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Importance Pieces Of Information About A Beach Umbrella With Anchor

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There are various reasons why people visit a beach; these reasons maybe for relaxation, sport, party, fun, etc. However, with the numerous reasons available for anyone to use as an excuse for going to a beach, most people are still not aware of the significance of using beach umbrellas with anchors. Beach umbrella which may sometimes be called rainshade or Bumbershoot is used primarily as a sunlight protector. Although vitamin D (provided by the sun) is useful for the skin, and its deficiency is known to alter human health, too much exposure will also do the same damage done by its deficiency.


You will be vulnerable to skin cancer and various skin diseases if you are exposed to hot sun, especially the afternoon sun for a long period. Exposure to severe sun also may damage the eyes. The exposure of humans to these health issues due to exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun can be impeded by the use of a beach umbrella.

If you are planning to visit the beach for relaxation or any other activities that will expose you to the ultraviolet rays from the sun for a long time, you will need to get any of the many brands of beach umbrellas with anchors. This article will provide you with all the pieces of information you need to know about getting beach umbrellas with anchors; such as the best type and the most reliable manufacturer of beach umbrellas with anchors that suit your needs.

What is a beach umbrella anchor?

A beach umbrella is similar to a regular umbrella in structure and parts, especially the canopy. A beach umbrella with an opened canopy can easily be displaced from its original position by wind or breeze. This is highly dangerous because in most cases the spiked bottom of the flying beach umbrella is capable of causing injuries to people at the beach. However, you can prevent unexpected dangers and damages with the use of any of the many kinds of beach umbrellas with anchors. A beach umbrella anchor is a giant screw-like device that prevents or restricts the movement of an already attached beach umbrella by wind or breeze.

7Ft beach umbrella sand anchor

The mistake most people make is depending on the anchor to hold the beach with anchor fast to the sand by just dipping it some inches into the sand. In such cases, any beach umbrellas with anchors will be easily displaced by wind or breeze away from their original position. To avoid such incident that may damage the umbrella and cause injury to someone on the beach, you must do the following:

  • fix the spiked edge of the umbrella at about fifteen to twenty inches deep into the sand
  • Place the canopy of the beach umbrella in the opposite direction of the wind

Going against these basic techniques will be damaging and injurious to a surrounding filled with people.

Factors to consider before getting a beach umbrella anchor

There are several kinds of brands of beach umbrellas with anchors in the market. However, irrespective of the different types of beach umbrellas with anchors in the market, they all differ or vary with quality. It all depends on the manufacturer amongst which only a few develop the type of beach umbrella that fits your requirements and the ecosystem. You can check our website to find out more about the various

Umbrellas fit for various occasions.

However, you will have to consider a few factors to successfully find the best of all beach umbrellas with anchors that suit your requirements. These factors include the following:

  • Wind resistance
  • Size of canopy
  • Universal usage
  • Price range
  • Canopy material

Wind resistance

UV Red Stripes beach umbrella
Wind resistance, as the term implies, is the special capacity of beach umbrellas with anchors to withstand, rather than getting damaged or displaced by wind at the beach. The ability of a beach umbrella to resist wind-causing damages (due to the displacement or blowing away of the beach umbrellas from its position) is further enhanced by placing the canopy part of the umbrella against the direction of the wind. In addition to this, the anchor part of the beach umbrella primarily helps to prevent the blowing away of the umbrella by wind (by restricting its movement).


The sizes of beach umbrellas with anchors depend on who will be using them. The larger the number of users the wider the canopy of the umbrella needed. The appropriate size of a beach umbrella for a solo user is about six feet in diameter. On the contrary, the canopy part of an umbrella needed to accommodate a group or family will be about eight to nine feet in diameter.

Canopy material

Australia beach umbrella
This factor is among the most significant factors you should consider when it comes to selecting a top-notch beach umbrella. Although the durability of the beach umbrella is important, what is durability when the sun-protecting purpose is not served? The material that makes up the canopy defines the intensity of the sunlight you are protected from; hence, checking this factor is necessary. It is always advisable to purchase a beach umbrella whose canopy material is made of polyester, acrylic, etc.

Universal usage

Best Beach Umbrellas
This factor defines how versatile beach umbrellas with anchors are concerning various locations. What this means is that there are a few types of beach umbrellas that can be used on any beach, irrespective of the type of sand (fine sand, coarse sand, or pebbles).

Price range

This is the most frequently considered factor most people focus on before purchasing a beach umbrella. It is understandable to consider this factor but in most cases, people settle for less and expose themselves to dangers and mockery in the act of compromising quality. The standard cost of getting any type of beach umbrellas with anchors ranges from $100 to $500.

beach umbrella anchors

Types of beach umbrella anchors

There are different types of beach umbrellas anchors all of which differ in properties. However, irrespective of the differences they still perform a similar function of holding the beach umbrella fast in the sand. Hence, they are also called beach umbrella sand anchors. The types of beach umbrella sand anchors possess distinct properties, such as wind mph, materials they are made up of, pole diameter, and their dimensions. The types of beach umbrellas with anchors include the following:

  • Beachr Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor
  • Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor
  • Copa Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor
  • Ultimate Summit Umbrella Anchor And Rod Holder
  • Simchoko Sand Anchor

Beachr Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

  • Material: Beachr beach umbrella sand anchor is made up of sturdy ABS plastic; hence, free from corrosion/rust on exposure to saline water and sand. Furthermore, its temperature is not influenced during sunny days
  • Pole diameter: about two inches
  • Weight: 10.2 ounce
  • Wind mph: The anchor is devised to withstand wind of about 35 mph
  • Dimension: Beachr beach umbrella sand anchor has a dimension of 15 × 3.5 × 9.5 inches
  • Pros: it is user-friendly and highly durable

Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

  • Material: Sand grabber beach umbrella sand anchor is made up of metal that is painted to protect it from rust
  • Pole diameter: about 1.25 inches in diameter
  • Weight: it weighs about 1.5 pounds
  • Dimension: it has a dimension of 13 × 3 × 5 inches
  • Pros: it can be used on different types of beaches with different sand types (fine sand, coarse sand, and pebbles).

Copa Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

  • Material: Copa beach umbrella sand anchor is made up of plastic coupled with a feature that helps in sand insertion; this feature is called spiral flange
  • Pole diameter: about 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Weight: a pound
  • Wind mph: Copa beach umbrella anchor is designed to withstand about 40 mph of wind.
  • Dimension: it has a 6 × 3.2 × 11.7 dimension
  • Pros: the installation of this anchor is easier than other types that require any extra tools

Ultimate Summit Umbrella Anchor And Rod Holder

  • Material: Ultimate summit umbrella anchor is made up of strong ABS plastic
  • Pole diameter: 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Weight: it has a weight of 12.2 ounces
  • Pros: This anchor is made up of a shaft and screw-like feature for easy installation

Simchoko Sand Anchor

  • Material: Simchoko sand anchor is made up of heavy plastic
  • Pole diameter: 1.25 inches in diameter
  • Weight: a pound (lightweight)
  • Wind mph: Simchoko sand anchor is devised to withstand wind or gusts of about 50 mph
  • Dimension: it has a dimension of 18 × 15 inches
  • Pros: Its installation is easier due to the shaft (18 inches) and spring-likes screw features it possesses

The usefulness of beach umbrella anchors

Generally, beach umbrella anchors are designed with a wind, breeze, or gusts withstanding ability—to keep a beach umbrella in place. In the process of keeping the umbrella in place, it protects the user from direct ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Top Five Best beach umbrellas with anchors

There are a variety of beach umbrellas with anchors in the market. Most of which promises to offer users the best services they need but display the opposite. To protect you from misleading promises, we made a thorough research on the best beach umbrellas with anchors. However, we did not do this without considering the following factors listed above. The list of the best five beach umbrellas with anchors that will suit your next visit to the beach includes the following:

  • Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella
  • Blissun Portable Beach Umbrella
  • OutdoorMaster Beach Umbrella
  • EasyGo Beach Umbrella
  • SittinPretty Haven Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama beach umbrella is known for the super sun protection it offers to users. The ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) it offers is as high as 100 UPF. It is a bit large (a diameter of 7.5 feet) and can accommodate a person and a few friends. In addition to this, it possesses a feature that prevents it from getting displaced from its original position by winds.

Blissun Portable Beach Umbrella

As the name implies, Blissun “portable” beach umbrella is portable. It is easier to mount and user-friendly. It has a few features that make it one of the best beach umbrellas with anchors you should consider, such as ventilated panels and an aluminum pole that contributes to its portability. In addition to this, it guarantees total protection from the sunlight, due to the ultraviolet protection factor (50+ UPF) it provides.

OutdoorMaster Beach Umbrella

OutdoorMaster beach umbrella has one of the most outstanding ultraviolet protecting panels. In addition to this, it also comes with a sandbag of about forty-five pounds (it also has a sand anchor) to make the umbrella wind resistant.

EasyGo Beach Umbrella

As the name implies, the EasyGo beach umbrella is one of the easiest to use with the adjustable construction it comes with. It is also equipped with a few features, such as double-sided locking pins and a security locking system. EasyGo protects users from direct sunlight in all directions because it can tilt in all directions. Furthermore, it is devised in such a way that it has an anchor to protect it fr been blown away by the wind.

SittinPretty Haven Beach Umbrella

SittinPretty Haven beach umbrella is also well known for the ultraviolet protection factor it offers. It promises a UPF of 100 due to its UV-blocking coats. Furthermore, it is wind resistant and can not be displaced by gusts or breezes due to the anchor and aluminum material it is made up of.

How to find a reliable manufacturer of a beach umbrella with anchors

There are many manufacturers of beach umbrellas with anchors in the market with enticing promises and offers. This makes it difficult for people to make the right decision without falling for the enticing traps of the services they provide. “How do I find a reliable manufacturer?” is one of the most common questions asked by people to be safe from lies. There are several factors you must consider to find out if the manufacturer you chose is reliable:

  • Source for more than one manufacturer for comparison
  • Verify each manufacturer’s qualification by checking their reviews
  • The manufacturer should have a worthy license so that you will be able to take legal steps should any issue arise
  • Understand their policies and how their supply chain works
  • Compare the quotes and services the manufacturers offer and choose that which suits your requirements. Meanwhile, it is advisable not to choose price over quality if high-quality is what you desire (we all want that)

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When you hear the word beach the first things that comes to mind is fun and relaxation. It is however neither fun nor relaxation when your health is threatened; hence the need for beach umbrellas with anchors. Meanwhile, it is difficult to choose the right manufacturer who specializes in beach umbrellas with anchors, without falling into the wrong hands. You may decide to consider the factors highlighted above and still choose wrong. This is mainly because of the presence of many manufacturers with enticing promises in today’s market. You can however avoid the regrets that wrong manufacturers with low-quality beach umbrellas will cause you by choosing us, HFUmbrella. We are famous for realizing the beach umbrella dreams of people from different places. All you have to do is to contact us today at