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Custom Beach Umbrellas: The Must Have Beach Accessories

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Huifeng, a leading beach umbrella manufacturer and supplier in China, sells all kinds of Beach umbrellas for retailing or promotional purposes. Huifeng beach umbrellas excel in qualities such as wind resistance and UV protection. We let our customers customize their beach umbrella of choice, and support them every step of the way.

Turn the beach into a marketing hotspot.

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If your customers have been looking forward to the summer sun, the only thing they need to crown their beach excursion is a quality beach umbrella. Nothing ruins a vacation more than sunburns. Huifeng beach umbrellas are made with the end-user in mind. They offer protection against harsh UV rays. For businesses, this is an opportunity to improve sales because the high number of people embracing beach holidays these days.

Custom beach umbrellas serve a unique promotional role when imprinted with your company logo. Our past clients have been particularly pleased with the results from our multicolor patio beach umbrellas. Our branding team will ensure that your brand message gets home among all customers that appreciate the sands and the seas. Whether you are marketing your hospitality, airline, or a tours and travel business, Huifeng promotional beach umbrellas will generate long-lasting traction. At Huifeng, we make them durable, plus customers will appreciate the reliable shade, UV resistance, and wind resistance.

Turn your beach day bliss a notch higher

Our custom Beach umbrellas are distinguishable in all corners of the world. If you are looking for an umbrella piece that oozes your style and personality Huifeng has you covered. Beach vacations are even better with fashionable beach umbrellas. Huifeng beach umbrellas are elegant, without compromising on function. Customers get to show off their taste in fashion with a wide range of umbrella materials and color mixes, which will businesses score more sales.

Huifeng custom beach umbrellas put you in the driver’s seat; you can dictate the materials, style, color, and even budget of your vacation umbrella. We then work with you every step to make your beach umbrella design dreams come true. Reach out to us now to get started.


Custom beach umbrellas for special occasions

Beach weddings are a new cool, and so are birthday celebrations and many other social events. When you are looking to amplify the appeal of your special day on the beach, look no further than Huifeng. We will help you customize beach wedding parasols of all materials, colors, and sizes. We can also make other beach celebration umbrellas according to your designs and requests. After you place your order, we will get into mass production at the drop of a hat.

A wide variety of designs

Huifeng is a powerhouse when it comes to umbrella designs. Our customizing option will help you get umbrellas that stand out from other riff raff models in the market. What’s more, our in-house team of designers can help you create head-turning beach umbrellas. Whether for business or personal use, your beach umbrellas will be the talk of everyone. Our umbrellas experts are fashion savvy and knowledgeable in all kinds of umbrella materials. Tell us your custom beach umbrellas ideas, and we will make them materialize.

High quality custom Beach umbrellas

The main caveat with beautiful outdoor umbrellas is a short lifespan. Most users often find out that their beach umbrellas have low-quality materials, including plastic frames and nylon canopies. With time, these materials cave into the effects of harsh sun and strong winds at the beach. Huifeng Umbrella Company understands this concern, and therefore invests the right resources and materials in the making of long-lasting beach umbrellas.

Our quality control team also works with designers from the start to the finish so that the final output is a beach umbrella that checks right on durability and aesthetics. Start browsing our beach umbrella catalog for various models that fulfill your needs. If you like, we can still refashion them to suit your style.

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Huifeng stylish beach umbrellas

The UV protection and wind resistance are not tickets to compromise on style. And given the increasing rates of skin cancer in the world, Huifeng is taking significant strides to make umbrellas an ideal accessory for the sun-drenched beaches of the world. One way we are doing that is by infusing fashion into functionality.

1. Custom-printed sand-anchor beach umbrellas

These beach umbrellas are an explosion of art, as well as being reliable sun protectors. They come in a variety of beautiful prints. Huifeng sand-anchor beach umbrella designs breathe new life into the standard umbrellas, turning them into masterpieces. This umbrella is what you need to make a bold statement on the beach. Their build comprises of sturdy frame and canopy materials. The custom-printed sand-anchor umbrellas are portable, and fixing them up for use is easy. Users can control the direction of the shade as the sun changes position for a stress-free beach excursion.

2. Fiberglass beach umbrellas

Fiberglass beach umbrellas are durable and wind-resistant. They come in chevron patterns, retro dots, or serape patterns. Your beach festivities will get a little cooler with these umbrellas. The big canopies make them ideal for intimate lounging with your loved ones. These umbrellas feature a three-position tilt while the chrome finish lasts longer than the plastic used in other umbrellas.

3. Picnic-time outdoor umbrellas

This umbrella style will keep your sun-safe for long as you go about celebrating your special occasion on the beach. This umbrella design turns any outdoor space into a luxurious setting with a resort-like vibe. The umbrella can be anchored in the sands with a table and seats, enabling businesses to continue serving beach customers regardless of the sun’s heat. At Huifeng, we have several picnic umbrella designs for your choosing, including vintage prints, chic, chevron, and floral patterns.

4. Multicolor beach patio umbrellas with wind vent

Huifeng beach patio umbrellas provide the best shelter riding on our premier UV protection technology. The umbrellas blend standard umbrella designs with modernist durable materials for long-lasting outdoor use. The commercial umbrellas create a unique beachfront space that will give your customers the hideaway they need from the scorching heat. Our beach patio umbrellas are available in a wide variety of designs including multicolor canopies and single colors. We can help to customize the top with your brand message and logo so you can generate more leads in your business.

Huifeng beach patio umbrellas are windproof, with a sturdy structure that is easy to install and uninstall. Using this product can help you get closer to achieving your marketing goals. That is because of their durability and spacious canopy that makes it possible to imprint big and bold logos on them.


The beach umbrella buying guide

The best beach umbrellas should blend avant-garde styles with high functionality. It can never be underscored enough why UV protection is obligatory for beachgoers. While sun damage might sound like a minor thing, it will eventually compromise the health of your skin. For this reason, there is a high demand for high-quality beach umbrellas all across the world.

Custom promotional beach umbrellas: This is a category of beach umbrellas that enables a business to reach its marketing goals. At Huifeng, we can custom print your logos and other business information on beach promotional umbrellas. The umbrellas, in this case, can be personal or commercial outdoors.

Commercial, promotional beach umbrellas are not portable. They are useful in creating a serene environment at beach shop fronts. These permanent installations need to be made of metal frames and weather-resistant canopy fabrics.

Personal promotional beach umbrellas are highly portable. Businesses can gift them to customers as an appreciation for loyalty. The right promotional beach umbrella, in this case, can help to nurture the relationship between brands and their traveling customers. These personal beach umbrellas need to stand out in elegance and durability, with a highly visible logo and brand message.

Fashion beach umbrellas: We have a wide variety of umbrellas to cater to the fashion-conscious customer segment. If you are looking for a beach accessory that helps you express your style and personality, Huifeng is the place to start. You can choose beach umbrellas with colorful embroidery, chic canopies, and stylish frames.

Outdoor beach umbrellas for hotels and lodges: For businesses in the hospitality industry, commercial beach umbrellas will enable you to accentuate the beauty of your environment. You can turn your private beach into a cozy and intimate space with cleverly installed beach umbrellas. The right umbrellas to go with your sun decks need to be sturdy (preferably fiberglass frames) and windproof.

Beach picnic umbrellas: Whether it is a celebration or a calm family outing at the shores, beach picnic umbrellas serve an indispensable role of creating a relaxed environment. The right design should entail big domes for intimate sharing. You can choose to have the canopies printed with inspirational or love messages.


Are you looking for custom high-quality Beach umbrellas for your business or personal use? Huifeng Umbrella Company allows you to custom create the beach umbrella of your choice. Email us at or call 86-20-37667971 to get started.