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Travel Windproof Small Compact Umbrella for Rain

Model Number: HF21082611
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Price: USD26.95

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Unless you are planning to go to a desert, a travel umbrella is an excellent companion for nearly any trip.
Our Windproof Small Compact Umbrella is a necessity for nearly everybody. Whether you carry it in your bag, keep it under your car seat, or throw it inside your suitcase, our travel umbrellas are a required part of your daily needs.

Perfect Option for Extreme Weather

With the ability to endure even the strongest guests, our Windproof Small Compact Umbrella is the perfect option for extreme weather. Equipped with a strong metal frame and metal shaft, our umbrella affords maximum protection without turning inside out.

Automatic Opening and Closing

Use the automatic opening and closing button located on the handle to use your umbrella one-handed. That’s useful, especially if you are struggling with your shopping bags or talking on the phone. Further, the ergonomic handle is made from slip-proof material and has a wrist strap.

Built to Last

This is an unbreakable umbrella for both men and women. The metal shaft guarantees high resistance to 55mph wind gusts.

Lightweight and Compact Umbrella

Our Windproof Small Compact Umbrella is convenient to carry, allowing you to store it anywhere. Whether you’re traveling, hiking, or simply going to office, you won’t even notice this umbrella inside your bag.

Practical Cover to Easy Storage

This is the perfect gift your family or friends will appreciate. The quality zip of the cover makes it simple to take out and store away again. It dries easily enough to keep in your bag after a rainstorm, thanks to its water-resistant polyester fabric.

Do you plan on traveling to a destination with a variable weather? Then consider getting our Windproof Small Compact Umbrella today, so you’re always protected against the wind and sun. Shop now!