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How to Find a Good Umbrella Manufacturer for Amazon Selling

As an umbrella business owner, your goal is to have people buy your products regularly while your income and profits are continually increasing. Most business owners are always looking for ways to achieve this goal.
Nowadays, there are several methods you can adopt to sell your products and gain profits. One of such ways is by selling on Amazon.
Selling on Amazon is also known as Fulfillment by Amazon. With FBA, you will be able to give your business that much-needed boost. Fulfillment by Amazon helps business owners by providing storage, packaging, and shipping assistance to the sellers.
While Amazon takes care of selling and storing your products, you will need a manufacturer that will produce the items you intend to sell on Amazon.
This post will tell you what selling on Amazon entails and how to find a good umbrella manufacturer for your products.

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What Is Amazon Selling and How Does it Work?

As we have said above, Amazon selling has a more technical name: FBA. FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. With FBA, business owners can sell their products on Amazon to customers worldwide.
FBA is when you send your products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center. They are warehouses where Amazon keeps your products until they sell them.
While you handle your seller account, decide what to sell, and when to restock your goods, Amazon will take care of your business’s storage, packaging, and shipping needs.

How Does Amazon Selling Work?

The first step is for a business owner to open an Amazon seller account. When you open the account, you have to include the market region you want to sell in, then you ensure the Amazon seller account is active.
After this, create product listings. Amazon leaves you in charge of creating and managing your product listings. When you have settled this, you have to send your products to the Amazon Fulfillment Center before selling them.
Once your product arrives at the Fulfillment Center, you will need to pay a fee to Amazon for helping you to store your product.
Customers can then start purchasing your products. Amazon will locate, pick, pack, and ship the product on your behalf.

2022-Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide on Amazon FBA

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Benefits of Selling on Amazon

From the testimonials of previous sellers on Amazon, we have provided you with the most significant benefits you can get when you use Amazon.

Wider Customer Range

Statistics have shown that more than 200 million people shop on Amazon. For you, this means millions of potential customers can view and purchase your products. With Amazon’s large and growing marketplace, small businesses and even larger brands can reach more customers than if they sold independently of Amazon.
Customer acquisition is one of the main reasons businesses turn to Amazon to sell their products. When a business can get more customers, it will inevitably experience growth.

Earn Customers’ Trust

Working with a company like Amazon will make your potential customers trust you. Amazon has made a name for them, which has earned them a huge clientele. When you affiliate yourself with Amazon’s trustworthy reputation, customers will definitely want to buy your products.
Amazon’s customers believe that the products sold on the platform have been thoroughly screened before they are presented to the public. Because of this, you will earn your customers’ trust.

Stress-Free Logistics and Shipping

If you have ever run your online store, you will agree that it is very time-consuming to pack and dispatch products. If you hire someone to do these for you, it will incur more money.
Amazon’s FBA program ensures their competent team is in charge of packaging and dispatching your products to the appropriate customers, with little to no complaints. And even if complaints arise, Amazon will take responsibility and fix it.

Different Types of Umbrellas to Sell on Amazon

Thanks to technology, the umbrella industry is always expanding. The types of umbrellas in the market nowadays have gone beyond just the classic umbrella. On Amazon, you can find various kinds of umbrellas for sale. Below are some of the umbrellas you might choose to sell on Amazon.

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Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are specially made umbrellas that were initially for golfers. This umbrella protected golfers and their belongings while they were on the golf course.
But, because of their large canopy, non-golfers also use this umbrella. The typical size of a golf umbrella’s canopy is around 70 inches, giving golfers and non-golfers ample protection.
Golf umbrellas usually come with a golf bag. The golf bag makes the umbrella easy to carry around.

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Bubble Umbrellas

Bubble or domed umbrellas have a spherical-shaped, transparent canopy. The canopy of a bubble umbrella extends to cover the user’s body, giving them more coverage from the rain.
The reason why the canopy of this umbrella is transparent is that the canopy goes over the eyes. The clear top makes it easy for you to see while you use the umbrella.
People see the bubble umbrella as highly fashionable. They can also withstand heavy storms and rainfalls.

Selling on Amazon

Classic Umbrellas

The stick or classic umbrella is the regular and most common umbrella type. This umbrella is usually not foldable. The canopy’s fabric is made of rainproof materials; it keeps you dry in the rain.
The classic umbrellas come in various colors and styles, making them trendy and fashionable. The classic umbrella has a hook handle to top it off and give it that traditional feel.

Childrens Umbrellas

Kids’ Umbrellas

Kids’ umbrellas are smaller than the standard umbrella, making it more convenient for children to carry them around. These umbrellas are usually colorful, with lots of eye-catching images on the canopy.
Kids’ umbrellas are safer than classic umbrellas. Many children’s umbrellas have automatic opening mechanisms and anti-poking features. These keep children safe while they use the umbrella.

Travel Umbrella

Automatic Umbrellas

Automatic umbrellas make opening and closing the umbrella very easy. You can open the umbrella and close the umbrella with just one hand.
An automatic umbrella has a bottom close to its handle that you press when you want to open the umbrella. If you’re going to close the umbrella, you just have to push the shaft towards the handle to close the umbrella.
Automatic umbrellas also have the advantage of their size. They are usually smaller than other types of umbrellas but not as small as compact or mini umbrellas.

Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas make it easy for homeowners to enjoy their day on the patio without having too much exposure to the sun. This type of umbrella also beautifies your deck during the summertime.
Patio umbrellas are for outdoor leisure. They are made from materials such as wood, fiberglass, or aluminum.
Some patio umbrellas come with a tilting mechanism. This lets you turn the canopy to whichever angle you like, and in turn, you are protected on all sides.

Beach Umbrellas

Beach Umbrellas

Beach umbrellas are convenient when you want to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach. They come in different canopy sizes that will provide you with sufficient protection from the dangerous rays of the sun.
Most beach umbrellas also come with sun protection features like UPF 50+. A beach umbrella with a canopy of UPF 50 allows only 1/50th of the rays to pass through. This reduces your exposure to ultraviolet rays.

What Makes A Great Umbrella Seller on Amazon?

There are thousands of umbrella sellers on Amazon today. You have to possess certain qualities or characteristics to stand out. These characteristics differentiate you from your competition and attract more customers to your business.

1. They Give Extensive Product Details

A great umbrella seller on Amazon pays close attention to their products’ details. They accurately provide the product information a customer would want to know about the product.
When it comes to product descriptions, they are as detailed, specific, and accurate as they can be. They describe their umbrellas by giving details about the product. These details include product features, price, colors, weight, customer reviews, etc.
Furthermore, a superb umbrella seller ensures that the pictures of their products on Amazon are not blurry and they have a high resolution. Blurry or tiny thumbnails of products usually put off customers, sending them to the competition.

2. They Have Top-Notch Advertisement

Good umbrella sellers, especially on a site like Amazon, know how vital advertisement is. Because of the vast number of other umbrella sellers on Amazon, it is essential to spread the word about your brand.
Using social media can help with your online brand awareness. Giving updates and news about your business on major social media accounts can help the public know about your business.
Carrying out promotions and giving discounts are strategies great sellers adopt in advertising.

3. They Continually Improve Their Business

As an umbrella seller on Amazon, you should know there are many competitors out there. Each competitor strives to bring something new to their business. With their upgrades, they can steal your customers from you. This is why a good umbrella seller on Amazon is always looking for ways to improve its services and products.
You can use your customers’ feedback to find ways to improve yourself. For instance, the negative reviews will give you ideas on where you can do better in your services. On the other hand, the positive reviews will show you the areas you are doing well, and then you make such areas even better.

4. They Interact with Their Customers

Great Amazon sellers communicate with their customers as often as possible. This is because communication with customers gives the seller higher rankings on Amazon.
As a seller on Amazon, you can have frequent interactions with your customers through social media, like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also, replying to customer reviews or queries about your products is another way to interact with your customers.
The whole point of interacting with your customers is to make sure they are happy and satisfied with your products. Happy customers mean more sales and more customers.

How to Find Umbrella Manufacturers for Amazon Selling

After choosing which product you plan to sell on Amazon, the next concern is finding which manufacturer or supplier will provide you with those products. In this case, you will need umbrella manufacturers who will supply your umbrellas to you.
To be successful while selling on Amazon, you need a trustworthy manufacturer. Finding a good umbrella manufacturer for Amazon Selling is easy. We have provided you with some of the most reliable ways you can use to find umbrella manufacturers for selling on Amazon.


Alibaba is the largest and most popular source for finding manufacturers if you plan to sell on Amazon. They do not only give you a massive database on manufacturers and suppliers, but it also protects sellers from fraud.
With Alibaba, you can browse the supplier or manufacturers’ profiles. This will allow you to check their certifications, capacity, and location before contacting them.
It is advisable to trade with Alibaba’s premium suppliers. These suppliers are required to pass an onsite assessment before they are verified. When you deal with this set of manufacturers, you are guaranteed security against scams and fake suppliers.
Furthermore, Alibaba has a trade assurance program that assures that you get your money back if the supplier or manufacturer defaults in your agreement.

Online Directories

Online directories provide a list of businesses, manufacturers, and suppliers. In addition to this, directories also give the manufacturers’ contact information, such as the manufacturers’ names, addresses, and services.
If you are searching for umbrella manufacturers for your Amazon selling, you can try online directories like Reddit, SaleHoo, Jungle Scout, and ThomasNet.

  • Reddit: Reddit is a discussion platform where you can make inquiries about umbrella manufacturers. After posting your query on a Reddit thread, other Reddit users will provide you with answers.
  • SaleHoo: SaleHoo has more than 8,000 carefully examined manufacturers, both in the US and overseas. SaleHoo gives you the opportunity of connecting with the specific manufacturers you need for the particular product you want to sell. And although you have to pay to make use of this directory, you are sure to get your money’s worth.
  • Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout recently launched a supplier database that will help you to find global manufacturers. With Jungle Scout, you can find legitimate and high-quality umbrella manufacturers. Like SaleHoo, you have to pay a fee to use this platform.


Finding an umbrella manufacturer for your Amazon sales can be as easy as making a Google search. Using Google to find umbrella manufacturers is like casting a wide fishing net. This is because Google has a vast database for finding umbrella manufacturers.
When this wide variety of results comes from your Google search, you will have to sift through them to find what you are looking for, which can be time-consuming.
If you do not have much time, you should make your search more streamlined. For instance, you can type “umbrella manufacturers for Amazon” or “umbrella manufacturers in China” on the Google search box.

Third-Party Sourcing Agencies

If you are new to selling on Amazon, you may not have any manufacturing experience. Sourcing agencies are those you hire to locate manufacturers for your products.
Sourcing agencies or agents have the experience needed to search for the right manufacturers. Some agencies might go ahead to carry out thorough checks to ensure the manufacturers are not fraudulent.
Another function of sourcing agencies is helping you import the products at a low cost and ensure high quality. With the tight connections these agencies have with the manufacturers, they will make sure their clients have a wonderful experience with the selected manufacturers.
The cost of hiring a sourcing agency varies from one agency to another. In choosing an agency, you have to select one that is very conversant with the manufacturing industry or your product. The sourcing agent should have experience with the umbrella manufacturing industry.

What to Look Out For in a Good Umbrella Manufacturer for Amazon Selling

The manufacturer you decide on for your umbrella business plays a huge role in your business’ success on Amazon. A wrong umbrella manufacturer can potentially ruin your entire business. This is why it is necessary to get a reliable and efficient umbrella manufacturer.
Here are some conditions that your preferred manufacturer must meet before choosing them.


Before selecting your manufacturer, you should have done enough research to determine the price range of manufacturing umbrellas. After comparing the different prices each umbrella manufacturer offers, you can choose an appropriate manufacturer.
Additionally, if you already have a manufacturer in mind, ensure their prices are within other umbrella manufacturers’ range. Also, make sure their prices are reasonable and align with your budget. Remember that your manufacturer’s prices will inevitably affect the cost of the umbrellas you sell to your customers.
The umbrella manufacturer you choose must provide their services to you at prices that offer you value for your money. The umbrella manufacturer must also provide you with prices that are more cost-efficient to you than other manufacturers.


A good umbrella manufacturer produces umbrellas that stand the test of time. The umbrellas made must be superior and must be created with the best materials needed. Also, these umbrellas must meet the requirements of each of your customers.
Your umbrella’s quality is vital because selling substandard products will damage your business on Amazon. If customers are always complaining about your products (and if they leave bad reviews), you are likely to lose these customers and potential customers, too. This is why getting a manufacturer who produces excellent umbrellas is necessary.
One way to know a good umbrella manufacturer is through the reviews of other people about the manufacturer’s products. These testimonies are proof that the umbrella manufacturer will meet your demands or not.

Production Capacity

Your chosen umbrella manufacturer must be willing and, more importantly, able to meet your umbrella needs and demands. In other words, your manufacturer must have the resources they need to produce your umbrellas.
If the manufacturer you partner with is unable to deliver, your business will suffer for it. This is because you would be unable to offer your customers the umbrellas they need. In the long run, this would reduce your overall profit.

Good Communication Skills

Business interactions with your umbrella manufacturer necessitate that they have good communication skills. The two parties (that is, you and the manufacturer) must speak a common language considerably well. This will make the partnership easier.
Miscommunication can lead to a lot of mistakes and confusion. If you want to avoid any wastage of time or resources, we recommend that you both speak the same language. It will also help the umbrella manufacturing process be less complicated.
Nevertheless, you can also hire a translator during your transaction with the manufacturer. This will guarantee that there is no mix-up of any sort.

Can HFUmbrella Manufacture Umbrellas for Amazon Selling?

Yes. Huifeng Umbrella Co., Ltd or HF Umbrella is a China-based umbrella manufacturing company that puts integrity first. We started in 1987 and have since gathered tons of experience in the umbrella industry.
As an umbrella retailer selling on Amazon, you will need a reliable manufacturer like us to handle your products. Over ten thousand brands trust us to make their custom umbrellas.
Over the years, we have perfected the art of manufacturing bulk umbrellas. We make our umbrellas from premium materials. From the tip to the handle, you can be sure of getting long-lasting and superior quality umbrellas. When it comes to custom umbrellas, you have a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors you can choose.
We specialize in manufacturing various kinds of umbrellas. Just tell us which umbrellas you will like, and we will take care of the rest. Some of the umbrellas we produce are golf, folding, travel, kids’, promotion, beach umbrellas, etc.
Contact us today at; let us work together to make your business a huge success. We will not let you down.


Selling on Amazon is a productive way of introducing your products and business to a broader audience. In this article, we have also discussed other benefits of using Amazon’s FBA platform.
At Huifeng Umbrella, we have been manufacturing quality umbrellas for over 30 years. When you choose us as your manufacturer, we will bring this experience to your products. You can contact us to learn more about us or request a quote.