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Be the center of attention with your fashion umbrella

fashion umbrella

Fashion umbrella -Be the center of attention with your fashion umbrella

Custom Umbrella Printing
Custom Umbrella Printing

Fashion umbrellas are obviously one of your most important accessories. Its history is interesting and unique. Do you know that during the 19th century, English nobility made a strange demand about umbrellas? They ruled that the contraption be held in the middle of their shaft and the handle pointing downwards. Fave materials and colors were blue or green silk. Today, fashion umbrellas come in all shapes, sizes, designs and colors.

Exclusively for fashion used, these umbrellas are created for trendy individuals who love to walk outside under rainy skies. Unlike the ordinary umbrella, it is stylish with interesting designs and lively colors making user the center of attention.


  • Possess automatic attributes;
  • Frames that resist the wind;
  • Fashioned by reputable designers;
  • Useful during the changing weather;
  • Best complement for your outfit;
  • Freshly designed with trendy patterns;
  • For people of all ages; and
  • Made with varied prints as: animals, plaid, geometric, nature and even have ruffled edges.


Innovative styles for your option

  1. Triple- Folding Ultraviolet-Proof Princess Lace Fashion Umbrella – Its fiber is waterproof 100% polyester pongee with an inner production of sunscreen fabric and super double sunscreen. It withstands the ultraviolet ray of the sun, eliminates the solar radiation making a perfect skin protection.
  2. Double Layer Inverted Fashion Umbrella Windproof UV Protection Umbrella With C-Shaped Handle 4. Admittedly with extraordinary design, this inverted umbrella immediately opens so you do not get wet. It is so easy to close the reverse umbrella as you get back in the car. The water stays inside of the umbrella and doesn’t get the car floor wet.
  3. Long-handle Black Petal Swirl Rain Sun Fashion Umbrella. The colorful swirls of overlapping petals designs in the umbrella are able to create a sunny day in the midst of gloomy weather. The black Petal Swirl Umbrella is rare in the world of designs made on umbrella. The lines look so fresh and elegant that is seldom seen in weather contraptions but it is does not alienate it’s totally practical function.
  4. Chinese Peony Painter Master Water Painting Fashion Umbrella – Peony can be regarded as a national favorite of China. Take the boredom out of rainy days with this creative folding Umbrella to cheer you up. The umbrella is highly durable as its materials are sturdy steel and waterproof cloth of the best quality. The strongest winds and heavy rains are no problems.
  5. Colorful Animal Chic Printing Straight Fashion Umbrella – You are safe from the rain carrying this chic straight print umbrella. It features a fun animal print, Velcro wrap, sturdy handle and matching slip cover.
fashion umbrella
fashion umbrella

Why buy this umbrella?

For those people who love decorated items, these will be top on their list. Modern technology has updated the functionality of these umbrellas by many offering guaranteed protection from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Fashion umbrella is strong so it does not easily be turned inside out powerful winds. Most umbrellas designed for fashion are made of automatic opening and closing mechanism and this is important in ensuring that they are highly functional and also easy to use.

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