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Top 10 Beach Umbrellas With Anchor for 2021

A day at the beach should be a fun and relaxing one. However, if you do not prepare well for the beach, you might end up feeling miserable. A beach umbrella, among other accessories, ensure your day at the beach is enjoyable.
A beach umbrella would give you that much-needed shade from harsh weather conditions you might encounter at the beach. Apart from getting a durable beach umbrella, you need one that would not collapse because of a bit of wind or a strong breeze. This is where anchors come in.
Beach umbrella anchors give your umbrella the extra stability that it needs. If a beach umbrella is not well secure in the ground, it is at risk of flying away. A runaway beach umbrella can be very dangerous to other beachgoers.
In this guide, we would tell you about the top ten beach umbrellas that come with anchors. We will also mention some of the best beach umbrella manufacturers if you want to get custom umbrellas.

The Beach Umbrella Market in 2021

The beach umbrella market has been growing at a rapid speed in the past couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact, positively and negatively, on various individuals’ lives and businesses. The beach umbrella market is no exception.
The beach umbrella market has experienced numerous changes in recent times, and the market should expect more of them. This is due to modifications in customer preferences, business policies, and production sources, all because of the pandemic.
Because of the lockdown throughout the better part of the year 2020, people did not have the leisure of visiting beaches. Due to the drastic reduction of beach visits, the manufacturing of beach umbrellas also dropped in 2020. However, with the new year (2021), things seem to be looking up.
Key players in the beach umbrella market have started planning their strategies to gain a competitive advantage in 2021. These key players include Huifeng Umbrellas, BeachBUB, EasyGo, Impact Canopy, Shelta Australia, and Tommy Bahama.
The beach umbrella market is bouncing back from the regression. Projections show that by creating old beach umbrella trends and eliminating old ones by the end of 2021, the beach umbrella market would have relatively recovered from the pandemic’s impact.

 Choosing Beach Umbrellas

Tips to Choosing Beach Umbrellas With Anchors

Knowing how essential beach umbrellas are, several umbrella manufacturers produce this type of umbrella. Because of this, the umbrella market is full of various types of beach umbrellas.
Here are six things you should consider when choosing your beach umbrella with an anchor.

beach umbrella 2021

1. Beach Umbrella Canopy Size

If you want to enjoy your day at the beach, you need a beach umbrella that would offer you ample protection from the rays of the sun. Your umbrella canopy should be big enough to protect you and your loved ones from the harsh weather conditions while at the beach.
The ideal sizes of beach umbrellas range from 6 to 7 feet in diameter. However, some are up to 9 feet. When selecting your beach umbrella with an anchor, consider how many people you would want under the umbrella.

Sun Protection Features

2. Sun Protection Features

Apart from the canopy, which provides shade, some beach umbrellas with anchors come with UPF. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. UPF is the UV rating for fabrics. The standard UPF that a beach umbrella should have is a 50+ rating.
A beach umbrella with a good UPF rating would prevent you from sunburn and excess exposure to the sun’s harmful, Ultraviolet rays. So, get a beach umbrella that has UV treatment and protection.

3. Beach Umbrella Weight

When going to the beach, you take along several items that would make your day at the beach a calming one. Some of these items include a beach cooler, beach mat, books, etc. With all these burdens, you do not need a beach umbrella that weighs a lot, making transportation difficult.
Most beach umbrellas also come with carrying bags. This makes it even more convenient to move your beach umbrella from the car to the beach and vice versa.

Sun Protection Features

4. Beach Umbrella Frame

There are several materials used these days to build a beach umbrella frame. The most common types are steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. The strongest and most reliable of these frames is the fiberglass frame.
A fiberglass beach umbrella is the best choice for you because of obvious reasons. It doesn’t rust or rot, and it has a strong resistance more excellent than steel or other types of frames. Fiberglass is also very durable, and it would make your umbrella last long.


5. Canopy Material

The beach umbrella’s canopy material is essential to note if you want a long-lasting beach umbrella with an anchor. Apart from the durability, the canopy material would also determine if you get enough shade or not.
The material for the beach umbrella’s canopy affects the umbrella’s heat-blocking ability significantly. So, before you buy a beach umbrella, you have to check the fabric. The best materials for beach umbrellas are polyester, acrylic, cotton, etc.

Best Beach Umbrellas

Best Beach Umbrellas With an Anchor in 2021

Through thorough research, we have selected the ten best beach umbrellas with anchors in the market. These umbrellas have features that make them unique. These distinctive features are what make them worthy of being on this list.
When making these choices, we followed the tips we provided above. So, you can be sure that at least one of these umbrellas could be your next beach umbrella.

1. Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

The Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella ensures you spend and enjoy your day at the beach in style. This umbrella is easy to set up and takedown. It comes with an inbuilt corkscrew sand anchor to provide the umbrella with extra stability.
The umbrella’s canopy is made from quality polyester fabric. In addition to the polyester, there is a unique aluminum coating that has a 50+ UPF rating. For additional stability, the Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella comes with a wind vent at the canopy’s top.
The umbrella’s pole is aluminum, and you can easily adjust it due to its tilting mechanism. With just the push of a button, you can adjust the umbrella’s canopy to shield you from the sun, from whatever angle you prefer.

2. Sport-Brella Portable Beach Umbrella

The Sport-Brella Portable Beach Umbrella is half umbrella, half tent. It features an 8-foot canopy that protects you and your loved ones. Furthermore, its wind flaps and extendable sides give you that extra coverage from weather elements. This beach umbrella is convenient.
It comes with 50+ UPF protection to keep you from harmful UV rays. The Sport-Brella Portable Beach Umbrella comes with eight stakes and two anchors supporting the umbrella and keeping it grounded even in extremely windy conditions.
Because of this beach umbrella structure, beachgoers can place collapsible chairs underneath it to relax at the beach. Its fabric is heavy-duty polyester fabric, making it a durable choice for you.
With its carrier bag, you can move the Sport-Brella Portable Beach Umbrella quickly. Also, there are internal pockets in the umbrella that allows you to keep valuables while you are at the beach.

3. BeachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System

The BeachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System is an umbrella that is strong enough to withstand winds of up to 35mph. So, if you get caught up in a strong gust of wind at the beach, with this beach umbrella, you have nothing to fear.
For an anchor, the BeachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System comes with a pouch that you fill with sand to give that extra support to the umbrella. The beach umbrella has a 7 1/2-ft canopy bound to provide you and your family the shade you deserve.
The umbrella has a combination of polyester and aluminum that makes the umbrella a perfect shade. The BeachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System has ribs that are fiberglass. Fiberglass is one of the best materials for beach umbrellas because fiberglass ribs can resist heavy winds.

EasyGo High Wind Beach

4. EasyGo High Wind Beach Umbrella

The EasyGo High Wind Beach Umbrella is a beach umbrella with an 8-foot canopy, making it your best companion for a day at the beach. Its top is made of heavy-duty, 100 percent polyester fabric., which is combined with a silver UV coating.
This umbrella has an anodized aluminum pole which helps it to fight against rust or corrosion. For extra durability, the umbrella manufacturers made use of fiberglass for the umbrella’s 16 ribs.
You do not have to worry about moving this umbrella from place to place, as it comes with a carrier bag. The EasyGo High Wind Beach Umbrella has three hole-locking adjustments and double-sided locking pins that serve as anchors for the umbrella.

5. Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella

The structure of the Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella allows users to set up the umbrella quickly. It comes with an integrated and sturdy sand anchor. The beach umbrella’s frame or rib is tough fiberglass. So, no matter how strong the winds are, the umbrella’s ribs would not break.
Furthermore, the pole is aluminum, making it light and easy to carry. With just the push of a button, you can tilt and adjust the Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella’s canopy to whatever angle you want.
Also, its 8-foot canopy shelters friends and family while at the beach. The Ultraviolet Protection Feature of the umbrella is at 50+, which is the ideal amount. Its spike tip keeps the umbrella fixed to the ground, while the wind vents prevent the canopy from flipping inside out.

6. Dig-Git Beach Umbrella

The Dig-Git Beach Umbrella is a one-of-a-kind beach umbrella with an even more unique anchor. The Dig-Git® Beach Umbrella Anchor converts from a shovel to an anchor easily to ensure your umbrella stays in the ground or sand. With the anchor/shovel, you can dig out the spot you want the umbrella to stay.
This beach umbrella is a heavy-duty umbrella with a 7-foot canopy and fiberglass ribs. Its canopy is vented and wind-resistant. Additionally, this canopy has substantial protection against Ultraviolet rays.

7. Piedle Portable Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor

The Piedle Portable Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor is a portable beach umbrella with a 7-foot canopy. This umbrella’s ribs are made with steel; when compared with fiberglass, these ribs are not strong enough to withstand high winds.
It has an integrated sand anchor that you twist into the sand to keep your umbrella secure. The beach umbrella also comes with a tilting mechanism that allows you to shade yourself adequately in the shifting sun.
The Piedle Portable Beach Umbrella’s canopy is coated with a silver protective material that shields users from 98% of ultraviolet rays. It is also fortified with air vents at the canopy’s top to prevent the canopy from blowing inside out.

8. Movtotop Portable Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor

The Movtotop Portable Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor features a 6.5-foot canopy. This canopy has a UPF rating of 50+, which translates to about 100% UV protection. This gives you ample protection from the sun’s harmful rays.
The umbrella’s pole is made of aluminum, and it has the option of tilting to whatever position you want it to be. The Movtotop Portable Beach Umbrella with Sand Anchor has a flower design air vent at the canopy’s top that promotes airflow.
The umbrella has ten ribs and a solid sand anchor that makes your umbrella sturdier and more stable. The umbrella comes with a portable bag that helps you store the umbrella and carry it easily.

9. Serena and Lily Beach Umbrella

The Serena and Lily Beach Umbrella is a classic beach umbrella with a stylish cotton fringe around the umbrella’s edge. The umbrella also has a tilting feature that allows you to conveniently adjust the canopy to whichever position you want.
The umbrella’s pole is made from timber wood, giving it a sturdy finish. The Serena and Lily Beach Umbrella comes with a water and UV-resistant canopy and fiberglass ribs. The metal stake that this beach umbrella has serves as the anchor for the umbrella. It gives the umbrella that needed stability and firmness.
The Serena and Lily Beach Umbrella comes in two major designs; the Gingham Coastal Blue and the Antique White.

10. Wakeman Outdoor Umbrella

The Wakeman Outdoor Umbrella protects you from the sun, rain, wind, and other weather elements that may ruin your day at the beach. It has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+, keeping you safe from harmful rays. This umbrella’s canopy is water repellant, which would keep you dry and comfortable if it ever becomes a rainy day at the beach.
The umbrella is very convenient to use because it is an umbrella that has the structure and style of a tent. With its side flaps, you can get full coverage and protection from weather elements.
The Wakeman Outdoor Umbrella comes with pockets with which you can store your valuables and a telescopic handle with which you can adjust the umbrella’s height. This umbrella is easy to assemble, and when you are done, you can place the umbrella into its carrier for easy transport.

The Process of Dealing With the Beach Umbrella Manufacturer

As a retailer or wholesaler, the goal would be to be successful in your beach umbrella business. However, to achieve this, you would first need to understand how to deal with beach umbrella manufacturers to get the best results.
We would be highlighting some of the steps you need to take when dealing with beach umbrella manufacturers.

1. Choosing the Best Beach Umbrella Manufacturer

In the countries of the world, there are several beach umbrella manufacturers. The first step to take if you want to enjoy having a business deal with beach umbrella manufacturers is to choose the best one.
A small umbrella business owner has various sources where they can find beach umbrella manufacturers. They include trade fairs,, Google search, etc. When you use these sources to find beach umbrella manufacturers, the next step would be to check the manufacturer’s characteristics.
Your chosen beach umbrella manufacturer should:

  • communicate effectively
  • have experience manufacturing this type of umbrella
  • produce quality umbrellas
  • possess a valid exporting license
  • have a price point within your budget
  • have a good number of positive customer reviews

All in all, select a beach umbrella manufacturer that would satisfy all your needs.

2. Describing Your Specifications to the Manufacturer

Beach umbrellas come in different designs, shapes, and styles. When dealing with beach umbrella manufacturers, you need to describe what you want the manufacturer to produce.

Communication is very important when dealing with beach umbrella manufacturers. When describing the umbrella design to the manufacturer, be sure to mention:

  • the type of fabric you want the canopy to be made of
  • the size of the umbrella
  • your preferred colors
  • the printing method for the customization
  • if you want the umbrella’s canopy to have UV protection or not

When you clearly explain the details of your order to the beach umbrella manufacturer, you should have no issues in getting what you need. You could also choose to send a sample of the beach umbrella design you want to the manufacturer.

3. Deciding on the Quantity of Beach Umbrellas

The next step is to decide on how many beach umbrellas you want the manufacturer to produce. Some manufacturers provide a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for their clients. The MOQ is the smallest number of umbrellas that a manufacturer can produce at a time.
If you have a particular amount of umbrellas in mind, e.g., 1000 umbrellas per order, contact a manufacturer that can work with that number. Note that buying in bulk is more cost-efficient than buying one umbrella per order.

4. Asking for Samples

A catalog is a list or compilation of items that a business offers. The catalog contains pictures and details of each product. Most beach umbrella manufacturers have catalogs to show their potential clients their previously manufactured beach umbrellas.
However, just seeing pictures does not reassure retailers or wholesalers. If you are unable to go physically to check out the production capability of the manufacturer, you could request that the manufacturer sends you a sample of their works.
These samples would help you judge and determine if the manufacturer can deliver the level of quality you would like your beach umbrellas to have.

5. Requesting a Preview

After you have settled the details of your order with the beach umbrella manufacturer, you have the right to ask the manufacturer to send you one or two umbrellas from your order. Doing this will help you know if you want them to continue with the production or if you want to terminate the business deal.
When the manufacturer sends you the preview, and you approve of it, you can give the go-ahead for the production. It is at this stage that you discuss shipping methods and packaging for the beach umbrellas.

6. Be Patient

Patience is an essential aspect when dealing with beach umbrella manufacturers. If you do not give the manufacturer enough time after you have made your order, you will end up with umbrellas that are not up to par.
When you know that you have a particular time frame for the beach umbrellas to be delivered to you, you need to make your order well ahead of time. This extra time would give the manufacturer enough time to put your order together. In the end, it would prevent the manufacturer from making unnecessary and avoidable mistakes.


We have discussed a lot about beach umbrellas with anchors. They are practical items that become very handy for your day at the beach. However, because there are so many beach umbrellas in the market, people looking to make a purchase end up with the wrong choices.
If you follow this guide on beach umbrellas with anchors, you can rest assured you would be satisfied with your decision. At HFUmbrella, we are famous for our superior customization capabilities. We are willing to work with our clients to bring their beach umbrella dreams into reality. If you are looking to do business with us, contact us today at