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Promotional Umbrellas: Everything that you need to Know


Huifeng is a trustable promotional umbrella manufacturer in China supplying endless styles of promotional umbrellas that are designed to meet individual needs. We offer custom solutions to businesses and clients from all corners of the world.

Huifeng: The Promotional Umbrella Market Leader

When it’s time for your business to reward its clients with umbrella giveaways, we will help you navigate that challenging path. Our umbrellas are made with the highest level of functionality in mind. They offer protection from the sun and rain, but that’s not the end of it. Our branding teams will work with you to create promotional umbrellas that are highly personalized and rightly branded to help achieve the marketing goals in your business. We usually imprint your business logo (and other brand messages) on the canopy or the case.

For your customers

Our custom promotional umbrellas will help you bestow your customer with a thoughtful and highly functional gift. You will earn big marketing points as that happens. It can never be underscored enough why businesses need to nurture the right relationships with their customers. We have reason to believe that promotional umbrellas can help you land more business and repeated business, based on the success stories of our clients.

For your commercial outdoors

Beyond the personalized promotional umbrellas, commercial, promotional umbrellas are also an innovative fixture. When installed outside your storefront, for instance, they will offer a calm shade to your customers. The branding that’s on them will help you shout out about your business, your message, and the product /service you offer. Our past clients have had a remarkable success using Huifeng promotional umbrellas at business events, concerts, and sports functions such as golf and tennis.

Typically, we recommend windproof umbrellas and commercial golf umbrellas for outdoor promotions. Personal promotional umbrellas can be customized to the tiniest detail as well. Although promotional umbrellas as a whole are not as cheap as other promotional items, their impact is long lasting.

For a high marketing value

Consider a business that gives customers promotional pens versus one that gives its customers promotional umbrella gifts. The umbrellas from Huifeng will last for many years to come, and your customers will be delighted with the convenience the gifts offer when it pours, or when the sun’s heat gets unbearable.

The longer they are used, the more these umbrellas will sway the user’s love towards your business. Many people will also get to see your brand message because umbrellas are conspicuous. These umbrellas are, therefore, one of the most rewarding investments your business can make.

Huifeng umbrella is a proven business-friendly brand. What that means for you is that you can get affordable promotional umbrellas with us. The custom option puts you in control where you get to decide the materials and other details. We will help you pull all the strings for your budget to work. Most importantly, you will enjoy lower prices when you order in bulk.

Designs that turn heads

Huifeng understands that when it comes to promotional umbrellas, these products are your brand ambassadors. Commercial outdoor umbrellas need to be of the highest quality to be noticeable by your target audience. On the other hand, personal promotional umbrellas need to have designs that excel in function and aesthetics. These are the principles of promotional umbrella design that we at Huifeng adhere to on all orders.

As a reliable marketing partner for businesses across the world, we have in place a highly experienced design and branding team. These experts are masters at the psychology of product personalization, dexterous at logo creation and sure-handed when it comes to playing around with umbrella colours, materials, and styles. Send us your ideas, and we will make them materialize.

Refreshing umbrella styles

Old fashioned umbrellas are a dime a dozen. Your business will be just like any other if it follows in the footsteps of the old umbrella styles. At Huifeng, we spend extra hours on all orders to come up with unique promotional umbrella designs. Our main goal is to make your business stand out with fashionable promotional umbrellas.

Our promotional umbrellas can turn your business into a brand that compels love. Your customers will find the fibreglass promotional umbrellas to be long-lasting. On the other hand, windproof promotional umbrellas will prove useful in the events of high wind. The structural make of the umbrella, and therefore its life will remain unfazed by the high speeds of wind.


Different Styles

Among the styles you can choose to shake things up a bit in your marketing department include automatic double canopy promotional umbrellas. This feature makes them highly windproof. We have classic promotional umbrellas as well, but with a modern flare, custom printed hotel umbrellas and golf umbrellas. Adopting one or many of these products into your marketing strategy will yield high returns. Tell us what you want for your customers or outdoor marketing needs. We will give you the right suggestions and help you choose a useful advertising umbrella from the Huifeng catalogue.

Quality that speaks for your business

The reason for your business’s existence is that you have a niche that you fulfil better than anyone else. The main challenge for many companies is getting customers to believe that your business is dependable for the products and services they need to meet their needs. Huifeng can help to vouch for your dependability with quality advertising umbrella giveaways.

We have a quality control team both online and offline, just to make sure you are getting the best promotional umbrellas. The final products in our catalogue have been measured and tested against various standards, but we can still modify and rejigger them in alignment with your specific needs.

The Promotional Umbrella Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

So, what should you look for in a promotional umbrella? If you are just getting started, no need to worry, Huifeng will help you catch up first. You will find all the information you need to get the best promotional umbrella right here.

The efficacy of promotional umbrellas

Umbrellas appeal to people of all ages and demographics. Everyone needs umbrellas in their lives, and this, therefore, makes a big market for businesses to explore. An umbrella is a budget-friendly marketing tool; if you factor in all the marketing leads that it will help you generate.

You can always find a wide range of styles for promotional umbrellas. For instance, if your target customers prefer small and discreet umbrellas, mini promotional umbrellas would be the best. These umbrellas can fit into a handbag without trouble.

On the other hand, if your audience is fashion conscious, you should get a promotional umbrella that can act as a fashion accessory as well. Your ideal advertising umbrella, in this case, will need to have elegant canopies and other parts.

Better still, your business can use commercial outdoor umbrellas to promote the brand to a broad audience. The umbrellas work well in shops or at events. These umbrellas need to be windproof and durable with bigger canopies for conspicuous branding.

Whether you are selling the promotional umbrellas or giving them as gifts, these products have a significant role to play in your marketing endeavours. The umbrellas can be thought of as walking billboards, helping your business message to reach far and wide.

When to use promotional umbrellas

Corporate gifts: A senseless corporate gift will immediately be thrown away by the receiver. Umbrellas, on the other hand, continue to be highly appreciated by users for the critical functions they serve. Promotional umbrellas should, therefore, be first among your corporate gifts. You can gift them to customers when they buy goods of a certain amount, or when they show up to your events. The umbrellas will entice them to buy more products, or engage more with your company.

For hotels, lodges, or airlines: It would make much sense to have promotional umbrellas at hand for your guests and clients. The umbrellas will enhance the stay of your guests or will help them remember a flight experience, for instance, long after they get to their destination. Wherever they go, they will be marketing your businesses when they use the umbrellas.

Merchandising: Whether you are an entertainer, a church, or any other institution that needs to raise revenue, selling promotional umbrellas at events will help you do that. Everybody that wants to be associated with your brand will be happy to spend money on your umbrella products.

Wedding day products: When the rain comes uninvited to your wedding day, you don’t have to let it dampen your joy. Promotional wedding umbrellas are not for marketing as such, but they are personalized and branded with love messages for your partner, and thank you notes for your guests.

Promotional umbrella designs

There are many styles of promotional umbrellas. You can also play around with existing designs to meet your specific marketing or budget requirements.

Promotional golf umbrellas: These are large domed umbrellas that can fit 2 or more people underneath. The design is sturdy, and the umbrellas are made to withstand all kinds of weather. Golf umbrellas make it possible to print large business logos of your brand on top.

Promotional commercial/patio umbrellas: You will often sport them at storefronts, restaurants, gardens, or bars. Their primary purpose is to shelter customers from the sun and rain. The commercial promotional umbrellas are permanent installations that offer businesses ample space to advertise their products and services.

Promotional personal umbrellas: These come in different styles, including windproof and double canopied. Also, fashion umbrellas, automatic open and mini umbrellas can fall under this category. The umbrellas enable brands to print logos on products that are very personal to their customer’s lives. The umbrellas, therefore, help to foster a close relationship and inspire increased brand love.

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