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What’s the shipping cost from China to the UK for the umbrella?


Generally, many top-rated umbrella businesses in the United Kingdom indulge in this method of business. They import their stocks from China and sell them to both wholesalers and retailers. The selling of their stocks is focused on various targeted consumers in different markets in the United Kingdom.

This mode of business is not clearly understood by fast-growing businesses. Even though they can find a reliable supplier to deal with in China, they still do not understand the mode of importation. That is the method and cost of shipping goods and services from China to the United Kingdom.

One of the most used business-to-business platforms to find suppliers is Alibaba. This however does not guarantee that you will find a supplier that is a professional in shipping products. You will find many unprofessional suppliers regarding the method of shipping what they sell. Since most of them are not professionals in the methods involved in shipping, they usually charge more than is required.

The fear of this factor changes the minds of various business owners in the United Kingdom. Hence, they do not attempt this to prevent dealing with unprofessional suppliers regarding shipping methods.

To encourage business owners who are discouraged from the odds of dealing with unprofessional suppliers. This article will enlighten them with the knowledge they need regarding exportation. That is, the methods and estimated cost of shipping their umbrellas in bulk.

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Shipping Methods From China To The United Kingdom

  • Express shipping
  • Airfreight shipping
  • Sea freight shipping

Express Shipping Method

Regarding the shipping of your umbrellas from China to the United Kingdom, express shipping is an easier mode of exportation. An express mode of exportation is easier than both air freight and sea freight shipping methods.

The express shipping method is the most common mode of exportation used by top-rated businesses. This is primarily because;

  • It is the fastest mode of importation from China to the United Kingdom
  • Business owners do not need to worry about custom clearance processes
  • The Cost of delivery will be the same regardless of where in the United Kingdom the products will be shipped

If your business always needs to restocking in a short time, this mode of exportation will be best for your business.

Types Of Express Shipping Companies

I can tell you are thirsty to know more things about this mode of importation. You will get to know more as you keep reading. There three top-rated express shipping companies, and they include the following;

  • FedEx
  • UPS, and
  • DHL

The Cost Of Express Shipping To The United Kingdom From China

Although the cost of shipping varies widely in the three express shipping companies, their costs are uniformly high. I mean, all the three express companies. Although the cost of shipping varies, they all are within a price range they can not exceed. Whenever you find or notice a fluctuation in the cost range, you should know it is because of three reasons. These reasons include the following:

  • Season of shipping
  • The space left or occupied in the plane

We all are not new to how seasons influence the cost of goods and services in the United Kingdom. Especially a month before Christmas and Thanksgiving. This seasonal change in price also occurs in the express shipping method. That is, they are at the highest level a month before a festive period. They are lower on a regular season.

Cost Of Using FedEx express shipping company

We will be focusing more on FedEx express shipping company because of their price stability. Their price falls with a range regardless of the factors that may cause a fluctuation to the price.

FedEx express shipping company provides two different delivery methods. These methods are;

  • International priority delivery (IP)
  • International economy Delivery (IE)

These delivery methods differ in duration of shipping and costs of shipping.

Duration of shipping: The duration of shipping your umbrellas will be longer if you used the international economy delivery (IE). That is the international priority delivery method fastest delivery method by FedEx.

International priority delivery takes two to three days. While international economy delivery takes four to six days.

Costs of shipping: Generally, your current season and space left in a plane are the factors that influence the cost of shipping. Meanwhile, the size and weight of the products is the only factor considered when comparing FedEx delivery types.

The standard or midpoint weight that is considered is twenty kilograms. That is more than or less than twenty kilograms.

umbrella manufacturer workerCHINA

If your packaged umbrellas are less than twenty kilograms

International priority delivery: It will cost you from twenty-five to ninety dollars if your product weighs between 0.5 to 5.5 kg. Meanwhile, it will cost you about $169 to $234 if your products weigh between 11.5 to 16.5 kg.

International economy delivery: It will cost you from $21 to $71 for a product that weighs between 0.5 to 5.5 kg. Meanwhile, it will cost you between $122 to $158 for products that weigh from 11.5 to 16.5 kg.

If your packaged umbrellas weigh more than twenty-one kilograms

International priority delivery: It will cost you from $7 to $7.5 for products that weigh from twenty-one to seventy kilograms. It will also cost you from $6.3 to $7 for products that weigh above seventy kilograms.

International economy delivery: you will be charged an estimated shipping cost of $6.5 to $6.7 for products that weigh from 21 to 70 kg. Meanwhile, it will cost you between $6 to $6.5 if the weight of your products is more than seventy kilograms.

From this comparison, you can tell that international priority delivery is more expensive than international economy delivery.

What is the recommended express shipping company?

From the brief explanation on express shipping companies, you must have questions like, which company should I work with? Or, which of these companies do you recommend for my umbrella business? Amongst FedEx, UPS, and DHL, the recommended express shipping companies are FedEx and UPS.

This recommendation was decided due to the factors used to compare them. These factors are the customs clearance process and the cost of shipping. The customs clearance is faster in FedEx and UPS express companies. It is slower in the DHL express company.

Regarding the shipping costs, it is cheaper in FedEx and UPS express shipping companies. On the contrary, the shipping cost is expensive in a DHL express shipping company.

Therefore, you are left with a choice of choosing between FedEx and UPS express shipping companies. You should compare the real-time price provided by your sourced supplier. With this, you will be able to choose a supplier with an affordable shipping price.

Air Freight from China to the United Kingdom

Most of the time, the air freight method of shipping is always mistaken for express shipping methods. It is understandable if you are also confused because they both use planes to have your cargo shipped.

Although they appear to be similar, they differ in the methods and procedures involved. In addition to this, there are specific factors you must consider before choosing which to use for importation.

Air freight shipping methods for both exportation and importation come with a complex procedure. These procedures are similar to the traditional sea freight method and they include;

  • Involvement of local logistics in China and export processes
  • The shipping from Chinese Airport to the airport in the United Kingdom
  • Involvement of local logistics in the United Kingdom and import processes

When To Use Air Freight Shipping Methods

Before you choose between express or air freight shipping methods, you should consider the cost-effectiveness. The cost-effectiveness depends on the weight of your cargo.

If you will be importing a cargo of umbrellas that is more than 500 kg in weight, you shout choose air freight. This is because the cost-effectiveness of air freight is better than the express shipping method.

On the other hand, you should consider using the express shipping method if your cargo weighs less than 300 kg.

Cost Of Shipping From China To The United Kingdom Using Air Freight Method

The Cost of shipping goods with air freight is constantly fluctuating. Hence, it is difficult to decide if it is cheaper than express shipping methods. The factors that cause fluctuation to the cost of shipping with air freight include the following:

  • Quality of cargoes
  • All-included cost with extra charges

Quality of cargoes

As said earlier, the shipping of cargoes from China to the United Kingdom involves three procedures. That is, the local logistics in China and export process, shipping from Chinese airport to the United Kingdom’s airport, and local logistics in the United Kingdom and import processes.

We also said that the air freight shipping method is highly recommended for cargoes that weigh above 500 kg. For a cargo that is more than 500 kg in quality, it generally costs about $5.5 per kg. This cost, however, does not include the cost of the local logistics in China.

All-included cost with extra charges to the United Kingdom

You can tell this factor mainly focuses on all the costs, including extra costs to make up the total shipping cost. That is, all the elements involved in the shipping processes. The elements that may appear to be irrelevant but crucial include the following:

  • The destination of your shipped cargo:

You should always come to an agreement with your supplier on the destination of your goods. To avoid costly results of mere assumptions. This is because many business owners do think the supplier will transport their goods to their doorsteps. Meanwhile, the goods were shipped to their country’s airport.

To avoid this first you will have to prevent doubtful assumptions. Instead, you should speak to your supplier about where you want your shipped cargo to be. Then you will be able to know if your supplier only ships cargos to the United Kingdom’s port or office doorstep for the agreed price.

If you want your goods to be brought to your firm, you can come to an agreement with your supplier.

  • Extra costs

These involve hidden costs that are not included in the shipping costs. These extra costs include clearance fees, and local logistics fees in China before the exportation of your goods.

Sea freight shipping methods from China to the United Kingdom

The shipping price involved in the air freight method is more complex than the express shipping method. Meanwhile, the express shipping method is not as complex as the sea freight method. Hence, sea freight is the most complex of all shipping methods.

This method of shipping is recommended only if the quantity of your product exceeds 2CBM. CBM stands for cubic meter. Unlike other shipping methods—both air and express shipping methods—sea freight uses containers for carrying cargoes. These containers are always driven by freight forwarders to your doorstep.

Types Of Container

There are two types of containers used by sea freight to ship your goods. The type of container used depends on the quantity of your packaged umbrellas. These types of containers include the following:

  • Full container load (FCL)
  • Less than container load (LCL)

Full Container Load (FCL)

This type of container is used for goods that are large in quality. That is, they are large enough to fill one or two different containers. This type of container is divided into three different types. These include; 20″GP, 40″GP and 40″HQ. They differ in volume—that is, 28 CBM, 58 CBM, and 68 CBM, respectively.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

From the name you can tell it is the opposite of the full container load (FCL). They are used for small cargoes with volumes that are less than 15 CBM. In most cases, your goods are mixed with other people’s goods to fill up the container.

Cost Of Shipping From China To The United Kingdom Using Sea Freight Method

There is no standard or fixed cost of shipping with sea freight. Instead, it depends on the shipping company in use.

Meanwhile, the volume of the container filled or the number of your goods is used to determine your shipping rates.

If the quantity of your goods ranges from;

  • 3 to 5 CBM, your shipping fee would be from $310-$370
  • 5 to 10 CBM, your shipping fee would be from $240-$320
  • More than 10 CBM, your shipping fee would be from $180-$360

You can also calculate the cost of sea freight by using the dimension of your goods. This process also includes the number of your goods. For instance, if the quantity of your packaged umbrellas is 500 and they are packaged to have a dimension of 19cm × 23cm × 19cm.

You can find the freight cost by multiplying the number of your goods by dimension. Then, divide the total by a hundred and six.

500 × 19 × 23 × 19/ 106 = 3.9CBM

Then the total shipping cost will be $310×3.9CBM = $1209. (that is, $2.4 per umbrella).


I can bet the following factors highlighted above must have gotten you encouraged to take part in the importation of umbrellas. If you are interested in working with a reliable umbrella supplier from China, you should search no more. HFUmbrella will supply you business in the United Kingdom with any shipping method you desire.