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Custom Design Umbrellas Tips

Custom Design Umbrellas

Custom Umbrella Design Tips

Custom Umbrella
Custom Umbrella

Custom design umbrellas are very effective in giving your brand the visibility and exposure that it requires. The best thing about the umbrellas is that they can be used during rainy or sunny seasons, making them quite ideal in working your marketing strategy. But you really do not want to give your customers or clients or even potentials umbrellas that are too plain. The custom design  umbrellas are as good as the effort you have made in the design and a few tips can help you get it right with the design to make a lasting impression on your targeted recipients.

Tip 1 – Think of design features that add durability to the umbrellas

Instead of going for the usual standard umbrellas, how about choosing umbrellas design that has wind-venting abilities or umbrellas that are storm proof? The feature can be helpful in eliminating the issues of inversions that many users experience especially during windy storms. That extra feature can make all the difference in your umbrellas and your targeted groups will appreciate how functional the design is.

Tip 2 – Think about interesting imprints

Usually promotional umbrellas have prints on the upper surface of the umbrella fabric. However, you can break the norm and also have some important details printed on the underside of the umbrellas. This way, you will not only be exposing your brand to those you can view the umbrella from outside, but also the person carrying and using the umbrella since the inner side is visible to them.

Tip 3 – Remember to give attention to the umbrella handle

Most people when doing promotional umbrellas only think about the canopy and pay very little attention to the handle. The handle is a very important part of the umbrella and for that it should not be neglected. Choose frame materials that are comfortable and offer good grip depending on the size of the umbrella. Add some quality, functionality and fit as well as message by customizing the handle. Good ideas would be to use light hardwoods or dark hardwoods, sponge and rubber to make the handle as comfortable as you possibly can. Do not allow the handle to be the part that fails your efforts.

Tip 4 – Sleeve it up

If you still are looking for ways to make your design strike recipients and make memorable impressions, think about imprinted sleeves or tie straps. Umbrellas that have shoulder strap sleeves are quite attractive and will give your targeted audience a good impression of your company quality. It is a small feature that can make a huge difference for your umbrellas.

Tip 5 – Choose quality at all times

Whether you are making frame decision or choosing canopy fabric and other features and elements, make sure that you give quality priority. The longer the umbrellas remain useful, the more the exposure you get. These promotional items are some of the best in giving you continued exposure so create umbrellas that remain functional for a considerable length of time and not poor quality ones that get spoiled after a few uses.

Custom  design umbrellas are some of the options you have when thinking advertising. Work with the best manufacturer you can find to enjoy the best results with your promotional efforts.