Tips for Umbrella Maintenance

Tips for Umbrella Maintenance

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Don’t fold the umbrella when it is wet. Open the umbrella, dry the rips and the panels inside and outside, hang the umbrella upside down in a ventilated place. Close and unfold the umbrella after it is dry.
  2. Shake up the panels and straighten out the ribs before the umbrella is opened. Open the umbrella slowly to protect the ribs. Try not to use common umbrellas in time of strong wind so as to avoid rib fracture.
  3. The canopy of a new umbrella contains acid, and therefore don’t leave a newly-bought umbrella unused for too long. The acid has to be washed away by rain. Don’t hang the umbrella on the lime wall with alkalinity in case of panel embrittlement. Put the umbrella in the pouch in case of dust.
  4. To avoid deformation, don’t use an umbrella to carry stuff, or use it as a walking stick, or expose it to intense heat.
  5. Keep nylon umbrellas away from tobacco or cigarette ash, or sparks in case of panel burn. As for plastic umbrellas, don’t expose them to the hot sun so as to avoid panel perishing.
  6. Tips for panel decontamination: For fabric and silk umbrellas, clean them with soft brushes which have been dipped in the alcoholic solution, or warm washing powder, wash the umbrellas with clean water, and then dry them in the air. If there is any stain on the panels, clean them with the solution of half vinegar to half water. Don’t fold the silk umbrellas when they are cleaned; otherwise, the panels will be too tight and broken. As for dark-colored fabric umbrellas, wipe them with soft brushes which have been dipped in strong tea water. As for colorful printing umbrellas, wipe them with ammonia water, which can clean the stains and preserve the colors of the umbrellas as well. Don’t use organic solvents like gasoline and kerosene that can result in color fading. The main function of sun parasols is to protect UV rays, so the material of the panels is very sophisticated. The materials include some small fine particles, which can’t be washed with brushes. Therefore, the best way of washing sun parasols is to rinse them with clean water.

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