focus on the material of that center stick. Carbon fiber is fine, aluminum alloy is fine, but iron and fiberglass are not so suitable. As for aluminum alloy, you also need to pay attention to its thickness, i.e. mm. One hundred mm or more umbrella bones are enough to cope with six-grade windy weather, and an increase to one hundred and twenty mm will better withstand stronger winds. However, the average gale of seven or eight is often not in a single direction, and houses and trees can’t withstand it, let alone an umbrella.