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When you hear the term “umbrella factory” what first comes to mind is umbrella manufacturers or suppliers. Generally, all the umbrellas in today’s market are not produced by the same manufacturer. They are created by at least ten different umbrella factories.

From this, you can tell that there are different umbrella factories in today’s market. As we all know that whenever there is a difference in supplier, the products would vary drastically. Hence, the type of umbrellas manufactured by an umbrella factory vary from others.

You can find these differences in the material used, shipping methods, and price. The differences in their umbrellas in terms of the material used to define their quality. Hence, it is always advisable to compare the products of various umbrella factories. By doing this, you will make the best choice out of it in all aspects.

Considering your choice of umbrella manufacturer, it is dependent on various factors. However, irrespective of how diverse these factors may be, the requirements of the umbrella business take prevalence. Meanwhile, the reliability of the manufacturer also plays a significant role in your requirements.

To get the exact type of umbrellas you need, you must consider working with a reliable manufacturer. Failure to do this would alter the result you require. The question now is “how do I find a reliable umbrella factory or manufacturer?”


How To Find A Reliable Umbrella Factory

The professionalism of the umbrella factory you choose to work with will determine the result you will get. Hence, doing research and evaluating some factors is needed. You will end up making the same costly mistakes many umbrella businesses did.

The factors to evaluate while sourcing for a reliable umbrella factory include the following:

  • The umbrella factory license
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Method of delivery
  • Performance
  • Customer services
  • Response speed

The umbrella factory license

This should be the first factor you should look out for while in search of a reliable factory. Many companies have been victims of scams primarily because they did not consider this factor. Hence, to avoid the same mistake, you should select only a licensed factory.


Once you have found a licensed umbrella factory, you should consider this factor. This factor defines how well your dream would be made a reality. What this means is that the result you will get depends on this factor. Hence, you should check for the quality of their previous products to have a glimpse of what to expect. At the same time, you should check if the factory has a quality management system.


The price of the umbrellas you get depends on the nature of the umbrellas you need. This could either be an average quality or luxury umbrella type. “Which type of umbrella will be best for my business?” This is one common question various businesses ask after reviewing the manufacturer’s previous products.

Meanwhile, the type of umbrellas you need depends on your purpose and target audience. The cost of ordering a luxury type of umbrella is more expensive than the average quality umbrella. This is primarily because of the difference in the material used, designs, and complex structures.

Method of delivery

This factor will define how soon you will get what you ordered and the health of your ordered products. To find out more about this you should check the umbrella factory delivery history. If your business frequently needs restocking, you should also check for their means of delivery. Express method of shipping is the best option.


The performance of an umbrella factory tells more about their capabilities and capacities. Is there a limit to the number of umbrellas they can manufacture? How long would it take them to manufacture a certain number of umbrellas? These are the questions you should find answers to. If the answers to these questions please you, you can go ahead to work with the manufacturer. Meanwhile, you should source another umbrella factory if you are not satisfied with the answers you get.

Customer services

The customer services or team usually follow up the orders before and during delivery. They also determine your next approach should there be any complications in your orders.

Response speed

This factor also collaborates with the customer services or team of the factory. How fast do they attend to your complaints? Would they attend to you fast if you brought any complications to their notice? How fast do they take for the completion and delivery of your orders? These questions would tell you more about the umbrella factory’s response speed.

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List Of The Top 10 Umbrella Factory Or Manufacturers

There are many umbrella manufacturers around the world, all of which offer different services. Their products also vary widely from the quality of the umbrellas to their price range. Irrespective of how many umbrella manufacturers we have, only a few are suitable for the term “best.”

To find the best of them all, professionals considered the already highlighted factors. This is primarily because these factors define how good the umbrella factory appears. The list of the top ten umbrella manufacturers and the type of umbrellas they manufacture would be highlighted below.

The list of top ten umbrella manufacturers includes the following:

  • HFUmbrella
  • Avon lifestyle private limited
  • Blunt umbrella
  • Senz
  • Totes
  • Walk Safe
  • Sun Umbrella
  • Raintec Umbrella
  • Haas-Jordan Umbrella
  • Mak Umbrella


HFUmbrella tops the list of all umbrella factories or companies. HFUmbrella is located at the headquarters of China. There are various reasons that contribute to HFUmbrella being the best umbrella manufacturer. Although most umbrella manufacturers have a limit to the order they can take, HFUmbrella does the opposite. HFUmbrella does not have a limit on the number of orders they can take.

At the same time, unlike most manufacturers that specialize in the production of certain types of umbrellas; HFUmbrella is famous for its diversity. They are famous for creating various business realities from their dream umbrellas. What this means is that they offer you the option to buy customized umbrellas. These customized umbrellas are however based on your requirements.

Hence, if your business is looking to order many umbrellas that range from 50 to 50000 umbrellas, HFUmbrella is your best option. You do not need to be worried about how fast you will get your orders. HFUmbrella is popular for delivering the various orders of businesses in due time. They are never late, irrespective of how many umbrellas you decide to order.

As HFUmbrella is located in China, an affordable cost of services is guaranteed. They ship umbrellas anywhere in the world depending on your preferred shipping method. Irrespective of the shipping method you choose, be it express or sea freight method you would get your order delivered to your doorstep.

HFUmbrella offers a wide range of umbrella options to meet everyone’s needs. These options range from customized umbrellas to ready-made umbrellas, such as beach and golf umbrellas.

Avon lifestyle private limited

Avon lifestyle private limited is arguably the best manufacturer of umbrellas in India. They offer customized and ready-made umbrellas, depending on what you need. They however offer limited types of umbrellas. The type of umbrellas Avon lifestyle private limited offers include golf umbrellas, two-fold umbrellas, three-fold umbrellas, and promotional umbrellas.

Hence, if you are looking out for an umbrella manufacturer in India, Avon is the best option.

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Blunt umbrella

Blunt umbrella is an umbrella manufacturer popular for constructing umbrellas with blunt spikes. Just as their name implies. Hence, you do not need to be bothered about any form of injury that is caused by the spike of umbrellas. The umbrellas they make can withstand high winds.

Blunt umbrellas manufacture umbrellas with distinctive designs and appearance that are responsible for their popularity. They however offer only ready-made umbrellas. Hence, the Blunt umbrella is not an option for a business that needs to customize its umbrellas.


Senz is a popular manufacturer of lifestyle umbrellas. Hence, if the purpose of your business’ umbrella is lifestyle-oriented, Senz is your best option. Although their products come at an expensive rate, the quality and elegance they come with are worth more than the price.

The umbrella they provide can withstand high winds. The umbrellas produced by Senz usually pass through a series of tests before they are delivered to the owners.


Totes are one of the pioneers of umbrella manufacturers in the market. They are located in the United States of America; Ohio to be precise. The concentration of the manufacturer is not limited to only the construction of umbrellas. Instead, they also concentrate on the entirety of weather products.

Their products may be on the high side but they do not offer the option of customizing your products. What this means is that they only offer ready-made products. If you are however looking for a distinct umbrella without the objective of customizing yours, Totes is an option.

Walk Safe

Walk Safe umbrella manufacturers are popular for their use of painted designs. In addition to this design, the reflection of the headlight from passing traffic makes this umbrella stand out. They however offer limited options.

Walk Safe manufactures its umbrellas with double-layered canopies and ergonomic handles. At the same time, they are constructed to withstand high wind speed. They do take all orders but customized orders. Hence, you are left with the only option of purchasing ready-made or existing products.

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Sun Umbrella

Sun Umbrella is one of the umbrella manufacturers that have been around for a long time. Sun umbrella is located in India and they are known to supply umbrellas to various countries. They offer a variety of umbrellas for different occasions, such as golf umbrellas, UV protection umbrellas, two-fold umbrellas, and promotional umbrellas.

They also offer two options of umbrellas that depend on whether you need a ready-made or customized product. What this means is that you can also choose to customize your umbrellas. Furthermore, due to their experience, the Sun umbrella is a great option in terms of credibility and reliability.

Raintec Umbrella

Only a few umbrella manufacturers take small orders while others only take large orders. This however discourages small businesses from ordering products. Raintec Umbrella is a popular manufacturer that takes large and small orders without taking one over the other.

They are located in the United States of America, and California to be precise. They manufacture a wide range of umbrellas for several purposes, such as promotional umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, beach umbrellas, folding umbrellas, and golf umbrellas.

Furthermore, Raintec Umbrella generally can only take a specific amount of orders. Hence, you should do research on this before you place your orders.

Haas-Jordan Umbrella

Haas-Jordan Umbrella is one of the earliest manufacturers of umbrellas in the market. They are known for the manufacturing of a wide range of umbrellas, which include golf and specialty umbrellas. Meanwhile, these umbrellas are usually passed through a series of tests before they are delivered.

The tests in which these umbrellas pass are essential for the prevention of costly complications. This company ships its products around the United States of America. Hence, if you are in search of an umbrella manufacturing company in the U.S you should consider this option.

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Mak Umbrella

Mak Umbrella is one of the pioneers of umbrella manufacturers in India, hence they are reliable and credible. Mak Umbrella is popular for manufacturing a wide range of umbrellas for various purposes, such as promotional umbrellas, single fold umbrellas, wooden stick umbrellas, and kids umbrellas.

Their products do not only come with outstanding designs and quality but are also cost-effective. These are the main reasons responsible for their popularity in India across the world. The reputation they have created for themselves can be seen in the number of customers they have outside of India.

Bottom line

There are a variety of umbrellas factories or companies in the world. All of which offer different services to their products. They differ in the quality of their products, types of umbrellas they specialize in, which may be ready-made, customizable, or both. They also differ in their price ranges.

However, the best umbrella factories have been highlighted above. Hence, if your business is searching for the most reliable manufacturer, you should consider the best option—HFUmbrella!

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