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Commercial Outdoor Umbrellas

Product Details
Place of Origin: China
Certification: Umbrella Manufacturer AUDITED BY SGS
Model Number: HF160612015

Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Price : USD6.0-10.0
Supply Ability : 200,000pcs

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Custom commercial outdoor umbrellas provide shade and protection from rain and high winds in commercial spaces. The nature of use of these umbrellas demands that they should be sturdy, windproof, and water-resistant. Umbrella Source avails a wide variety of commercial outdoor umbrellas for imprinting your brand logos. These umbrellas are an indispensable marketing tool.

When your clients need to upgrade their outdoor business spaces, your brand can come in handy with commercial outdoor umbrellas. No other B2B marketing generates high traction than commercial umbrellas. Your business and all that it stands for will be out for everyone to see.

Businesses can also use this umbrella to revamp the beauty of their outdoor spaces. They can be dispensed at sporting events, trade fares, and conferences to provide comfort and shout out your brand message. Below are some of the features that make these umbrellas a must in your marketing strategy.

Custom outdoor umbrellas from the professional outdoor umbrella manufacturer directly to save your cost.


1. Logo printed
These are customized umbrellas ready for your branding needs. They are waiting to be imprinted with your logo and marketing messages. You can also add a little call to action and contact information for your business. These outdoor commercial umbrellas will upgrade the look of your clients’ outdoor business space while providing shade and protection from the rain. They will earn your brand some extra love.

2. Large sized
These large umbrellas can be used to propel promotional messages at events or outside commercial premises. The commercial umbrellas will be helpful when clients need to expand their outdoor spaces. You can choose between steel and fiberglass rib material. The pole material is aluminum. You can also choose from a wide range of colors (including red, green and blue) to boost the aesthetic appeal of our business premise.

3. Durable and sturdy
Businesses deserve an opportunity to market with durable and sturdy umbrellas. The marketing traction from a promotional umbrella is only as reliable as the durability of those umbrellas. At Umbrellas source you can choose from a variety of fabrics including acrylic and polyester.

4. Windproof and UV resistant
Commercial outdoor umbrellas excel in qualities such as wind resistance. Your brand will stand out as a haven when it rains, and the wind blows up to 50 miles per hour. The steel poles with urethane compression will hold everything sturdily in place. And when the sun gets too hot, the fabrics will offer some shade plus UV protection. You will have a chance to entertain your guests in a comfortable environment.

There is a vast untapped marketing potential to be explored in commercial centers and events. Outdoor commercial umbrellas are an opportunity for your brand to show some love to everyone by offering comfort through shade and protection from the rain. Choose to associate your brand with reliability and durability by exploring options at Umbrella Source.


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