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12 best branded umbrellas for university 2020

The branded umbrellas of campus culture is a powerful tool and materialization carrier for the effective dissemination of the attributes of our university, historical and cultural connotation, external brand image and other important information, which has an irreplaceable role in enhancing the brand image of our university, strengthening the cultural exchange between the university and the outside, and has both the use-value and the attributes of campus culture, and influences people’s spiritual world in their daily contact and use, and very well enhances the influence of school culture.

The American campus culture umbrella design style fully reflects the American culture’s pursuit of freedom, advocate of pioneering and competition, rational and practical characteristics, the design style emphasis on eye-catching, simple and bright.

British universities have a long history, coupled with the British people attach importance to and respect for the arts, therefore, many British universities in the campus culture umbrellas in the design of creative, product form and color matching, are very artistic, product style is mostly based on the campus-style and local city history and culture, such as the University of Cambridge, there are beautiful stones in the river Kang, representing the British gentleman’s pipe, etc., is called a typical “British style” campus souvenirs.

The campus culture umbrellas of Japanese universities are mostly integrated with Japanese culture, and cater to the Japanese concept of life and living habits, covering the daily needs of life: clothing, daily necessities, and food, the design style is mostly simple, clean and environmentally friendly, the function of the product reflects practicality, comfort, and attach great importance to the quality of the product.

There is no denying that having the best umbrella is crucial for different weather conditions, and all it takes is one storm for you to comprehend that not all umbrellas are made equally. With this, let’s take a look at some of the best-branded umbrellas for university.

1. Cambridge University Umbrella

This university umbrella will not only protect you against the scorching sun and heavy rains but also offer protection against the harsh UV rays. The Cambridge university umbrella is mainly designed to be used in any weather condition due to its durability. The shaft and frame feature a chrome-plated three-fold metal, which makes it durable and sturdy even during high winds. It’s an automatic umbrella with non-slip rubber handles.

2.Spirit of Oxford Telescope Umbrella

Spirit of Oxford Telescope Umbrella

Spirit of Oxford Telescope Umbrella

This oxford Umbrella brings a touch of glamour with its auto open and closes system regardless of the weather condition. Made of 100% polyester, the umbrella features fiberglass ribs ends for extra strength perfect for rainy and windy days. The oxford umbrella durability is just perfect due to its 3 stage metal shafts, fiberglass, and easy to clean features. Its rubber-coated handles also make it comfortable and non-slip and come with a sleeve.

3. Closet 62 Michigan State University Golf Umbrella

Closet 62 Michigan State University Golf Umbrella

Closet 62 Michigan State University Golf Umbrella

This umbrella is just perfect for anyone who loves a colorful umbrella with the ability to offer protection against the sun and rain. The umbrella comes with full-color pictures and is made of high-quality materials and fabric for more extended durability. Its double nylon canopies and fiberglass keeps the Michigan university umbrella stable and stiff even in high winds. The rubber handle power T medallion makes it easy to handle the umbrella without slipping and comes with a nylon sleeve for better storage when not in use.

4.University of Tennessee Sports Umbrella

This is one of the best quality umbrellas with an eye-catching design. The umbrella’s top features a classic orange accented with a power T that lets everyone know that this is not just a common rainy umbrella. It can support any weather condition, may it be rain, sun, or wind. The unique appeal of the umbrella lies with the perfectly designed campus collage underneath. Once you pop the umbrella, the scene instantly transports into a big orange campus on a clear and bright autumn day. It features an easy push-button for opening and closing the umbrella that comes with a nylon storage sheath.

5. Northwestern Umbrellas

This is comparatively the best umbrella. What makes it stand out is the modern appearance and durability. It’s a reliable umbrella in any weather condition. Whether you plan on using the umbrella during a rainy, sleet, or snow day, it will still offer the needed protection by remaining steady. The umbrella’s frame comes with a folded metal plate that makes it strong to withstand any weather conditions.

6. Cornell University Umbrella

Cornell University Umbrella

Cornell University Umbrella

For something different and unique, then this Cornell university umbrella is just perfect for you. Featuring a unique design that entails an amalgam of the campus architecture, this big red umbrella is just perfect for any weather condition. Its large size makes it possible for the umbrella to cover even two people comfortably. Being made from water-repellent quality material and fabrics, this umbrella can serve you for an extended period compared to other types of umbrellas.

7. Arizona State University Deluxe Umbrella

Arizona State University Deluxe Umbrella

Arizona State University Deluxe Umbrella

The Arizona university deluxe umbrella comes with a double canopy design printed sheath and a four location logo that brings out its uniqueness. Its sleek design offers durability and an eye-catching appearance. Featuring a sizeable 62-inch canopy, this umbrella will keep you dry during a rainy day at a golf course. It also comes with a durable handle perfect for stability and secure handling.

8.Northwestern Umbrellas

To enjoy the latest technology installed in an umbrella, the northwestern umbrellas will just serve you well. The umbrella functions automatically with just a touch of a button that opens and closes the umbrella. The interior part of the umbrella comes with a very unique design that features the university hall. In contrast, the outside part of the umbrellas features a solid purple panel that is just amazing. It also can withstand different weather and can act as a perfect gift.

9.Texas State University Golf Umbrellas

Texas State University Golf Umbrellas

Texas State University Golf Umbrellas

For the best auto-open umbrella, then this Texas state university umbrella by team golf is what you are looking for. It features a double canopy design that comes with a 4 location Bobcats logos and printed sheath. This large Texas umbrella comes with an auto-open feature that allows you to quickly open the umbrella once a sudden downpour starts while at the same time showing your team spirit.

10. University of Virginia Imprinted Umbrella

University of Virginia Imprinted Umbrella

University of Virginia Imprinted Umbrella

The inverted design of the Virginia university umbrella makes it a must-have. It can easily protect you against a hot sun and heavy rains. It’s 100% water-resistant fabric prevents the umbrella from absorbing water even during the heavy rains. Its broad canopy of 58 inches makes it wide enough to accommodate two people with ease.

11. University Of Wyoming Umbrella

This university of Wyoming umbrella comes with different features that make it perfect for any weather condition, may it be sunny or rainy. It comes with a double canopy design that makes it the best umbrella for wind resistance. Its 4 location logo and also printed sheath, makes it stand out among other pre-decorated university umbrellas. The umbrella is also custom made to suit the needs of every buyer with an aluminum shaft that keeps it stable and strong even during windy days.

12.University of Florida Better Brella Umbrella

University of Florida Better Brella Umbrella

University of Florida Better Brella Umbrella

Looking to show off your Florida gator pride, well, this umbrella will surely attract the attention of many. Equipped with a reverse one-close technology, you will not have to worry about the rain. It comes with a waterproof cone once closed, thus ensuring that all the wetness remains inside and not on your floor. These are simply the best-branded university umbrellas in 2020. Each comes with its pros and cons, meaning you have to choose one that suits your needs perfectly.

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