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Umbrella Manufacturing Process : Taking Care Of Quality

Umbrella Manufacturing Process : Taking Care Of Quality

Umbrella Manufacturing Process: Taking Care Of Quality

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Though umbrellas are common, and used worldwide, the manufacture of these protective mechanisms takes place in a rather quiet way, by hundreds of small and medium enterprises, with little machinery that is non-polluting but employing more diligent human activity.

Umbrellas first appeared in China in the form of parasols. They have now evolved into their modern canopy form and are an important accessory for most people. Most people would like a handcrafted model that is painstakingly put together rather than a mass-produced one. Handcrafted models do last longer because of the meticulousness with which they are stitched.

Umbrella Manufacturing Process

Umbrella Manufacturing Process

First, the shaft is made. This could be made of wood, metal or fiberglass. Then the ribs and stretchers are assembled and attached to the main shaft. Ribs are what runs underneath the canopy material and stretchers connect these ribs to the shaft with a runner which may be plastic or metal. The runner is the piece that runs up and down the shaft as the umbrella is opened or closed. These parts are usually procured from outside. The cloth for the canopy is cut in normally eight sections to size and stitched together. Children’s umbrellas normally have only six panels.  In fact, the sewing machine is the only machine that one can see in an umbrella manufacturing company. The material used nowadays is nylon taffeta with fabric protection agents that keep away stains, dirt and moisture. The manufacturer may add his own designs with a rotary or silk screening process which is possible for a limited number of umbrellas.

The tip of the umbrella that passes through the canopy can be covered with a ferrule (metal) that might be glued to the tip. At the end of the process, the handle is attached to the end of the shaft and can be made of wood, plastic or any other material.

There have been many pioneering developments in the manufacturing process that have shown the way for customized umbrellas that are a style statement on their own and add to the glamour quotient of the owner.

Quality control is an important part of the manufacture of umbrellas because there are so many things that can go wrong with an umbrella. After having bought an umbrella, it is most frustrating when it does not work and it is most likely that you have been saddled with a nonworking umbrella for the year.

Pre-production samples are manufactured first for approval by the quality control team. Only after approval is the full production of an order undertaken. Once production starts, in line inspection is continued by the quality control team on a daily basis. Just before the final stages of production another round of pre-final inspection is carried out by the same quality control team. This also involves the checking of the packaging material, assortments of packing, shipping marks, etc. Once this is over, final production and inspection take place, passing which the umbrellas are ready to be shipped.

Umbrella manufacturers have to cater to different tastes and preferences, and at the same time ensure the strictest quality control for customer satisfaction. An umbrella is a very personal piece of baggage and any shortcoming just cannot be tolerated. Hfumbrellas have the best quality control in the world and you are safe under your umbrella!

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