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Branded Umbrellas

What Are Branded Umbrellas?

Unpredictable weather conditions catch you off-guard. Getting caught in the rain is inevitable when you live in a region with unpredictable or rainy weather conditions. It is always better to be prepared and equipped to protect yourself against harsh winds and rain with the help of branded umbrellas.

These branded umbrellas not only help you stay protected and equipped against the weather conditions but also help you showcase your sense of fashion with beautifully designed logos. You can carry these as practical fashion accessories to go with your outfit and protect yourself from sunlight or rain.

Why must you stick to the generic and mundane umbrellas? Why must you carry the same monochromatic umbrellas as everyone else? It is time to upgrade your accessories with a touch of fashion, and branded umbrellas can help you make a fashion statement while staying well-equipped against the weather.

What Are the Different Branded Umbrella Types and Materials?

Before moving forward, you need to understand the different types of branded umbrellas and the materials used in their construction. There is more than one type of umbrella, and the underlying materials define the durability and design of these umbrellas. Let’s take a look:

What Are the Different Types of Branded Umbrellas?

Custom Umbrellas

branded umbrellas

These umbrellas are specifically customized according to customer needs and requirements. These umbrellas have different logos, designs, emblems, or patterns on the top umbrella canopy or sleeve. Customers can also request for top frame customization and choose any frame material according to their needs. Manufacturers can also offer specialized handles and unique rib structures to suit the preferences of customers.

Promotional Umbrellas

If you are familiar with the concept of promotional shirts and caps, you must be familiar with promotional umbrellas. These are custom-designed promotional umbrellas designed for marketing for a specific organization or group. Companies can have their unique logo and marketing tagline printed on the top.

Promotional umbrellas are most commonly used by emerging small businesses to promote their business and bring more customers to their business.

These promotional umbrellas further help with marketing and can be set up on beaches, rooftops, outdoor cafes, restaurants, and public places. These showcase a big print of the company’s logo, and these can also have the company tagline printed in bold.

Personalized Umbrellas

If you love a TV show, anime, movie, or a fictional character, you can request a personalized umbrella. Umbrella companies offer personalized umbrellas with custom pictures or designs on top. How do these differ from custom umbrellas? Personalized umbrellas are created for individuals, and customers can have anything printed on the top frame, from movie characters to cartoons.

These are made from high-quality materials that can help you protect yourself from shade and rain and also help you stand out from the audience with a unique umbrella in your hands.

Print Umbrellas

Do you love different prints? Do you want to emboss your favorite print on your umbrella to make it unique truly? This is where print umbrellas step into the arena to answer your queries. These umbrellas are unique as they come with a wide variety of prints on them, such as a leopard print, animal print, art print, floral print, or a 3D print. Whatever your favorite print is, you can have it on your umbrella.

Manufacturers usually create such umbrellas in bulk with the topmost prints. However, if you are looking for something unique, you can get in touch with a high-quality manufacturer and request a print umbrella with your favorite print on the top frame.

Logo Umbrellas

If you have a small business or a well-established business and are looking for something unique to give as a gift to your customers, a logo umbrella is your best bet. These are not created for marketing but are meant as gifts to your potential and existing customers.

Business owners often employ umbrella manufacturers to create logo umbrellas for them in bulk. Modern logo umbrellas use the minimalist technique to showcase the company logo on all sides without drawing too much attention. Otherwise, these can look awkward for the users and can backfire against the company.

The purpose of these umbrellas is not to market the business but to show your dedication and love for customers with unique gifts. Customers can have these umbrellas made in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Moreover, these are practical and cost-effective gifts for your clients.

Corporate Umbrellas

These corporate umbrellas are used primarily for corporate image enhancement and brand identity enforcement. These serve as highly practical day-to-day items and showcase your brand image in front of potential audiences.

One of the most commonly accepted rules of marketing is maximum exposure. When you place your brand in front of potential customers, they are more likely to buy from you. You can use corporate umbrellas to strengthen ties with your existing customers, and you can also use these to promote your business at the same time.

Patio Umbrellas

If you want to liven up your patio with unique and durable furniture, a patio umbrella is a must-have item. These umbrellas offer a higher level of functionality, and these can be customized to go with the exterior design of your home or your personal preferences.

Patio umbrellas are one of the most common types of branded umbrellas. Customers can request umbrella manufacturers to create highly durable and long-lasting patio umbrellas with their chosen design on top of them.

These are large outdoor umbrellas with a strong base and rib structure. These can easily be moved from one place to another, and you can use these patio umbrellas in your front lawn, backyard, poolside place, or under the gazebo in the summer season.

The majority of patio umbrellas are made from 280g polyester fabric for the top sheet. Moreover, the frame material is aluminium alloy, iron oxide, or wood for heightened strength and durability.

Beach Umbrellas

If you are a fan of spending long days on the beach, you will need a beach umbrella by your side to protect you from the harmful and highly intense sunlight. These beach umbrellas are lighter than patio umbrellas, and you can easily take them with you to the beach. These also come with a strong rib and top frame to offer durability and resistance against the strong winds of the beach.

These umbrellas are used to get enough shade on the beach and are also used to protect your sensitive skin from the sun while enjoying a long day at the beach. These umbrellas are perfect for people looking to get tanned on the beach. You can customize these according to your needs, and you can have a unique print on the top to quickly make these your own.

Golf Umbrellas

These branded umbrellas are also among the most commonly used umbrellas. These are used by people who love to play golf a lot and are also used by gold course staff to identify and highlight different sections or areas. These can be customized with a special logo of the golf course, or golf players can have their personal favorites printed on the top.

These differ from standard umbrellas in terms of size, and these cover a much larger area than standard umbrellas. The reason behind the larger size is that golfers also need to cover their expensive and sensitive golf accessories and cart. These umbrellas can easily cover the player, the accessories, and the golf cart.

A lot of regular golf players either get generic golf umbrellas or buy customized golf umbrellas. You can get in touch with an umbrella manufacturer company, and you can request a customized golf umbrella with a unique print.

What Are the Different Materials Used for Branded Umbrellas?

The Materials Used for Canopy

The canopy or cover is the top layer of an umbrella that protects you from the sun and rain. This is a thick sheet covering the ribs of the umbrella, and this sheet forms a uniform curve that can easily be folded and unfolded for use. The canopy is made from the following materials:

  • Nylon
  • Microfiber
  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyurethane

The top cover is not attached to the ribs in one piece. Instead, the top cover is cut into panels of equal dimensions, and these different panels are sewn individually on different ribs. This is because a single cover will not cover the curved shape of ribs, and it will not easily fold.

The Material Used in Ribs

Ribs are the network of small steel pipes that support the top layer and sheet and keep it from collapsing. These pipes are made from U-shaped or channeled steel or other metal. The ribs are placed on the top of the shaft, and these are kept together with the help of thin steel wire.

The Materials Used for Shaft

The shaft is the long stick that connects the top canopy to the lower handle. This needs to be made from highly durable and strong material to withstand harsh and strong winds during the rainy seasons. Therefore, the shaft is made from the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Wood

The majority of shafts that you see are made from wood or aluminum. The reason behind this is the cost-effectiveness and durability of these materials compared to other expensive ones. Rowan wood from Asia is the most common wood used in the construction of study shafts. Fiberglass and other plastic-based materials are used for patio or golf umbrellas, as these can easily hold heavier canopies without issues.

The Materials Used for Handle

The handle is the lower part of any branded umbrella that a person uses to hold the umbrella. This part is most commonly created from:

  • Aluminum
  • Bamboo
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Wood

Wood and plastic are the most common materials used for handles. These are sometimes used in conjunction where the inner part is made from strong wood and is later covered with a thick plastic handle for an ergonomic grip.

What Are the Top 10 Hot-Selling Branded Umbrellas?

While there are hundreds of branded umbrellas in the market, a few stand taller than the rest. The top 10 hot selling branded umbrellas in the market are not unique in sturdiness and ergonomic grips. They offer a truly remarkable print or design that catches the eye instantly. Let’s take a look at the top 10 umbrellas in the market right now.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Camo Golf Umbrella

Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Camo Golf Umbrella is number one on our list because of the multi-faceted benefits and versatility it brings to the table. This is primarily a golf umbrella, but it can easily be used for outdoor purposes other than golf courses. The black and silver color scheme instantly livens up your personality, and the ergonomic grip handle limits the amount of strain and stress on your wrists.

The top canopy layer is made from high-performance polyester fabric that dries up quickly and stays strong against fast winds. It can stay dry even during heavy rainy seasons, and it can also cover a larger area than the standard umbrellas. You can use this for your golf sessions or outdoor adventures. This umbrella weighs only 1.4 pounds, and you can easily carry it around.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • High-performance polyester fabric
  • Stays dry in all weather conditions
  • Lightweight
  • Gorgeous color palette

NFL Chicago Bears Auto Folding Umbrella


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If you are a fan of NFL Bears, the NFL Chicago Bears Auto Folding Umbrella is perfect for you. Made from 100% Nylon, this branded umbrella is a big hit among NFL fans. It lets you showcase your love for your favorite sports team, and it also keeps your dry and protected at the stadium. You are showcasing your love for your team with a customized NFL Bears shirt. Why not take it to the next level and use an umbrella to speak your heart.

This is also a compact umbrella that weighs 6.4 ounces, and it can be folded to fit a purse or a small-sized bag. You will also get an industry-standard Velcro wrap with this umbrella, and it also comes with a hand strap for an easier grip. Here the best features of this umbrella:

  • 100% Nylon
  • Hand Strap
  • Velcro Wrap
  • Compact Style
  • 6.4 ounces

Z ZAMEKA Double Layer Inverted Umbrella


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Are you looking for a unique umbrella that can be inverted and reversed in an instant? In that case, the Z ZAMEKA Double Layer Inverted Umbrella is just for you. Other than the reversible feature, this umbrella brings a wide array of benefits to the table, such as an anti-ultraviolet top layer, hands-free ergonomic handle design, double-layer fabric, and water-repellent canopy fabric.

The C-shaped handle allows for hands-free use, and you can easily use your smartphone while holding the umbrella. The top layer is made from water-repellent and sunlight-resistant fabric that completely refrains the light from seeping through the fabric.

The light transmittance is zero, and you can reverse the layers to use the dry side after using it in the rain. This way, your floor or car will never get wet, and you can simply reverse the umbrella to keep the dry layer on the outer side. Here are the top-most benefits of this umbrella:

  • Double Layer
  • C-Shaped ergonomic handle design
  • UV Protection
  • Water Repellent Fabric
  • Inside Out Design

Custom 44″ totes 3 Section Auto Open Umbrella


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Are you in search of promotion umbrellas for yourself? Look no more. The Custom 44″ totes 3 Section Auto-Open Umbrella is here to save the day. You can order this umbrella in bulk, and you replace the generic logo with your company logo for a promotional umbrella. What’s even better is that you can work with the team and enhance your logo before printing it on the umbrella.

You can order 36 or more pieces in bulk, and these promotion umbrellas will serve as the perfect gifts for your clientele. The company will send you a final draft of what the umbrellas will look like, and the team will only move forward with your approval.

You can expect the delivery within 5-7 business days, and these branded umbrellas can be used as Christmas gifts, holiday gifts, or other gifts for your employees and customers alike. Here are the top perks of this umbrella.

  • Branded Design
  • Customized Logo
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Fast Delivery
  • Affordable Price for Bulk Orders
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • 42-inch Arc for Canopy

Custom See-Thru Reflective Auto Open Folding Umbrella


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If you are searching for the perfect promotion umbrellas for your company, this is it. These Custom See-Thru Reflective Auto Open Folding Umbrellas come in a set of 50 pieces, and you can request for maximum customization according to your unique requirements. The company lets you print your logo or tagline on the top canopy, and these umbrellas can serve as the perfect marketing campaign in the right seasons.

Once you send in the logo, the company will send you a virtual mockup of your umbrellas. If you like the design, you will receive 50 custom-printed promotional umbrellas within 5 to 7 business days. Here are some of the top benefits of these branded umbrellas:

  • Free Virtual Mockup
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Fast Shipping
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Multi-colored Canopy Design

Custom Totes Bubble Umbrella


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Custom Totes Bubble Umbrella is another promotional umbrella that lets you customize the canopy according to your business needs. You can have your logo imprinted for free with unlimited revisions. The company will send a virtual preview and move forward with your approval.

This is a unique transparent umbrella that stands out among the rest. Your logo will shine against the transparent background, and the colors of your business logo will look brighter and more beautiful. You can also customize the transparency level according to your needs. Here are the top benefits of this umbrella:

  • Retro Dome Shape
  • Transparent and Clear Canopy
  • Unobstructed Range of Vision
  • Accent Color Trim
  • Ergonomic and Curved Handle
  • Durable Steel Shaft
  • Lifetime Warranty

Custom Striped Expressions Auto Open Umbrella

Custom Striped Expressions Auto Open Umbrella

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Do you love striped designs? If yes, this Custom Striped Expressions Auto-Open Umbrella is right for you. You can not only customize the logo according to your business needs, but you can also have a personalized striped design on the top canopy. Showcase your business’ unique color scheme uniquely and get this promotional umbrella for your business.

The alternating striped panels stand taller among the rest, and the pattern offers you a break from the mundane umbrella designs. The metal shaft is durable and long-lasting. The ergonomic plastic handle design reduces the stress on the wrist. It also comes with auto-open functionality. Here are the top benefits of this umbrella:

  • Free Logo Revisions
  • Alternating Striped Panels
  • Metal Shaft
  • Ergonomic Plastic Handle
  • Carrying Strap
  • Auto Open

The totes InBrella Reverse Close Umbrella


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The totes InBrella Reverse Close Umbrella is a branded umbrella that is reversible and durable, and long-lasting. The umbrella comes with polyester lining to enhance the look, feel, and durability of the frame. The canopy uses a water-proof and wind-proof fabric so that rain rolls off the fabric. This will keep your umbrella four times drier with the help of an invisible coating on the top fabric.

The auto-close option quickly closes the umbrella, and you do not have to exert any force to close the ribs manually. It can stand upright on its own, and you can easily keep it in your car, house, or storage room. Here are the top perks of this umbrella:

  • Water Proof
  • Wind Proof
  • Stands in Upright Position
  • Closes at The Push of a Button
  • Reversible Design

Disney Little Boys Assorted Characters Rainwear Umbrella

Disney Little Boys Assorted Characters Rainwear Umbrella

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Disney Little Boys Assorted Characters Rainwear Umbrella is perfect for your kids as it comes with a stunning design of the world-famous “Cars” movie. This umbrella is made from 100% polyester for a long-lasting life cycle. The umbrella also has child safety features so that your kids do not get their fingers stuck in the ribs or the handle.

The top canopy features the famous lightning McQueen from the movie “Cars.” Kids will love it, and it is also a practical item during the rainy seasons. Here are the perks of getting this branded umbrella for your kids:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Flap closure
  • Hand Wash
  • Amazing Design for Kids
  • Child Safety Features
  • Compact Style

Hatley Girls’ Little Printed Umbrellas

Hatley Girls’ Little Printed Umbrellas

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This branded umbrella is suitable for your little kids, especially little girls. The Hatley Girls’ Little Printed Umbrella comes with a gorgeous butterfly print on the top canopy. The canopy is designed from 100% polyester fabric for its water-repellent qualities.

The no-closure closure system allows for an easy opening and closing mechanism. The kids will not have to battle with the ribs for hours to close the umbrella. This kid-safe umbrella can be hand-washed, and the handle is made from top-quality wood for a durable grip. Here are the perks of this umbrella:

  • 100% Polyester
  • No-Closure closure
  • Hand Wash
  • Kid-safe design
  • Wooden handle

If you are looking to get your own branded umbrellas and looking for a top-notch umbrella manufacturer to help you customize your umbrellas, Huifeng Umbrella Co. Ltd. is here for you.

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