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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Umbrella for your Big Day

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Umbrella for your Big Day

fashion umbrella
fashion umbrella

Getting married? Collecting all the accessories to complement that perfect wedding dress?

Well, a wedding umbrella is an accessory you might want to give a thought to.

Umbrellas are not all about rain (even though a few showers are considered auspicious); they can make an oh-so-cute accent to an already impressive dress. It can also shield you and your bridesmaids from the sun on a hot sunny afternoon. So, what are some of your options when it comes to wedding umbrellas? Check it out.

transparent umbrella
transparent umbrella

Go Transparent Umbrella

It’s the best choice if you’re expecting some rain on your D-day. It has your covered in case the showers come down. And if you’re lucky enough to have a dry one, use it as prop for some intimate wedding photo-ops. They are generally dome-shaped and of a larger size. With wholesale options, you can get transparent wedding umbrellas for the entire bridal entourage.

Ladies Sunproof Umbrella Parasol
Ladies Sunproof Umbrella Parasol

Think colors –

Weddings need not be black and white. You can add a pop of color by opting for brightly colored wedding umbrellas. Or keep it toned down by simply adding a colored trim. Stick to brighter hues such as red, blues, yellows, pastels and purple for they create some great-looking photographs. The weather can dictate your choice of colors. If you are a little dicey about the colors, stick to your theme colors.

lace wedding umbrella

Heart Shaped Umbrella

There is nothing that collocates better than weddings and hearts. A bright red, crimson or a shade of pink makes the best bet. Declare your love with a heart-shaped umbrella that you can later treasure as a keepsake.


Pagoda Umbrella

Add an Asian touch to your wedding attire with a pagoda parasol. The unusual shape makes it a unique addition. However, with a pagoda parasol, you need to be a little careful, to check if it matches the rest of your theme. They come in plenty of color and material options, so you are sure to find something.

umbrella customer

Embellished umbrellas 

Look for umbrellas with embellishments. It is an easy way to make an ordinary umbrellas stand out.  Ruffles and frills along the trim look girly and playful. Think about luxurious materials like satin and silk. Flowers, beads and sequins can also help spruce up a dull-looking umbrella.

Umbrella measurement
Umbrella measurement

Dainty Lace Umbrella

Definitely not the option if you are looking for some protection from the rain, but a sure tick if you are planning a vintage wedding. Wedding umbrellas made from delicate, cutwork lace can never go wrong as a wedding accessory. They are feminine. They are elegant. They are romantic. You can get a lace wedding umbrella that matches the lace motifs on your dress.


Custom Made  Umbrella

A lot of couples today prefer custom-made accessories. This way it gets more personal and they can also double as interesting photo-props. Custom-made umbrellas with inscriptions such as “Just Married” or the couples name and wedding date can be a great option.

A latest addition to the lineup of wedding umbrellas is the LED umbrellas. You can also get paper umbrellas to hand over to your guests as takeaways.

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