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Factors in Ordering Custom Umbrellas

Factors in Ordering Custom Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas
Custom umbrellas

Want a unique umbrella? There are companies like Hui Feng Umbrella that can make custom umbrellas for you. Here are some things that you should consider in ordering custom umbrellas:

  • Size – In custom umbrellas, there are two sizes that you should consider: the measurement of canopy and shaft. The length of the shaft is usually determined by the size of the canopy. The canopy can be measured in terms of arc or diameter. The size of the canopy should be determined by what type of umbrella you want to make—kids, fashion, golf, patio, or just an ordinary umbrella for daily use. Each umbrella type has standard size range.

    Double Layer Inverted Umbrella
    Double Layer Inverted Umbrella
  • Materials – You need to choose the fabric for the canopy and the material for the shaft and handle of your custom umbrellas. For the canopy, you can select from a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, leather, silk, nylon, or microfiber. For the shaft and handle, you can choose wood, metal, plastic, or fiberglass. Choose the materials wisely based on your needs. If you want a more durable umbrella, use metal instead of wood. Just make sure that the metal is stainless so it would not have rusts when the custom umbrella gets wet.
  • Design – When you choose the materials for your custom umbrellas, you can already select a fabric that has designs. However, if you want a unique design, you can just choose a plain colors fabric then print your design on it. This is fit for companies who want to put logos on their custom umbrellas for promotional activities.

Aside from the basic requirements mentioned above, there are other factors that you should consider. These factors usually require you to choose between two options:

  • Stick or Folded – You need stick umbrellas if you want a big canopy size. These umbrellas are really useful during heavy rains. They can also be used as canes and as a tool for self-defense. Meanwhile, if you want an umbrella that would fit your bag, buy the folded one. This is easier to bring anytime, anywhere.
  • Manual or Automatic – Manual umbrellas require you to push and pull in order to open and close the umbrella. Meanwhile, automatic umbrellas open and close at the touch of a button. Stick umbrellas are usually manual, but there are also automatic ones. The choice between manual and automatic is completely based on your preference.
  • Single or Double Canopy – Most of us use single canopy umbrellas, but if you want an umbrella that would not be blown away or turned upside down with heavy rain and winds, the double canopy would be perfect for you.
  • Regular or Inverted – Lately, there has been a trend of creating and using inverted umbrellas because they keep you dry even when going out of a car or leaving the building. Though it is still not mainstream, you can order customized inverted umbrellas from factories.

Lastly, consider how the manufacturer can make the umbrella windproof and UV protected. There are a variety of ways to make your umbrella windproof and different levels of UV protection to choose from. Ask the umbrella manufacturer for the available options.

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