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Beach Umbrella Tent

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What is a beach tent for shade?

Generally, it is always fun and relaxing to spend time at the beach during summer. The fun and relaxation you happen to enjoy may however be altered by the sun. The intensity of the sun is known to increase during summer. Once this happens you will be exposed to discomfort if you have nothing to shade you.

Most people use beach umbrellas to shade themselves from this summer sun. Meanwhile, these sets of beach umbrellas can only shade one or two people. Hence, they can not accommodate or shade groups of people or families. This however should not discourage you from visiting the beach in groups in summer. A beach umbrella tent will correct the flaws seen in beach umbrellas.

A beach umbrella tent is designed to accommodate groups of people or families. Which gives it an advantage over beach umbrellas that can not shade more than two people. This is primarily because of the small canopies seen in beach umbrellas. On the other hand, beach tent umbrellas have larger canopies to protect several people from sun and rain all at once.

There are many brands of beach umbrellas tents in today’s market. They all appear to offer the same properties, such as the ultraviolet protection factor. This makes people ask “how do I find the best beach tent for my family or group?” This article will provide you with the best beach tent fit for your family or groups. Therefore, if you are still scared of making the right decision, this article will make you confident.

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How do I choose a beach tent?

As said earlier, there are several types of beach tent in the market. All of which claims to be the best, but only a few will provide you comfort. You must be wondering “then, how do I know the best beach tent to buy?” The simple answer to your question involves searching for some crucial features. Yes! Crucial features that make a beach tent suitable for you.

The essential features you should look out for before purchasing a beach tent include the following;

  • Material used
  • Size of the beach tent
  • Beach canopy
  • Weight
  • Color
  • Ease of use

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Material used

There are different brands of beach tents in the market. This is primarily because they are constructed with different materials. Generally, the most common material used for beach tents is polyester and nylon. This is primarily because of the water resisting and long-lasting properties they display. These properties make them fit for shading or protecting people from sun rays.

Apart from these cover materials, beach tents also differ in their frames. You should however look out for frames that are made of aluminum or steel. These types of beach tent frames are durable and light in weight. They are primarily durable because they can neither rust nor corrode, especially when in contact with water.

Although looking for frames that are made of steel or aluminum is essential. They both differ in the level or how they withstand winds. Frames made with aluminum or aluminum frames are light in weight. Hence, they are suitable for beaches with low or no wind. On the other hand, the frames made of steel are heavier. Hence, they are used on beach with high winds.

Furthermore, some tents are constructed to have opening options. This opening serves to protect you from high winds when closed. It also serves as security for your belongings when you are away from your tent.

Size of the beach tent

Generally, beach tents are known for their large sizes. Although they are large, they still vary in size. They are constructed large enough to accommodate two adults and children. There are however other beach tents larger than the default type.

You should always consider the number of people that will be using your tent. If you don’t, you should be ready to face spacing problems. With the number of users into consideration, you will know the exact size of beach tents to fit them.
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Beach canopy

When it comes to a beach gathering, the canopy type of beach tent is most suitable. It can be used for beach parties and reunions in summer as it shades everyone at the same time. Furthermore, it is easy to mount and put down with complications.


This is one of the most considered factors when purchasing a beach tent. This is mainly because no one desires a heavy tent. Hence, they do all they can to purchase those that are light in weight.

A compact and lightweight beach tent is the most sought-after type of beach tent. This is primarily because they are easy to mount and takedown.
Furthermore, you should look out for a beach tent with a carry case. The carry case makes the carrying of your beach tent easy.


This factor may appear irrelevant until you are lost on the beach with many beach tents. You should go for a beach tent with a bright and distinctive color. The color of your beach tent also plays a role in how well it shades you. A black beach tent does not protect you from the hotness of the sun.

Ease of use

Various types of beach tents vary in weight. Some are very heavy, difficult to transport, set up and bring down. On the contrary, there are also lightweight tents easy to set up and bring down. You should however look out for a lightweight beach tent for easy usage.


Price is an important consideration when it comes to buying a beach tent. You will be able to set standard features or your requirements if you have a budget. In which the beach tents that do not suit your requirements will be canceled.
Furthermore, to be on the safe side you should source and compare various quotes.

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Top 10 best beach tents brands

We have been able to find the best beach tents in today’s market. This list however depends on the factors highlighted above.

  • Sport-Brella Premiere XL
  • L.L. Bean Sunbuster Folding Shelter
  • Gorich Beach Tent
  • Business And Pleasure The Premium Tent
  • Neso Beach Tent
  • Wakeman Beach 4 Person Tent
  • Picnic Time Sun Shelter Pop-Up Tent
  • Oileus X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent Sun Shelter
  • Abco Tech Pop-Up Beach Tent
  • Ozark Trail Instant Sun Shade

Sport-Brella Premiere XL

Sport-Brella premiere XL is an eight-foot canopy type of beach tent that weighs eight pounds. It has a dimension of 53 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches when packed. This tent can be used for other festivals, concerts, and sporting events as its name implies. All of this is because of the 50+ UPF sun protection, as well as weather protection.

It is also constructed with zippered windows to enable airflow. These windows also work with sand anchors that protect the tent from blowing away. Furthermore, the umbrella is held by an adjustable heavy-duty pole of 1.25 inches.

L.L. Bean Sunbuster Folding Shelter

L. L. Bean Sunbuster folding shelter is a huge tent with a weight of seven pounds. In terms of materials, it is made up of UV-resistant ripstop polyester fabric. This fabric makes it one of the best sun protection (UPF 50+) beach tents.
Furthermore, it is constructed with three sandbags along its perimeter to serve as its anchor.

Gorich Beach Tent

This beach tent is popular for its large size coupled with its lightweight (3.5 pounds). Gorich is made up of 190T silver-coated polyester Oxford fabric with UV coating (UPF 50+ UVA< 5%). Your sun protection is guaranteed with this material.
Furthermore, Gorich is easy to transport and it can shade 3-4 adults and children.

Business And Pleasure The Premium Tent

This brand of beach tent was constructed and designed to have a vintage appearance. The material and cotton bullion fringe it is made up of protects users from sun rays.

Neso Beach Tent

A 9×9 high-quality Nylon/Lycra blend main tent fabric is the water-resistant material of Neso. This material also protects the users from direct sun rays (UPF 50+). It is equipped with a seven-foot-tall pole made of Aluminum (rust-free). Neso also comes with a sandbag to hold it against the wind.
Furthermore, Neso has a lightweight of 6.5 pounds and can protect you from sun and rain.

Wakeman Beach 4 Person Tent

Wakeman is a lightweight (about 5 pounds) tent with an extended floor mat. This floor mat can be zipped to the tent for privacy. Wakeman is mostly preferred to others because it does not require pitching like others. In addition to Wakeman’s UV protection and water repellent property; it also has a carry case for easy transport and storage.

Picnic Time Sun Shelter Pop-Up Tent

This beach tent has a high UV protection rating and water repellent. This property stems from its material—10% fiberglass and 90% polyester. It has lightweight (5.5 pounds); hence, it can be set up and brought down with ease. Furthermore, the floor is made of easy-to-clean polyethylene.

Oileus X-Large 4 Person Beach Tent Sun Shelter

Oileus is made up of a polyester material that is responsible for its UV protection property. The polyester material also makes the Oileus beach tent waterproofed. This beach tent has a zippered opening that can be closed for privacy. Furthermore, Oileus is portable and has a lightweight of four pounds. Hence, it can be set up and taken down with ease.

Abco Tech Pop-Up Beach Tent

This is a portable Cabana beach tent with doors and windows on both sides. It also has a high UV protection rating and is water-resistant. These properties are due to the nylon material it is made up of. Meanwhile, it can not accommodate more than two people.

Ozark Trail Instant Sun Shade

Ozark is a privacy panel type of beach tent with vented roofing for ventilation. It is made of a UV-blocking and water-repelling material to protect users during rainy and sunny days. It is also light in weight and it is easy to set up and take down. Furthermore, it comes with a sandbag to hold the beach tent against high winds.

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How to custom my brand beach tent?

“How do I customize my brand beach tent?” This is the first question asked by people new to investing in custom tents. Investing in a custom brand are known to be impactful in term of presentation. It also makes your brand stand out in any event. Hence, the reason why different brands invest in custom brands.

Although having an idea of the design you want is an essential step. You will need to optimize your beach tent’s visibility and designs to make them stand out. To do this you will need to consider the following factors:

  • Purpose
  • Choice your frame
  • Is your Logo print available
  • Design
  • Choosing a reliable beach tent manufacturer


This is one of the most significant factors that define the quality of your beach tent brand. Various questions would be answered if the purpose of customizing your beach tents is known. Questions that have to do with how your beach tents would look like. These questions include;
Is it going to be a canopy type of beach tent or not?
What type of material would be suitable?
How many people should the tent shade without spacing problems?

Choice of frame

This factor is mostly ignored by focusing on the brand’s designs. Meanwhile, people look out for quality more than design. Hence, you should not settle for cheaper frames and put all your budgets on designs. Your beach tents will not be durable if the frames are weak (can corrode or rust). Which will alter the impactful presentation and reflection of your brand.

Is your Logo printed?

Most times, clients do send in the logo they intend to use for their brand in the lowest quality. This could be in the form of screenshots or images that can not print well. To avoid this you should always seek the editable file of the logo from your designer.

The resolution of the image logo you send will determine how sharp it will appear when printed. Hence, the need for an editable file of your logo or a Vector. However, you can still get a sharp logo for your brand if you do not have this file. This is only possible by working with a reliable manufacturer, such as HF Umbrella. We offer a recreation service for logos with low resolution.


The design of your brand is essential. Especially when it comes to the positioning of your logo and message. The visibility your brand gets depends on the positioning of your logo and message. There are eight different locations for your logo and message on a fully built tent. That is Four peaks and four valences.

Although the peaks are high enough to provide your brand with visibility, do not underestimate the power of the valences. Choosing the right manufacturer will settle this confusion to make your brand visible.

Choosing the right beach tent manufacturer

Lastly, all the factors listed above will only be a dream if you work with the wrong manufacturer. Hence, choosing an experienced beach tent umbrella manufacturer with vision, such as HF Umbrella, will make your dreams a reality.

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How to source a reliable beach tent manufacturer

Deciding on the manufacturer to work with is essential in getting what you want. It is however difficult to find a reliable manufacturer due to how numerous they are in today’s market. To start with, you will have to source at least three different manufacturers. Then you will sieve out the unreliable manufacturers by considering various factors.

There are various factors to consider but the important ones among them include; license & experience, reviews, and price. The first factor you should always consider is if the manufacturer is licensed. With this factor, you can sue the manufacturer to court should the need arise. Hence, you are protected from scams.

How experienced your manufacturer is will tell in the job quality. It is always advisable to work with an experienced manufacturer like HF Umbrella. This is primarily because they have faced and corrected various flaws. Hence, you are guaranteed a high-quality job than when you work with an amateur.

You can however be certain of the quality of a manufacturer’s job by checking their reviews. It is wise to ask around about the manufacturer than to check their review list because the list could be manipulated. Lastly, one of the determining factors—price. You should compare the quotes of the sourced manufacturers. Only through this process will you find the manufacturer that fits your budget. In addition to this, you should not take price over quality, to get the best quality.


Custom beach tent brands are meant to be impactful in representation and reflection. To make this possible you will need to work with an experienced and reliable manufacturer. If you are still searching for a reliable beach tent manufacturer, you should not look too far. HF Umbrella is the answer. We have been in the industry for over thirty years and have gained reputations in creating custom umbrellas.
To create your beach tent brand at an affordable price, email us at now!