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Model Number: HF21122301
Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
Price: USD15-20

100% Recyclable material: The 100% recyclable Fabric, shaft, and handle.

If you are a person or business who loves to protect the environment, this eco-friendly product is definitely what you need.

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Bamboo Umbrella features a manual opening, bamboo shaft, Bamboo handles, and Recyclable RPET fabric.

If you are a person or business who loves to protect the environment, this eco-friendly product is definitely what you need.

However, it is a gift for an elegant person or lady to tuck themselves in highly windy weather while going to outdoor events or parties—Hi-end protection with its premium quality canopy made with robust fiberglass ribs.

Additionally, the exclusive Black elegant canopy performed powerful support in rain or sunshine. Furthermore, the Chic bamboo shaft and handle are highly convenient to carry, plus symbolizing a class and sophistication at a time.

 Product Description:

High-quality Material Bamboo Umbrella canopy tailored with heavy-duty 190T RPET fabric—high-density fabric canopy with the fastest drying and anti-tear properties.

Reinforced Ribs Bamboo Umbrella concocted with nine robust, reinforced fiberglass bamboo match color ribs. Thusly, it will provide you with the most rigid support in a heavy downpour.

Bamboo handle: Bamboo handle feature is a manual opening. And, it pulls opening smoothly without any damage to the shaft or ribs.

RPET Canopy: It has a Durable, irresistible, and sturdy canopy with the solid Pongee material. That is windproof and waterproof to stand against in heavy downpours.

100% Recyclable material: The 100% recyclable shaft and handle.

Bamboo Shaft: The brolly fabricated with a  style Bamboo shaft.

Size: Bamboo handle umbrella is constructed with dimensions;

  • Ribs length (61.5cm)
  • Umbrella diameter (110 cm)
  • closed length (87cm)
  • Number of panels (10)
  • weight (480 g)
  • Cover (190T pongee).

Customize imprinting option is available.

Why You Should Choose the Bamboo Umbrella 

People like to purchase material that is good for nature and the earth. So, we bring the dazzling bamboo material that is ECO friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. Additionally, the umbrella provides you with a classic, chic, and sophisticated look. That was considered the spiritual symbol to tuck with bamboo parasol in history. Likewise, a highly protective shield brings you protection in a solid gust of winds, sunny day, or sudden downpour. 

Special Note:

  • We customize imprinting options on panels, sleeves, handles, cases, and handle lasers. Feel free to contact us for exciting things about our Bamboo umbrella. 
  • We offer 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly material in a wide range of varieties. You can customize according to your desire.