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Custom Printed Umbrellas for Marketing Gifts and Events

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Umbrellas, an invention of centuries ago have now turned into one of the most significant corporate gifts today. You can use them at events such as sports and trade fairs to spread your brand message as well. With a little custom branding, you will get to put a smile on your customers’ faces even when the weather turns gloomy and wet. 4 Imprint has a comprehensive collection of custom printed umbrellas for corporate gifting and event marketing.

Why market umbrellas?

A reliable marketing avenue
When everything else in business becomes unpredictable, promotional umbrellas is one marketing strategy that always assures a high dollar return on investment come rain or shine. Companies have long realized just how covered they can be at all fronts with branded umbrellas. They can function as corporate gifts dished out at events or at the point of purchase.

Studies show that promotional products, top among them umbrellas have a long-lasting impact when it comes to brand impressions. A company that gives out such gifts stands out with an 83 % more market advantage. That figure represents the section of the populace that loves and expects to receive company gifts.

Long-lasting impressions
A quality custom printed umbrella can last for more than a year. The longer it lasts, the more your brand message gets out there. The recipients of this gifts act as your brand ambassadors like mobile billboards. There is never a lucrative marketing opportunity than this. When getting custom umbrellas for marketing, experts recommend taking time to find the best manufacturer or supplier. The reason is that promotional gifts have to be of superior quality if they are to be successful in swaying consumer opinions and decisions in your favor.

High-quality gifts inspire more brand love
Just like the role of the umbrella in the rain, customers need a reliable brand. They want assurance that your products will always be user-friendly, for instance, affordable, durable, and long-lasting. If your umbrellas gifts are low quality and poorly designed, that’s the same message they send out about your company. You will have to kiss new leads goodbye.

Why custom printed umbrellas?

With custom printed umbrellas, you are able to place your company logo and brand message on the umbrellas. That often involves sending your branding artwork to the umbrella manufacturer/supplier. The latter then enhance your design and prints it on the canopies as per your requirements.

You can then use these branded umbrellas for marketing. Branded promotional gifts like umbrellas often deliver superb results when it comes to generating new leads. Everywhere the recipient of the umbrella goes, people will be able to learn all about your business in a nutshell. This type of advertisement is low cost with long term advantages.

How do you choose Umbrellas for custom printing?

The decision should depend on factors revolving around design, size, and materials. If your business has ever conducted a market survey before, you will understand fully well what tickles your customers. Here are some ideas:

Auto open umbrellas
The auto-open umbrella is a design that many users are comfortable with – they include a feature that lets you automatically open and closes the umbrellas. They are a breath of fresh air from the days when we used to fumble in the rain when opening our umbrellas. Auto opening, in this case, is instantaneous.

Your auto-open umbrellas for marketing gifts can be personal use umbrellas or events umbrellas. Personal use umbrellas enable users to carry them around any time for protection against adverse weather conditions. On the other hand, events umbrellas target outdoor use in your business. For instance, they can be used to add some shade at your storefront for your customers to unwind.

Windproof umbrellas
It is a common occurrence for the canopy of an umbrella to be pulled off in an extremely windy situation. At this time the life of your umbrella comes to a sudden stop, leaving you to get drenched at a time when you need it the most. That is how your customers feel. How about you gift them with an umbrella that solves this problem once and for all?

Windproof umbrellas are specifically made to withstand high winds. You can expect an excellent design feature with these umbrellas. They are sturdier to withstand strong gusts of wind. The laying of the ribs, the frame, and the fabric choice allows these umbrellas to absorb high-pressure of wind without the top flying away.

You will have successful marketing with windproof umbrellas that can withstand 50 miles per hour of wind. Your promotional gifts will prove highly usable, and customers will want to do business with you in the future. Your business will also have a top of mind awareness that is unmatched.

Over the past few years, there have been major improvements in technology in all areas of our lives. Windproof umbrellas capture this technological wave in their design too. The first thing is the double canopy design for wind breaking. The internal canopy comes with air vents to prevent pressure from overwhelming the exterior and interior surfaces through an act of balancing. It also helps to reduce the risk of failure on the ribs and the frame.

Apart from the wind-resistant canopy, the material design in windproof umbrellas is also upgraded. The materials are more robust and durable. The joint and frames are made of rendered steel, and the ribs feature fiberglass materials.

Reverse umbrellas
Want to wow your customers with gifts that make them think highly of your brand? How about you jump on the reverse umbrella wave? This design came from years of painstaking research, but now it enables users to have a stress free experience even when it pours. A reverse umbrella folds upwards and not downwards like the traditional umbrella. By opening upwards, the umbrellas can keep the users entirely dry. Your customers will be glad they received this.

The reverse umbrella is a space-age like innovation that changes the shape of the umbrella as we know it. The only thing these umbrellas need before dispensation is your company logo and brand message. Users will be glad that when they fold the umbrellas, no water droplets fall on them.

With the umbrella folding upwards, water will be trapped at the center so you can quickly shake it off away from you. This design helps to keep cars and floors dry. During storage, it doesn’t create pools of water around it.

Mini folding umbrella
If convenience and portability matter the most to your customers, the corporate gift of choice, in that case, would be the mini folding umbrellas. They are incredibly compact, allowing users to take them everywhere always. Such an umbrella is stylish and can fit into a small handbag!

Sometimes no one is ever sure if it’s going to rain. Users can carry small umbrellas just in case it drizzles. These elegant pieces are super lightweight but also built for longevity with steel frames and fiberglass ribs. The mini umbrella is a highly functional gift that your customers will be happy they received from you.

Outdoor commercial umbrellas
They are used for outdoor marketing endeavors at events or shop fronts, providing shade and comfort at business premises. This range of umbrellas also offers a unique marketing opportunity, just like promotional personal use umbrellas.

You can imprint your logos on outdoor commercial umbrellas such as golf umbrellas, storefront umbrellas, café umbrellas, pool deck umbrellas, and patio umbrellas, among others. Your brand message will be out for everyone to see.

To get the best market umbrellas, you will have to prioritize certain features. These include windproof fabric and UV protection, among others. The idea is to increase the comfort level at your storefront, and expand your business space for entertaining guests. You will also be able to score more leads at events such as sporting or trade fares.

High comfort levels: The outdoor umbrellas can be small or large-sized. Innovative outdoor umbrellas are easy to install and uninstall. They are flexible and lightweight. They add incredible comfort to your business space.

Durable and sturdy: When getting custom printed outdoor umbrellas, consider the material used. Look for durable polyester fabric, for instance, and steel frames.

Windproof umbrellas: The best outdoor umbrellas feature strong wind-resistant material. Double canopy is a desirable feature. The topmost vent will help to withstand the strong gust of wind. The umbrellas will also need to have sturdy steel frames and urethane compression joints.

Canopy material
There are different canopy fabrics you can choose. For durable marketing gifts and events umbrellas, you can select from sustainable fabrics such as polyester, acrylic, and olefin, among others. Durability, water resistance, and UV protection also feature that your customers will love.

Everyone appreciates corporate gifts, and branded umbrellas are one of the techniques you can use to inspire a love for your brand. With customization options, you can get the design, colors, and sizes that match your customers’ preferences. The staggering amount of quality umbrella options and the endless customization capabilities are what make 4 Imprint the right marketing partner for your business.