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What Happens Inside an Umbrella Factory China?


Umbrella Factory China -What Happens Inside an Umbrella Factory China?

Ever wondered what happens inside an umbrella factory China? Creating an umbrella is both an art and a science. Here is the basic umbrella making process that each umbrella factory  China follows:

  • Fabric Selection – A variety of fabrics can be used for making umbrellas. Examples are linen, cotton, leather, silk, lace, nylon, and special fabric that was first made for umbrellas only—Gloria. Gloria, which means bright, is a combination of wool, silk, and cotton. Nowadays, nylon taffeta is the most common fabric used in umbrella making. Some factories also use microfiber fabrics. It is the prerogative of the umbrella factory management to choose the fabric colors and designs so they usually buy fabrics in bulk orders and with different color and design options. They can also ask their supplier to create a special fabric for them, though that might be more expensive.


  • Fabric Coating – Fabrics need coating and finish so the water would not pass through them when it rains. In the case of nylon taffeta, it is coated with acrylic on the underside and scotch-guard type finish on the top. Employees of the umbrella factory can do the coating or they can also buy coated fabrics from their suppliers.


  • Choosing Other Materials – The umbrella factory management should also choose the materials used in other parts of the umbrella. For example, the shaft is usually made from wood, steel, or aluminum while the handle is made from fiberglass or plastic. Even the shaping of these parts can be tedious. The materials used should be durable so the selection process of the materials is very important.


  • Assembly – After selecting all the materials, it is now time to assemble them. An umbrella has six basic parts: canopy, shaft, ribs, stretcher, joiner, and handle. The ribs are the wires supporting the fabric of the canopy. They are assembled to give the canopy a “U” shape. The ribs are attached to the shaft by fitting it on the top with a thin wire. After that, the stretchers are connected to the shaft using a plastic or metal runner. The runner moves along the shaft when the umbrella opens and closes. Next step is to sew the fabric to the ribs. Then, attach the handle at the end of the shaft. It can be glued or screwed depending on the material used. Lastly, the metal ends of the ribs can be covered with small wooden o plastic caps. They can be glued or sewn.


  • Labeling – The umbrella factory can put their label either on the canopy fabric or on a tag attached to the umbrella.


  • Quality Control – Just like in other companies, quality control is very important in an umbrella factory. Good umbrellas should be durable and the quality control personnel make sure that every umbrella that leaves the company is high quality.
Double Layer Inverted Umbrella
Double Layer Inverted Umbrella


Knowing the manufacturing process in an umbrella factory can help consumers know if an umbrella is of high quality or not. Always check the quality of the materials used. Make sure that each part is correctly assembled before buying an umbrella. Huifeng umbrella, the  professional umbrella factory in Guangzhou