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Manufacturing Branded Umbrellas for Corporate Use

Manufacturing Branded Umbrellas for Corporate Use

The umbrella has come a long way, from being just a shade from the weather elements to being used as fashion items and even as a promotional tool for corporate uses. Companies and businesses use umbrellas for promotions, advertisements, or souvenirs, as in events, seminars, anniversaries, product launches, etc. This article will guide you and show you all you need to know about manufacturing branded umbrellas for corporate use.

What Are Branded Umbrellas?

These are umbrellas that have been personalized with a business’ logo and specifications. Choosing a branded umbrella as your company’s promotional item could be one of the best ideas you might have. This is because a branded umbrella becomes handy in keeping your customers and team dry, plus you also have the opportunity to advertise your business to the public anytime a customer uses it.

Benefits of Branded Umbrellas for the Corporate World

  1. Branded Umbrellas Are Effective Advertisement Tools

Other promotional items such as pens, mugs, and others can be easily discarded or spoilt. But, a quality branded umbrella would last long.

Also, with umbrellas, you have a larger print area than other forms of souvenirs. You could use each panel to showcase your logo or even have a full design across the entire umbrella. Essentially, you can get your products and business to a broader audience using a branded umbrella.

  1. Branded Umbrellas Bring an Increase in Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is essential in business growth and development, as this could bring in new customers and increase profits. Sharing promotional products like branded umbrellas to your customers can give them a reason to stick with you and not move on to your competition. You could also use the branded umbrellas as a reward to your loyal customers; they would undoubtedly stay glued to you.

  1. Branded Umbrellas Are Cost-Efficient

Branded umbrellas are a budget-friendly marketing tool; that is, you do not need to break the bank to get your promotional umbrellas imprinted. It has been proven that making use of branded umbrellas is more cost-efficient.

When compared to television or radio, using branded umbrellas for advertising is more reasonably priced. Several umbrella manufacturers even offer discounts and coupons to businesses who order branded umbrellas in bulk, making the umbrellas more affordable.

  1. You Can Stand Out From Your Competition With Branded Umbrellas

A business is sure to have several competitors, and for you to succeed, you need to provide features and services that would set you apart from the competition. When you choose to distribute brand umbrellas to your clients and team, it could be an effective tactic to put you above your sea of competitors.

Branded promotional umbrellas give a unique and creative touch to your company’s advertising campaigns. When you give unique branded umbrellas to your customers, you put your business at the top of their preferences, making you a better choice than your competitors.

  1. Branded Umbrellas Promotes Your Business’ Credibility

Making use of branded umbrellas in your promotional strategy could make your potential clients more aware of your business. Along with advertising your business, using branded umbrellas serves as a form of recommendation or review from customers that have had business encounters with you. This would eradicate any skepticism that people could have about your business. The branded umbrellas tell potential customers that your business can be trusted to deliver. When your brand is seen as credible, you get increased sales and rates.

Types of Umbrellas for Branding

  1. Automatic Umbrellas: An automatic umbrella is one of the most convenient types of umbrellas because you can open and close it with one hand. Automatic umbrellas have a singular button that you press to open it. And to close it, all you have to do is push the shaft to the handle.
  2. Bubble Umbrellas: A bubble or domed umbrella features a canopy that fits over your body because its canopy is much taller than a standard umbrella. Bubble umbrellas are stylish and are often characterized by their transparent top.
  3. Classic Umbrellas: These are the standard umbrellas. They come in different colors and sizes; they are timeless with their arced canopies and hook handles.
  4. Compact Umbrellas: They have the same features as regular umbrellas, but they are smaller. They are built to fit into almost everything: bags, purses, and sometimes
  5. Golf Umbrellas: These are made slightly different from classic umbrellas. They are made to protect golfers and their belongings in the event of a rainy day.
  6. Inverted Umbrellas: Inverted umbrellas prevent water from dripping around by turning inside out when closed.
  7. Foldable Umbrellas: There are four foldable umbrella types; the 2-fold, the 3-fold, the 4-fold, and the 5-fold umbrella. They are naturally small in size and can fit into a handbag or glove compartment.

Branded Umbrellas Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process and the branding process of a branded umbrella are two different ball games. In this section, we would highlight the main steps involved in manufacturing an umbrella for branding.

  1. The Large and Small Cut:After choosing the type of umbrella you want to manufacture and the fabric you need for the canopy, it is time to cut out the material. The large cut involves cutting the fabric in a rectangular shape, by hand or machine. In contrast, the small cut is the stage where the rectangular-shaped fabrics are cut into triangles. These triangles are the panels of the umbrella called gores.
  2. The Frame:The umbrella frame is made up of the shaft, ribs, stretchers, runner, and handle. The ribs run under the canopy and, when assembled, give the umbrella that U-shape. The ribs and stretchers are connected with a joiner and then are joined to the shaft.
  3. Printing: The manufacturers take the panels to be printed and branded. This step would be discussed later on.
  4. Canopy Assembly: After the printing, the pieces of gores are sewn together to form the umbrella’s canopy. In a classic umbrella, you could have up to 8 panels.
  5. Installation of Umbrella Tip: The umbrella tip is a piece of metal or plastic located at the end of each rib to stabilize the canopy with the ribs. The tips and canopy are joined together by sewing.
  6. Joining of the Frame and Canopy: This process is entirely done by hand. The canopy is sewn with each rib in this stage.
  7. Handle Installation: The handle can be attached by screw, heat, or glue.
  8. Quality Check and Packaging: After the assembly of the umbrella, it would be sent to the quality control department, and any faults would be addressed. After the umbrellas have been approved, they are packaged and ready for delivery.

How Your Umbrellas are Branded

HF Umbrellas offer many options and methods for printing. Some of which include:

  1. The Dye Sublimation: Sublimation or heat transfer printing is applyingsublimation inks onto the umbrella’s canopy. And with the right combination of heat, time, and pressure, you form a permanent and visually stunning image. This method is long-lasting and resistant to scratching.
  2. UV Printing of Logos and Images:This branding method is a low-energy technology that significantly reduces the use of solvents in the printing process. This technique produces a smooth finish, pays attention to small text and designs, and has no limit to possible print colors. Furthermore, it is environment-friendly.
  3. Screen Printing:This is a traditional, yet highly effective, method of branding umbrellas involving the transfer of an image or your business logo to the umbrella’s surface by ink, and then pressing it through a stenciled silkscreen. Afterward, it is treated with a light-sensitive emulsion. Screen printing is cost-effective, and it excellently reproduces the colors of the logo.
  4. Embroidery and Sewing Effects:You can combine this method with other traditional printing methods. There are computer-controlled embroidery machines that give the branded umbrella a neat and beautiful finish. This technique allows for several options of embroidery effects.

20 Best Brand Umbrellas

  1. The Umbrella Workshop

The Umbrella Workshop, which has factories in Shanghai, China, and Sheffield, UK, specializes in the design and manufacturing of umbrellas. The workshop has grown in the past 15 years, producing quality, branded umbrellas. Their commitment to quality and innovation has established a strong clientele for them. They pride themselves on their attention to detail and excellent customer service. In the branding process, they use several printing processes such as dye sublimation, silkscreen, embroidery, etc.

  1. ShedRain Umbrella

For over 70 years, ShedRain Umbrella Company has had the longing to manufacture the best umbrellas money can buy. They started in Oregon, but year after year, the business has expanded throughout the world. They offer hundreds of different styles, colors, and options, so if you decide to have your umbrellas branded by them, you have no reason to be anxious. With passion and dedication, ShedRain Umbrellas produce stylish and durable umbrellas for their customers.

  1. Guinness®Golf Umbrella

Guinness started in 1759, and they have gone the extra mile to bring you exceptional beer. As they advanced in years, they developed a merchandise store where you could find the branded Guinness® Golf Umbrella. This umbrella has been manufactured from sturdy, windproof nylon to protect you, even in the stormiest weather. It features the Guinness® logo and an alternating black and grey paneling. With the Guinness® Golf Umbrella, you can drink responsibly while staying protected from the rain.

  1. LifeTek New Yorker

LifeTek offers umbrellas that are appropriate for all occasions, including promotions and advertisements. They believe that their customers deserve the very best in style, reliability, and value; this is manifest in the premium materials and craft used in creating the umbrellas. If this is not satisfactory, they have a Peace of Mind Guarantee that they stay true to.

  1. Repel Travel Umbrella

Repel builds their umbrellas to be compact and lightweight, and yet be able to withstand strong winds. Their travel umbrella is one of their bestsellers, and for obvious reasons, too. It is fortified with nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs to resist powerful gusts of wind. When it comes to its canopy, it can repel water and other elements through its waterproof Teflon technology. The Repel Travel Umbrella accommodates a lifetime warranty, which means if anything goes wrong with your umbrella, you are guaranteed to get a replacement with no extra charge required.

  1. Senz°

Senz’s mission to create a smooth commute with their premium weatherproof products has made them as great as they are today. With their high-grade materials, Senz° has created umbrellas that can withstand any weather element, including winds of up to 100 km/h. This feature and many more make them an excellent choice for manufacturing and printing your branded umbrellas.

  1. Davek

Davek is all about authentic, quality umbrellas. They manufacture their products to last long. In creating their umbrellas, they combine aesthetics with unsurpassed durability. Since 2005, they have produced reliable and durable umbrellas, which users look for in branded umbrellas.

  1. Adidas®Golf Umbrella

Adidas® is a familiar name for the manufacturing of sports shoes, clothing, and accessories. They are the second-largest sportswear manufacturer globally, and as such, you can be sure of getting quality products from them. The Adidas Single-Canopy Golf Umbrella is a product that has the famous Adidas quality associated with it.

  1. Lockwood

Lockwood umbrellas consider themselves as master umbrella makers, and they are known worldwide for their strength, durability, and high-quality craftsmanship. Each of their umbrellas is handmade, employing techniques that are centuries old, finest fabrics, and hardwoods from sustainable woodlands around the world. When put together, you are sure Lockwood umbrellas would last a lifetime.

  1. StrombergBrand Umbrellas

For over 70 years, StrombergBrand Umbrellas have been focused on leading the American promotional products industry in umbrella innovation, quality, and service. They manufacture umbrella styles like folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas, inverted umbrellas, thematic umbrellas, and even customized umbrellas. For their branding process, they make use of superior imprinting capabilities such as silkscreen, full-color process, and laser engraving.

  1. Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt Umbrellas strive to solve the problems associated with typical umbrellas, such as poor design and even more inferior quality. At Blunt, they believe that you should not be limited to choosing disposable umbrellas. They produce reliable and durable umbrellas, and for that reason, you can trust them with your promotional/branded umbrellas. The umbrellas they manufacture have been proven to resist boisterous winds. From the opening to the closing of Blunt umbrellas, you can be assured of quality. You are guaranteed a two-year global warranty when you make use of their umbrellas.

  1. Totes

Totes was born in 1924, and since then, they have been dedicated to creating excellent umbrellas. Totes umbrellas allow you to “take on any weather in confidence.” With close to a hundred years of bringing you expertise and innovation, you can take your umbrella branding business to them, and you can rest easy. It does not matter what type of umbrella you want branded — compact, stick, bubble, golf — Totes is sure to deliver.

  1. Terra Umbrella

The Terra Umbrellas is an umbrella that is keen on producing umbrellas from recycled materials. Its canopies are made from 100% rPET pongee, while its handles are often made from 100% recycled plastic. The Terra Umbrella has its ribs and shaft made of metal, to guarantee its durability. And for compact storage, its umbrellas fold downwards. Each umbrella is sure to come with its matching storage sleeve.

  1. Jaguar®Golf Umbrella

Jaguar® is a British multinational car manufacturer. However, they do not only develop cars that have a blend of responsive performance, dramatic design, and a sense of theatre; they also manufacture a highly superior branded golf umbrella. Knowing how important it is to have an umbrella on the golf course prompted the manufacturing of this product. It features a soft-touch rubber handle and a 30-inch hood that keeps you protected against the harsh weather. It also has a high specification frame that fights against strong winds.

  1. Nike®Windproof Umbrella

Nike®, the best sportswear manufacturer globally, is also known to manufacture high-ranking windproof golf umbrellas. Their windproof golf umbrella features a 62-inch single canopy, a strong, durable fiberglass shaft, and a two-color rubber handle. Nike’s Windproof Golf Umbrellas have their tops built in a way that would prevent the umbrella from turning inside out on windy days. Its nylon canopy is black with the signature tick of the Nike Company.

  1. Fulton Umbrellas

Fulton Umbrellas started in 1956 in London, and today, the company is the largest supplier of quality umbrellas and rainwear in the UK. In the manufacturing and customization of branded umbrellas, they make use of only the highest quality materials. They aim to “brighten up your day,” and they do so by offering you the very best rain protection products, not only umbrellas. Fulton works with many big names and brands, and from their works, you can see the dedication to produce efficient, fascinating, reliable, and unique designs.

  1. Procella Golf Umbrella

Procella, a brand established in 2014, is a small family business committed to delivering top-quality umbrellas to the customers to ensure their satisfaction. Despite the unrivaled quality of their golf umbrellas, they are very affordable. Procella offers advanced technology, superior craftsmanship, and world-class customer support. They ensure that their handmade umbrellas are manually checked before leaving the factory to ensure they meet the high standards.

18.Global Promo Umbrellas

Global Promo is an elite promotional group and promotional product company. Their mission is to help you create long-lasting relationships with your customers through promotional products such as branded umbrellas. They offer quality umbrellas with state-of-the-art printing. They have a logo printing machinery that ensures your company logo and graphics, which have been imprinted on the umbrella, does not fade away with usage. They offer various umbrellas such as sling strap umbrellas, foldable umbrellas, large umbrellas, and much more.

  1. Peerless

Peerless, one of the largest umbrella companies in the promotional products industry, is a leader in umbrella technology. Peerless was started in 1927, and its headquarters are in Newark. In addition to delivering superior umbrellas, they also have a knowledgeable customer service department, fast turn times, and a deep inventory from which you can choose from. They are ready to provide the best service and branded umbrellas that you deserve.

  1. Gustbuster

Gustbuster umbrellas can survive winds of over 55 mph. As a company, Gustbuster has won several awards for their exceptional designs. They create their umbrellas with patented wind-release technology, which means the winds pass through the upper canopy while keeping every drop of rain from its users. Using a Gustbuster umbrella for your branding choice would be a sage decision.

Can HF Umbrellas Manufacture Your Branded Umbrella?

Yes, we can! Huifeng Umbrellas is a leading umbrella manufacturer in China. At HF Umbrellas, we take pride in the creation of personalized and branded umbrellas. These branded umbrellas would embody your identities and ideas from the tip of the umbrella to the handle.

We are ready to walk hand-in-hand with you until your wishes are fulfilled. We push ourselves to the limit in terms of quality, style, functionality, and cost-effectiveness to make you happy. With HF Umbrellas, there are no limitations to printing, and you have the final say concerning the fabric choice, color, and materials used in the manufacturing of the umbrellas.

Furthermore, we are willing to work with your budget and have an expert design team to review your designs. At the end of it all, you get quality, stylish, and long-lasting branded umbrellas. You should try us!


In this article, you have seen just how an umbrella can add so much value to a business outfit or company. We have also discussed the benefits and process of branding umbrellas so you can decide if it aligns with your company’s needs and requirements. Branded umbrellas are portable, practical, durable, and competent tools for advertisement and promotions. Huifeng Umbrellas (HF Umbrellas) are very capable of delivering the best-branded umbrellas for your company. Contact us via email today at You would not regret it.