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Top 15 Umbrella Manufacturers and Suppliers in Australia

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The umbrellas in Australia serve as more than just a shield against the rain; they have a statement to make. Among other things, umbrellas are fashion icons in this place. In particular, unpredictable weather and strong UV rays necessitate a dependable umbrella for both practical and style reasons.

Therefore, there is a great need for umbrella makers and suppliers in Australia. This article will highlight 15 of the leading companies in this industry.

Umbrellas and Parasols

Shade Australia Pty Ltd’s Umbrellas & Parasols department is the finest umbrella provider that can be found around the southwest parts of Sydney.

Their Stanley Rd location displays an impressive array of umbrellas, from Kidorable’s fanciful line for kids to corporate branded umbrellas used for advertising.

Automated open-clear PVC umbrellas and compact umbrellas are their top sellers. They also have elegant prints ranging from animal designs to flower patterns.

Having been established in 2000, Umbrellas & Parasols has proven itself to be Australia’s number-one online umbrella store.

They aim to offer an extensive selection of high-quality umbrellas at affordable prices and create great customer relations.

They also have some retail shops and warehouses. So, if you want to test their umbrellas before buying one, you have an option for that.


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Hfumbrella AU

Hfumbrella is not only a producer but also an artisan in the umbrella making industry.

Our expertise in this industry has expanded over 30 years; hence, we leverage from the handle to the frame of any umbrella that we make.

We specialize in making fully customized umbrellas because every piece not only serves its practical function but also reflects our client’s unique brand identity.

For retail or promotional purposes, we serve every customer with no minimum order quantity requirements. We are a pioneer and have 10 digital printing machines, and quality is deeply rooted in our DNA.

Many such craftsmen and women are brought in from Japanese companies by us, with generous payments for their skills. Our manufacturing processes borrow heavily from British umbrella-making technology, while fabric sources are in Taiwan.

Testing standards have been tightened at Hfumbrella all the way from the production stage until the product is packaged. We are known as one of the trusted suppliers of consumer goods worldwide due to our commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail.

The differentiation factor comes from using superior raw materials, having modernized testing and production equipment, and employing highly skilled workers.

We operate on a scientific and standardized production management mode that ensures efficiency and stability in all areas – decision-making planning to support logistics, production, etc.,

Hfumbrella AU is not only about umbrellas; it’s about entering into an experience.

Umbrella Shop

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Shelta Australia

Shelta Australia, established in 1911, is a renowned name in the umbrella and shade industry. They have a rich history, starting in Sydney’s Kent Street, where they began their operations by refurbishing a fire-ravaged business, Excelsior Umbrellas.

It covers everything from home use to beach and rain umbrellas, effectively catering to different customer segments.

One of Shelta’s best strengths is its long-term presence in the market. This has allowed them to acquire over a century of experience thereby leading to a better understanding of their customers’ needs as well as adaptation to new market trends.

For example, in the sixties and seventies, when telescopic rain umbrellas and floral printed and fringed vinyl garden umbrellas were in high demand, Shelta embraced these opportunities, hence proving their ability to invent as well as adapt.

Again, in 1981, they moved with the market and rode on the crest of the Textilene garden umbrella wave. By 1988, they were making one hundred fifty thousand umbrellas per annum, showing that they could efficiently handle large demands, too.

This adaptability and productivity are crucial elements that have contributed to their success.

However, one potential drawback of their operations could be their focus on traditional methods.

However, this can only be referred to as one way of doing things; for instance, technology keeps changing along with customer tastes, thus requiring them to upgrade their production processes so as to remain competitive.

Shelta Australia

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Instant Shade Umbrellas

For over 25 years, Instant Shade Umbrellas has been in the business of offering the best quality shade solutions to Australians.

This is because they have been in this practice for more than 25 years, which has earned them a good reputation for reliable customer service and innovative products. One of their strengths is their close relationships with suppliers.

This way, they can control the quality of the product and ensure that it conforms to high standards. Their products are unique as they are designed in Australia for Australian conditions and made under license in Asia.

As such, each and every item is up to standard and satisfies the extremities of the Australian climate.

In addition, they also have excellent customer support services. Within Australia, there is an Australian warranty on all their products, and support, service, and spare parts are available. This shows a company that takes care of its customers and stands behind its products.

Melbourne Umbrellas

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A family-owned Australian company, Awnet, was established in 1980. It is the number one market umbrella producer in Australia, and it has grown for over forty years. Awnet is well known for its strong emphasis on quality and safety.

They don’t go for cheap. They go for the best. They use top materials and new tech to craft their products. Every item they make has to pass tough checks to ensure it’s up to their high standards.

However, nothing can be perfect all through. An admirable commitment to quality may, however, mean higher prices.

That might make some feel that they are expensive products. Plus, since they don’t aim to be cheap, some people might find their range small. This may cause a lack of choices compared to other manufacturers who offer both high-end and budget options.

So, if you want top quality and safety, then Awnet is your go-to company. However, if you are looking for a company that sells goods at low prices or offers an extensive range of products, this might not be an option for you.

Try searching somewhere else. Nevertheless, these weaknesses do not hold Awnet back from being among the major players in the umbrella market.

Patio & Balcony Umbrellas

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Shade Australia

Shade Australia, headquartered in Sydney, is proud of its large stock and wide range of shade cloth, high-end umbrellas, popup tents, and gazebos. It mainly deals with products that are hand-picked to ensure quality and value.

There is always a dedicated sales team with knowledge for advice at Shade Australia. This makes it a trustworthy partner in all matters of shading and shelter.

Andy McLeod remains the company’s founder and owner since he still operates the business as it was when he started it.

However, his focus on this business has remained intact throughout his management tenure, thereby ensuring its steady growth.

In addition to the above, Andy McLeod continues to own and operate the business, ensuring his vision remains at the core of its operations.

Still, Shade Australia was started with the vision of addressing high skin cancer caused by preventable causes, hence making it remain focused on its mission even today.

They are more concerned about their product quality instead of prices that result in higher prices, which might make it expensive for some budget-conscious customers.

Thus far, though, Shade Australia has proven itself to be a major player in the industry. Their commitment to quality, customer service, and health consciousness sets them apart from other companies involved in shade production.

Despite these drawbacks, they have been able to thrive in this market, meeting the growing demand for shades in sunny Australian climates.


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Promotional Umbrella Experts

Promotional Umbrella Experts is one of the branches owned by Australian Corporate Essentials, a well-established firm. It has been providing cost-effective marketing campaigns for over 25 years, hence staying ahead of its competitors.

By being members of the Australasian Promotional Products Association (APPA), their creative excellence, among others, clearly describes the quality they possess in this field.

As ‘Brand Ambassadors’, they work to build an identity with brands that clients have yet to establish in the market and, therefore, can use their promotional items to make them visible, thus promising success in every way possible.

They look into specific aspects like size selection, brand colors, and placement of logos in order to ensure seamless execution of promotional strategies.

Their target is to communicate your message effectively. This is demonstrated by warehouses and distribution centers present in all capital cities across Australia, showing that they provide timely delivery.


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Outdoor Elegance

One of the leading outdoor umbrella providers is Outdoor Elegance Australia. A wide range of output options makes them stronger than the rest.

There are so many types to choose from. You are bound to find one that fits you perfectly. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer, they do not have to pay for added costs and thus sell at a lower price, thereby making it a top pick for those who want value.

Outdoor Elegance has seven stores where people can buy goods and services, including Melbourne up to the Sunshine Coast.

The largest collection of outdoor furniture in Australia is found at their main store located in Terrey Hills, Sydney. This expansive presence allows them to be easily accessible.

Despite being more affordable than their competitors, some customers might still consider the prices of their products as expensive, especially when they have financial constraints.

In general terms, Outdoor Elegance stands out for its variety and convenience in terms of quality products. However, if you are new or working on a tight budget, you will spend some time choosing your product correctly.

Nevertheless, Outdoor Elegance remains reliable when it comes to outdoor shading needs.


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Eclipse Shade Systems

Eclipse Shade Systems is known in Australia for its shading solutions designed by architects.

Umbrellas and sail shades are some of the products they have, and they can be customized to fit any size property. Therefore, any home or commercial space can benefit from them.

These shade systems are also beautiful as well as useful. There are no other better ways to enhance the value of residential properties than having them as design features.

Additionally, these sleek and flexible designs improve commercial and industrial spaces. Thus, beauty and function are some of the strong points why people should choose Eclipse Shade Systems.

Another plus is the ability to manage light, air, and temperature. This creates versatility and a professional appearance, with comfort being paramount.

These characteristics are priceless in the business world because they make customers feel at ease with the organization as well as employees.

However, there are a few things to consider. As much as customization is impressive, it may become too complicated for some consumers who prefer predefined options only.

Or perhaps you are specifically interested in bespoke umbrellas alone; then maybe this may not be your ideal selection!


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Pacific Shades

Pacific Shades is a 15-year-old Australian-owned company that manufactures commercial and domestic side pole and center pole umbrellas.

All of their products are made in Australia, which makes them more supportive of local production.

The entire assortment of the products they offer is limited to umbrellas and shades for seaside and outdoor places only. They have developed a line of products ideally suited to coastal environments where strong shading solutions are needed.

One thing they do well is design their products to withstand wind. Consequently, their umbrellas are tough enough to be used even in harsh weather; hence, they are wind-resistant.

They are different from other market players because they focus on producing coastal shades.

However, there may be some concerns associated with such specialization. Consequently, they may not have much product range outside of coastal areas or outdoor settings.

When people want diverse or indoor shade solutions, Pacific Shades may not be on top of their list. Also, since these items are locally produced and engineered for durability in adverse weather conditions, they might be relatively expensive.

Pacific Shades offers reliable, wind-resistant umbrellas suited for coastal settings but with a potentially limited range and higher prices.

However, this company remains a significant player in the industry due to its commitment to quality control, local manufacturing practices, and tailored solutions.


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Star Outdoor

Star Outdoor has been known for many years in the field of outdoor branding and shade solutions. This company focuses on such products as banners and umbrellas. It produces café, permanent, resort, and handheld umbrellas that increase your brand presence and passion.

Star Outdoor is made up of friendly salespersons, talented graphic designers, marketing specialists, operations managers, and customer care representatives.

Together, they will help you put your company name or logo on a variety of branded items. Teamwork is one of Star Outdoor’s strengths.

The company is renowned for its top-notch products and customer satisfaction. They always reach targets and exceed them by using their diverse skills and advanced technology. These qualities have earned them their customers’ trust.


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Clifton Umbrellas

Clifton Umbrellas, an Australian family business, is over 90 years old. The fourth generation of the original founder’s family runs it and is a leading umbrella wholesaler to retailers.

They have different types of umbrellas for men, women, and children, and golf umbrellas as well. More styles, colors, and features than any other brand in Australia are included in their collection.

They are highly rated for their top quality, which is why big Australian brands take them for logo-printed premiums.

Quality is their main strength. Their products are considered to be the best globally. They also offer a 100% frame guarantee on all Clifton, Brellerz, Funbrellerz & Bobbie J branded umbrellas because they believe in their own quality.

On the downside, though, Clifton has some limitations. For example, they only serve trade customers or retailers; therefore, individual customers cannot purchase directly from them.

Additionally, there is a minimum order required so that free delivery can be made in stores with a minimum order of $300+GST. This could be a stumbling block to small businesses or those operating on tight budgets.


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Finbrella Umbrellas

Finbrella Umbrellas is a Perth-based company that has introduced a new idea in the field of sun protection. Finbrellas are made for Australia so that people can get away from the sun, wind, and rain.

These are perfect for a backyard, poolside, or even the beach. The outstanding factor about this brand is its unique design that is resistant to winds.

In contrast to other umbrellas, Finbrellas do not use vents to resist gusts of wind. They have fins on which the canopy spins. Thus, the umbrella cannot be inverted or blown off by strong winds.

Finbrellas can be fixed anywhere using various anchoring options like ground spikes and Camlock bases.

Whether you have plans to go to the park or organize a barbecue in your backyard, one of these things will come in handy. They are made of acrylic and polyolefin fabric, which are high-quality materials.

Thus, your Finbrella will last you throughout the summers. Be assured that regardless of whether it is an F-160 portable or bigger F-220 or F-280, quality and durability accompany all new Finbrella buys.

However, there are negatives about Finbrella Umbrellas as well.

Its standout feature, wind-stable design, is something that may be misunderstood by some users. It is completely different from conventional umbrellas, with which one might need some time before getting acquainted.


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Revolvashade has been a top player in the outdoor umbrella market for 30 years, which is characterized by high-quality models and designs.

This is not accidental – it all began with one person’s desire to have a well-designed umbrella, and that is how the brand originated.

With time, they started adding convenient features such as tilting functions and height adjustment, making their umbrellas functional and fashionable at the same time.

Their focus on quality improvement does not just end at producing excellent products. In the past year alone, they made massive investments in all areas. From customer service to production quantities, ordering schedules, and post-sales support.

This is an indication of their determination to give customers excellent satisfaction.

They have managed to hone their craft thanks to many years of experience and constant feedback from customers. This has resulted in an assortment of umbrellas that are not only the best but are also the most sought after by their clients.


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Skyspan Shade

Skyspan Shade, a veteran in the umbrella industry, is dedicated to creating and manufacturing high-quality architectural umbrellas for commercial purposes.

The core of their portfolio is made up of their unique shade designs, which are structurally engineered and wind-rated beyond Australian standards.

In these designs, Skyspan displays its innovation and elegance that have been nurtured over twenty years of worldwide influence.

The company’s emphasis on customer needs drives its affordability in customization. In addition, Skyspan has an open mind to changes in design, which can be done quickly but it prefers to do it themselves by testing each umbrella individually before the delivery.

One of Skyspan Shade’s biggest assets is its relationship with TFG Group, which is based in New Zealand. This presented itself as an opportunity for Skyspan to utilize resources, experiences as well as supply chains from its subsidiaries.

However, Skyspan Shade faces some challenges. Some customers may find their umbrella designs sophisticated despite being innovative.

Although customization helps to differentiate the products from others, it may also seem too much for those people who prefer simple, ready-to-purchase options.

Furthermore, their main manufacturing operation still remains in Yatala, Brisbane, yet they have gained global influence, which could potentially limit them in terms of production capacity.

Despite these few cons, the company still stands out as one of the best suppliers of custom-made commercial-grade umbrellas across Australia and other countries around the world.


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Final Words

So, here is the list of the 15 best umbrella companies in Australia. At Hfumbrella, we have been serving Australian clients for 30 years.

Most of our clients are corporate business holders. But as we don’t have any MOQ, anybody can become our client. If you have a design, just send it to us, or our design team can assist you in making one that suits your business needs or brand image.

Don’t forget, we offer a FREE sample so that you can be assured before buying one. Need to learn more? Send us a message, and we will be in touch soon.